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miXed zone: XF 18-135, Zeiss 50mm and more


XF 18-135mm

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– The tourist lens: XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for work and play at doncraigphoto: “This lens is perfectly suited as a travel/all-around lens. Particularly for shooting outside. The relatively slow maximum aperture creates some limitations for shooting indoors in low light. That said, the image stabilization is really fantastic, so if you are not shooting fast-moving subjects, you can capture in-focus images, in poor light, at very slow shutter speeds. The image quality it produces is also fantastic. Both of these features are at least as good, if not better than, the other two Fujinon XF zooms. I came away from my day of shooting with the XF18-135mm lens very impressed.”

 Fujifilm X-T1
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image courtesy: olafblog

–  The Canadian Rockies with the Fuji X-series (X-T1, 14mm, 56mm and X100S) at olafblog: “We went away for a photo trip to the spectacular Canadian Rockies and we worked hard (waking up at 3:30 AM everyday!) to get you the best imagery possible. We have a lot of material to share with you – including our latest thoughts about gear and processing.” For his post  Along The Cowboy Trail with the X-T1 click here.

– John Nevill: “Hi, As a bird photographer for many years and a Fuji X-System user since their inception, I thought your readers might be interested in my real world samples of using the XT-1 and XF55-200 to track birds in flight! It aint a Canon 1 series and one needs to be somewhat predictive with regards to where the subject is in the viewfinder due to refresh lag, but it copes admirably! Regards

– X-T1 review at “WIRED: Great image quality with natural colors and skin tones. Weatherproof body with quick access to practically every setting. Excellent eye-level viewfinder and manual-focus helpers. Fast autofocus and peppy continuous-shooting mode. In-camera RAW-conversion tools. The kit lens is great for a kit lens. Extensive bracketing modes. Solid Wi-Fi features. TIRED: Battery life is only OK. No built-in flash (but it does come with a little detachable one). Steep learning curve for novices. Expensive for its sensor size.”

– Images with the X-T1 and the 55-200, 18-55 and 10-24 from the Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys concert in Mansfield, MA on June 20, 2014. See them here at

–  Fujifilm X-T1 at ahigaphotography: “This camera changes the game completely. Taking lifestyle images has become a much more fluid process where shooting is no longer interrupted by checking the exposure or focus on the back LCD. I tried out face detection autofocus and now I’m sold. No longer are the days where I need to focus and recompose my shot. I just frame my buddy in the viewfinder where I want her and let the camera do the rest.”

– Vincenzo Sagnotti: “Hello Patrick, I would be happy if you were to publish my shots realized with Fuji X-E2 and X-T1 and some links of my article related to my personal impressions about Fuji equipments, are in italian language but is possible to translate directly in my pages by the plugin. Articles and sample galleries links are the followings: X-T1 impressions (translation) / X-E2 impressions (translation) / X-E1 impressions (translation) / XF55-200 impressions (translation) / XF35 impressions (translation).  My history with Fujifilm begins in July 2013 when I bought a Fuji X-E1 + 18-55mm kit, I loved this camera so much that actually I’ve sold all my Pro Nikon equipments (D700 + Tamron 24-70 f2.8) to buy a Fuji X-T1 + 18-55mm, 35mm and 55-200mm. I shot in jpg format, this is so incredible, full of details and color tones. In post-production I use yet Capture NX2 + Nik Efex Pro.”

– Matthias Lambrecht: “I got the opportunity to shoot a live concert with the X system last week, and I was impressed how well both the X-E1 and the X-T1 performed under these conditions. Again, it’s not really news that these are fantastic cameras, but here’s some filler in case you have a slow day for news anytime soon :)” See more here at matthiaslambrecht.

– Josiah Patterson: “Just wanted to share a recent shoot I did with the Fuji X-T1“. See here at siahphoto.

– A Caesarian Birth; Life Story at the-owl: “Really, for something like this you need to have gear that is deadly silent, responsive and reliable.  So I chose to shoot this entirely on my X100S with a selection of images shot on my X-T1 with the XF 56mm lens attached.”

– Marrakech – street shooting with the Fuji X-T1 at the-random-photographer.

– The Fuji X-T1: It’s a Winner at ianplant: “Let’s talk image quality. The lenses are tack sharp and fantastic performers. The dynamic range of the images far exceeds what I’m accustomed to with my Canon RAW files. Unfortunately, Adobe’s RAW processing of Fuji files leaves a lot to be desired. The Fuji files have a painterly, mushy look to the details. I highly recommend using Iridient Developer. There is a seamless connection using Iridient Developer and Lightroom so your workflow changes slightly.

photographylife X-T1 review: “Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the X-T1, which I will be replacing my Fuji X-E1 with later this year. At $1,299 it is obviously a pretty big jump from the $999 X-E2, but it is definitely worth it for me. As I have already pointed out, the EVF alone makes this jump worthwhile, without taking into account weather sealing and other new and useful features. In addition, I often find myself shooting in adverse weather conditions when travelling, so the weather sealing on the X-T1 is a huge plus, allowing me to concentrate on photography rather than worry about damaging gear.

– X-T1 review at musicphotographer: “When I tested this camera on a specific area, live music photography, it didn’t disappointed me, and as a general purpose camera it’s perfect. Again, it’s not a camera for every type of photography, it’s a camera made for street photographers and it works well in other fields, but if you are a sport photographer for example, just look somewhere else. The look and feel is great, the dials on the top plate are handy as hell and the image quality – apart a few glitches – is amazing. DSLRs are still the king of the castle, but mirrorless cameras like the Fujifilm X-T1 are getting very close, and if Fuji will ever make a camera with this body and a full frame sensor, they’ll definitely get the crown. But for the moment, if you are looking for a lightweight alternative to a DSLR, this camera is a killer one, and definitely worth any cent you spend on it.”

– Mariage & Fujifilm X-T1 at k-pture (translation).

– FUJI X-T1: Has Mirrorless Finally Gone Pro? at echenique: “The Fujifilm X-T1 pretty much hits all marks except for the dual card slots. I have used it successfully in the field and in the studio. Gotten paying gigs with it and even have four photos taken with it hanging in a museum this summer. So to answer the original question, “has mirrorless finally gone pro?” To me, it has. Well done, Fuji.”

– Fujifilm X-T1 Review write-up from the real world at photomadd: “What I really wanted to tell you by the end of this was that the X-T1 isn’t worth the extra money over buying an X-E2 as internally it is pretty much identical.  From the offset that was what I had fixed in my mind, but having used the camera for a while now I can’t do that.  The more I use this camera the more it impresses me leaving me no option other than to say an emphatic yes, it really is worth buying over all the other X-Series models.  All the small improvements add up to a much more useful camera overall.  The X-T1 is definitely much more viable as a working professional camera for a much wider range of professionals than any other X-Series model

– Jonas Jacobsson: “I shot my first wedding with the X-T1 last weekend and just got the images up on my webpage! In addition to the album (which you will find here ( I also did a “behind the scenes” post on the blog-page for those interested.”

– The Fuji switch part I: landscapes! at benjacobsenphoto: “Since switching to fuji I haven’t had a single moment where I’ve regretted the switch.  In fact as I sit here and look at my images from recent months (since the 10-24mm arrived) I find myself thinking my work is better if anything -vs- when I have my full frame canon setup.  Now I’m the first to admit it’s the photographer, not the camera but the point here is the fuji system isn’t holding me back one bit.  I’ve noticed I have less issues with “dragging” my gear places to get interesting shots and I’m shooting more often.”

–  Fuji X-T1 Review at mahmoodsalam: “I was very pleased with what the Fuji xt1 is; indeed it has many advantages over the x100s and the xe1 as far as performance is concerned; however if you are accustomed to shooting with a rangefinder style camera, your experience will drastically change, I understand that Fuji has designed this camera for DSLR oriented shooters and this is why it gets a completely different design compared to its other siblings.”

– Fujifilm XT-1 and Motocross at brianwhite: “Honestly I’ve been a bit doubtful on the Fujis abilities. I’ve used to X100 and XPro-1 and neither were even close enough to being sports cameras. But that’s not really why you would own one. They are more the jazz record to your drum and bass. The XT-1 however seems to be getting closer, maybe a nice solid breakbeat. It’s still got a lot of quirks, especially coming from a Canon DSLR system. The EVF is a fraction jagged and the shutter lag is still ever present. It’s faster than the old models, but still you have to fire the shutter a little before you are hoping to frame the image. Not much, just a little. The frame rate is stunning at 8fps and the images are always great straight out of the camera.”

– Fujifilm X-T1 and the streets of Berlin at macingosh.

– Photographing with the Fujifilm X-T1 in Paris at daveburnsphoto: “Paris is full of infinite photographic opportunities and anyone who loves street and cityscape photography should make it a point to go one day. There is a lot of ground to cover there so plan your camera gear wisely. I wondered if shooting with the X-T1 in Paris would perform well and give me great image quality – without a sore back at the end of the day. When the week was over, I was satisfied I had my answer. I found the X-T1 system perfectly suited to shooting in Paris. Hmm…I wonder if it would work well on one of my safaris…”

– thoughts on the X-T1 at “I adore Fujifilm’s X-T1. It has a rock solid build and I didn’t think twice about stuffing it into my pack or tossing it into the back of the SUV with all my camping gear. The controls are logical and easy to use, and the tilting rear screen is uber useful. But even with all the X-T1 love, I’m going to stick with my X-E2 for the time being. Why? First, I really like the rangefinder look and feel of the X-E2.

–  New photos of abandoned buildings taken with the Fuji X-T1 at carlodigiusto: “I used the Fuji X-T1 and the 14mm f/2.8: a perfect match for this kind of photography. The objective is really free of distortion and thanks to the electronic level in the viewfinder of the X-T1 is easy to shoot keeping the sensor parallel to the walls of the room. All the photos are taken without a tripod and they needed just a slight correction in Lighroom 5 to get precise lines.”

– Fujifilm X-T1 Review: A Canon User’s Perspective at mirrorlessons: “So, will I sell all of my Canon gear and go Fuji full time? Not at this stage. I continue to use both cameras heavily if not 50-50. But let’s just say that Canon had better be working on something very special. Word is that they are, but that’s been the rumour since the Nikon D800 came out! By the time the Fujifilm X-T2 has come out we’ll know how – or perhaps if – Canon will have responded to the incredible range of cameras that Fujifilm are coming out with.”

– Out flirting with the Fuji X-T1 again….. at olyallthetime: “I went north with my Fuji X-T1, an old Fuji X-M1 as my pocket cam and handful of lenses. I am still flirting with this camera. I wanted to give it one more go to test the focus ability and continuous autofocus capabilities shooting my daughter’s soccer tournament.  In short, I don’t like it for events. I like it considerably less than my EM1. However, for still shooting and some specific types of shooting like people and portraits, I prefer it.  I’ll admit that “It” could be the lenses available for the X system. They truly are spectacular and really give a specific feel and wonderful skin tones.”

– Reuben: “I’ve been following your site for about 6 months as I’ve been preparing to enter the world of Fuji. I know you occasionally post roundups of news/reviews/photo sets, so I’m sending you a recent set I did in the Bruce Peninsula (shot on an X-T1 and XF27) for consideration. Keep up the great work!” Check out

– Evan: “Hey! I am working on a photo project called the Sthlm Subway Portrait Project. From the site directly: “The Stockholm Metro is comprised of three lines that connect people throughout the city.This is a ongoing project documenting these people that represent these tracks. ” Basically in Sweden we have three lines, red green and blue. Each have a distinctive  style usually associated with them. I just go about there taking portraits of people and picking their trains. All the shots were done with a Fuji XT-1 and the 35mm. You rarely see nice portraits done with proper light, so it’s a neat little insight of what can be done. You can check out the site here:

– X-T1 vs X-E2 comparison in German at digitaler-augenblick (translation): “Since the X-E2 provides no real size advantage and no real weight advantage, it is my opinion only a compromise and I would always tend to the X-T1 and this also rather recommend knowing that this is about 500 euro more expensive case of an instantaneous market price. For this fee you can get the much larger viewfinder, swivel display and the better service. For this you get the additional option to mount a battery grip and the weather resistance of the housing. Moreover, one does not feel that this can one quickly slip out of hand at the X-T1. My opinion, are for the X-E2 only two reasons, firstly, the significantly more favorable purchase price (since it has been significantly reduced recently) and the cooler unobtrusive style.”

– Olympus OM-D E-M1 vs. Fujifilm X-T1 at mirrorlessons: “The OM-D E-M1 and the X-T1 are certainly the two best mirrorless cameras to date along with the Panasonic GH4, but regarding the latter I am still reviewing it so I cannot compare yet. I can certainly say that both cameras can be used for professional work as they feature great image quality and very high quality lenses.”

– Blurring the Lines – Twisting with the X-T1 at fujixsystem: “Using the X-T1 for this technique is a joy.  You get to see how it is working right away in the viewfinder without having to take the camera down from your eye.  Just a 1.5 second preview is all you need to see if the twist is too much or too little for the action in front of you so you can adjust the speed of twist to get the desired effect.  And of course keeping the camera to your eye means you don’t see the other photographers there looking at you as if you are completely mad as you twist and turn for every image…”

– Review | The Fujifilm X-T1 PART I  at leighmiller: “The first on that list, AF Speed and Accuracy has come a long way from the X-Pro1. It’s definitely faster as compared to previous bodies and helped in no small part by the newest lenses from Fuji which are faster and smoother as well. Like most cameras the XT-1 struggles as the light get’s dimmer but not unusable and better than the X-E1.”

– Discovering Hidden Gems with the X-T1 at craigrobertsonphoto: “I have also been shooting since the beginning of this year with Fuji’s new X-T1. I am in love with this camera and I’m going to be so bold to say it’s THE best camera I’ve ever owned.”

Zeiss Touit 50mm
Pre-order at Adorama and BHphoto

–  Review: Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8 Makro-Planar T* (Fuji X) at admiringlight: “Optically, the lens is predominantly exceptional.  It’s extremely sharp at all focus distances, provides some of the best contrast and color of any lens I’ve used, and produces gorgeous bokeh close up.  Add to this the outstanding CA control and you’ve got a truly outstanding optic.  The only real downside optically is the fact that the bokeh gets somewhat busy at further focus distances. The major downsides to the lens are all in operation. […] The lack of a focus limiter causes some major problems with autofocus in the macro range, and can further slow the autofocus when shooting indoors at all focus distances.  The fact that it’s only a 50mm lens that uses internal focus also means that the working distance at high magnifications is extremely short, making it a difficult lens to work with for extreme closeups of insects. The usability concerns aside, the Zeiss 50mm macro is an excellent lens.  While I would prefer a longer macro lens, it’s a great option for 1:1 shooting on the Fuji X cameras and a great addition to the Sony E-Mount as well.  While the lens isn’t cheap at $999, given the optical quality, it’s not an unreasonable price.  It’s the best of the Touit lenses in my opinion and a top-notch optic all around.  Well done, Zeiss!

TCL-X100 / WCL-X100
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– A tale of two tele’s – Fuji’s Teleconverters at jasonpitcher: “Question is, should you buy one, or both of these converters? If one, which one? I can’t answer that. I can say that if you need them, you shouldn’t be disappointed in what they can deliver. You may get annoyed by forgetting to switch the firmware correction over occasionally, but unless you are a rabid pixel peeper, both of these units are complements to the x100 / x100s. I love the simplicity. For my minimalist travel kit, I’m delighted to have them. As I practice more, I will remember to switch the firmware, but in the meantime, photoshop to the rescue (at the time of writing, ACR beta has the TCL-x100 profile). I’d still prefer to get the profile applied in-camera than trying to figure it out later, because I will not remember if this was shot with or without the converter.” For his article about the WCL click here.

– Aksam Z Dar: “Hi Patrick, We have done a review of 50mm Teleconverter for Fuji X100/X100s on your website and social platform. Would appreciate if you can share it on your website and social media platforms. regards, Aksam“. Read more at dubaiphotoclub. From the conclusions: “TCL-X100 is an excellent addition to the accessories for X100s.  If you travel a lot, put it in a bag along with your X100s and a WCL-X100 wide-angle converter and you don’t need heavy gear to carry with you.  With the summer vacations starting in UAE, this is the perfect time to grab one piece to complement your X100/X100s.”

– Review: Fujifilm TCL-X100 Converter Lens at bigheadtaco: “The TCL-X100 telephoto conversion lens is a great accessory for anyone who has the Fujifilm X-100(s) cameras. It’s great having a compact non interchangeable lens point-and-shoot camera, but sometimes it’s necessary to have different focal lengths. Instead of dragging around a second camera, all you need is to buy this high quality telephoto adapter lens for your X-100(s) and you’re ready to go. Use it for medium telephoto images, great for waist-up portraits, decent isolation-bokeh shots, and across-the-street images.”

– TCL-X100 50mm for the x100/s at neillsoden: “The converter does not seem to lose any quality or light when used. Much like the wide angle, it performs great and the results are absolutely nothing to complain about. I did find that the AF performance dropped slightly when used, but it was still workable in most cases.”

– Fuji TCL-X100 A new perspective for your Fuji x100s at fabyandcarlo: “I love the Fuji x100s for its amazing qualities and for being perfect for documenting a story; however, from time to time I miss the possibility to get closer, to alternate wide shots with details. With the Fuji TCL-X100, I am given the possibility to do it, to switch my field of view and my approach in few seconds. It is true that a normal camera with two lenses would be the same, but because the x100s is my camera (and I am not interested in changing it), the Fuji TCL-X100 is the perfect companion to allow me to give different feel to my images. If you have a x100s already, I would not hesitate to suggest this tele adapter to allow you more variety.
And for its price, is absolutely worth it.

 XF 56mm f/1.2
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 – Fuji in Europe Part 19 – Street photography in Nuremberg at miksmedia: “This was again another perfect time to test the Fuji XT1 and the 56mm f1.2 lens.  After shooting with this combination before, I really liked the way it behaved on the streets.  It’s fast focus worked almost flawlessly, and I really like the look the Fuji 56mm f1.2 can capture.  Also I like the fact that I don’t have to be in someones face, and can capture the natural behavior, with out being seen.  I’m not hiding behind bushes or buildings, but because the Fuji 56mm lens has enough reach that I’m not spotted by the subject right away.  Also because the Fuji XT1 has an articulated LCD screen, I don’t have to raise the camera to my eye, thus making me even more unseen.  Absolutely perfect for great street photography.”

– Fuji X-T1 & 56mm f1.2 – Amber Tutton at richardhurstphotography: “I made the switch over to Fuji and the X-T1 and X-Pro1 bodies, much to the aghast of some and haven’t looked back. I am so happy I made the change. Not only is all my kit lighter to carry but I’m achieving far better results than I was previously, anyway I digress so back to the day.”

– Julia and Tim – Lifestyle shoot in Nottingham at karlbratbyphotographer: “I like to do my pre wedding / get to know you shoots close to the wedding as the fun we have together is remembered on the wedding day and as we have seen each other recently I’m not turning up as a stranger, more as a friend. For those photographers that follow these were all shot with the Fuji XT-1 and 56mm f1.2.

XF 10-24
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 – Fuji XF10-24mm Lens at losingit: “So, a nicely versatile lens which is well worth adding to your collection if you’re a Fuji X user. I’ll need to play with it a bit more, but I’m already considering selling the 14mm lens on the quite sensible grounds that it doesn’t get used enough.”

– First impressions of the Fuji XF10-24mm at paulmellingphotography: “The lens feels well built and this is reflected in the weight but it feels ok attached to my x-pro1 and I think this is a lens that I will be using a lot.  My other favourite lens is the 55-200mm and I can see myself using these two lenses for most of my general day-to-day shooting.”

– Change your focal length, renew your vision: Using the XF 10-24mm f/4 in Turin at mirrorlessons: “I found that this lens really forced me to slow down and think about the various elements of my composition. It often took a few tries to figure out which elements positively contributed to the image and which were extraneous.”

– Motocross. ATV. 2014-06-28. (Fujifilm X-M1+Fujifilm XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS) at photomax78 here and here.

– XF 10-24mm f/4 ultra-wide to wide angle zoom lens, and the primes that fall within its focal range at fujivsfuji: “I like having it in my aresenal, but I will truly never take it with me unless I’m specifically going out to shoot. It’s too large for a walk about lens, but it will always be in my bag when I travel as then when I kick into wide-angle high gear.”

– The Fuji X-Series and a trip to Cornwall at paulmellingphotography: “The pictures here were taken on the Fuji X-Pro1 with mainly the new 10-24mm f4 and the X-E1 with the 55-200mm attached. The reason for the two bodies was that it enabled me to cover a wide range of shots without changing lenses in what can be a fairly dusty environment with all that sand swirling around.

– Japanese review at (translation).

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–  Anton Raves: “Hello Patrick, You can find a few of my testing (have only had my X-E2 for 4 months now, along with the 23mm f1.4 and the 56mm f1.2) images at: As well as a very few first thoughts here: Greetz!”

– Fuji X-E2 and Minolta 50mm Macro at mingart: “If you looking for an inexpensive Macro lens and don´t mind to focus manual, you should give this one a try or even go for the Minolta 100mm f/4 Macro MD with the 1:1 extension tube. How different does the Minolta performs compared to Fuji´s XF-60mm Macro lens? There are just two different lenses and you need to try to find out, which one you prefer in regards of handling and colors they produce.”

– Review: Fuji X-E2 | The Mistress at slrlounge: “Admittedly, I wanted to like this camera. I wanted it to be what it turned out to be. What is that? Well, brilliant, and flawed. It has character in its looks, and in its performance, and it lacks some things I wish it had. I think the addition of an articulating screen would be good, a better performing EVF proximity sensor, maybe even be made more of metal even at the expense of some weight.”

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 – X100S tested at adventureseekers: “Believe the hype, this well designed and equally well executed imaging device is exactly as advertised; functional, modern and technologically impressive in a small package. The camera is ideally suited as a second or third body for the acting photographer or the only camera for hobbyists and travel enthusiasts.There may be better ones out there, but we like this one based on how strong of a player Fuji is currently with it’s compact camera series including the XT-1 that’s available.”

– Fujifilm X100s for still life ohm-image: “Very swiftly, the X100s is becoming my favourite camera. It’s easy to use, light, and fun. I wish it had half-stops on its exposure dial. I wish its lens focused on helicoids rather than a ratcheted motor. I also wish that Fujifilm target professional journalists rather than casual users by expanding into a line of cameras with compact/speedy lenses of different focal lengths. 23mm is wider than I typically use. But whatever. The X100 is what it is. And most of the time, it works just fine.”

– Fuji X100s 830nm Infrared and Long Exposures at markhilliardatelier: “Another nice thing about the X100s is the fact that it has aperture priority mode with a shutter speed up to 30 seconds and a BULB MODE that goes up to 60 minutes!   Where the X100 really excels is the fact that is gives a count up timer in the viewfinder or on the back LCD panel for timing your bulb exposure!”

– NicolasM: “if you’re interested here’s is a page from my blog about my journey to Croatia with my X100s”. Read and see more at

– Fujifilm X100s in Akihabara at “Very quickly, the X100s has become my favourite digital camera. It is small, and for the most part, elegantly designed. Attach a Thumbs Up style grip and it is nearly as hand-holdable as a film rangefinder.”

– Same lens different purpose? X100s vs. 23mm F1.4 at bencherryphotos: “Both products are absolute stellar. The only person who can truly answer this is you, as it entirely depends on your situation. Do you already have a X-Series camera and lens(es)? Then the 23mm F1.4 will be a welcome addition to your kit bag for particular shots. Or are you looking for a lightweight camera that you can carry anywhere that can cover the vast majority of things? Then the X100s is a wonderful camera that makes you think creatively and, for me personally, has dramatically improved my photography.”

– Fujifilm X100S – Fotografia di viaggio, Londra, by Andrea Livieri at andrealivieriphoto (translation).

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– London cityscapes and abstracts with the Fuji XE-1 and Redged tripod at lizzieshepherd: “I had travelled light, bringing down my Fuji XE-1 camera with the 18-55 and 55-200mm lenses. I had a full size Lee filter kit with me – I’d love the diminutive Lee Seven filter system but its bigger brother works just fine… This was all packed into an F-Stop Shibata shoulder bag. I also had Redged travel tripod with me. I own the TSC-27 tripod – a very light but reasonably sturdy 4 section tripod that extends to a good height – with the excellent Arca P0 ballhead on top

– More Thoughts on the Fuji X-E1 at markschuelerphoto: “The X-E1 is enough. The X-E2 is cer­tainly enough. For a short bit, and for the first time since I started seri­ously pur­su­ing image-making, I have reached some sort of Zen place where I don’t feel the need to com­pul­sively spend money on incre­men­tal tech­no­log­i­cal improvements.”

– Aleksandar Dimitrov: “I had to take pictures of cement factory not far from Grenoble, France. I was not lucky to be there when machines don’t run, so lot’s of fine dust covered mine X-E1 + 18-55 lens. I carefully hoovered my gear and I didn’t have any issues with it so far. One can see the full story on my blog”

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 – Street Photography Course in Budapest and a Fuji X-Pro1 at streetphotographycourses: “I am becoming more and more impressed with my Fuji X Pro 1 its performance in these very harsh conditions have really impressed me. At times it was really hot to handle due to the searing heat and direct sunlight, but once again it never missed a beat. I’m also really impressed with the performance of the two lenses I took with me today, the very small Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 pancake lens  and the Fujinon XF 18mm F2 R lens optics on both are superb.”

– Taury Iskandar: “Hi Patrick, My name is Taury Iskandar, would love to share some of my photos taken with X-Pro1 & 35mm lens. Here’s a link to my flickr album. A Nikon user since I started photography back in high school, but borrowed my friend’s X-Pro1 late last year and fell in love with it. I’m looking forward for X-Pro1 successor!”

– Driving around Europe at karimhaddad: “It was another epic trip and I’m glad I had my Fuji X-Pro 1 with me. For all intents and purposes, it was probably my last trip with a lovely camera. I have no graduated to the X-T1 (and I’m back to using my 5D)… more on that later.

– Sabbath Town: Black Sabbath x Fuji X-Pro at suberashi.

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– Art Codron: ” I was in the San Francisco Bay area last week. I confess that the majority of the pictures I took were with an Olympus OMD EM10 (GASP!) as I wanted to keep things as mobile and light as possible. I really struggled internally weather to take my X-T1 kit or not. Being it was a family trip, I went with the OMD based on the size advantage. However I brought along my recently purchased used Fuji X100 in case my shoulder grew tired of carrying the OMD kit or if I god forbid suffered any mechanical failures. I shot a few hundred shots with the OMD and the results were pretty good. It’s a solid camera. I can’t complain. However I took out the Fuji X100 one of the days as I wanted to travel ultra light and had the most fun photographically speaking (big surprise LOL). The single focal length lens really forces you to be more “engaged” with your subjects. Overall, the camera has a much more tactile feel. It’s like a sports car…it gives you back what you put into it. While I did get frustrated a few times wanting a longer lens, it was just so much fun to shoot with. I also feel that the Fuji shots have that little something extra that makes them scream off the page more than those shot with the OMD. Here is a link to a Flicker set with some of the shots.

various lenses

– Carl Zeiss 12mm f/2.8 T* Review at whatdigitalcamera here and Carl Zeiss 32mm f/1.8 Review at whatdigitalcamera here.

– The 60mm Macro at mapcamera (translation).

– Focus speed: Zeiss Touit 32 vs Fujinon 35 video by Stocko grafie (youtube video). Read the entire review here (translation).

– Samyang 2.0/12 CS (Fuji X) … part 1 in German at retrocameracs (translation).

– Fujifilm + Zeiss = Vancouver //Kanada | Mehrdad Abedi at qimago (translation).


– A quick mini-review of the super inexpensive Vello RS-C1II remote release, used with the Fuji X-T1 at admiringlight: “The RS-C1II works flawlessly with the X-T1 and my other Fuji cameras with a mic jack. It’s also pretty well built and the cord is a nice thick gauge.  Considering you can purchase 5 of these Vello remotes for the price of one Fuji RR-90, it’s an absolute no-brainer.  Frankly, due to the more flexible cord, I think it’s a good idea for Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 owners to use this remote switch instead of a cable release as well.

– Gear and accessories – this is how I accessorize my Fuji at jaysonoertel: “Since ditching my DSLR, I’ve quickly adapted to the beautiful world of mirrorless.  I’m traveling lighter, getting phenomenal image quality, and have an arsenal of some of the best glass I’ve ever used.  Now that I’m set with my X-T1, I added a few accessories that make my experience even better.”

– Using the Manfrotto 241V and Fujifilm X-T1 on a Car Photo Shoot at macleancomms: “The reason I bought the Manfrotto 241V was to use on this long drive to get some different angles while I drove.  Using the Fujifilm X-T1 I was able to control the camera through the Camera App on my Google Nexus Tablet. I placed the Manfrotto in several positions on the car, either on the glass or on the bodywork and the vacuum pump built into the 241V provided the grip needed to keep the camera in place and steady.  Speeds were kept to below 50mph but if the Manfrotto did lose grip the camera would’ve been on the road so I used the Peak Design leash and used it as a safety cord when the camera was mounted on the outside of the car.”

– Remote Shutter Release for Fuji X-E2 (and others) at lightwith: “If you’re looking for a way to remotely trigger your Fujifilm X-E2, X-E1, or any other Fuji camera model that is equipped with the “mic/remote” socket (as well as Canon SLRs), look no further, the [shoplink 22828]Yongnuo RF-603[/shoplink] C1 2.4GHz Wireless Flash Trigger/Wireless Shutter Release Transceiver Kit works like a champ, costs next to nothing, and will also remotely trigger your flashes.”

a little bit of everything

– V Opoku: “So we are half way through the year already, damn – time flies! Here is a snapshot of my 2014 so far ; a mixture of wedding and travel photography:  Will be great if you want to share it, and if any of your readers have questions relating to wedding photography with the fuji x series , they can freely shoot me an email and I will get back to them ASAP :) Also, after over a full year’s exclusive use of the fuji x-series for weddings and travels, I will be putting together my report shortly. I will let u know as soon as it is ready. Regards, V.”

–  Fujifilm Walk In The Park | Photowalk at The Evergreen Brickworks at “We had a great turnout of people to the Fuji photowalk event at the Evergreen Brickworks…or the “Old Brickworks” for you Toronto photographers who remember the days of sneaking strobist shoots there back in the day.”

– Traveling with the Fuji X-System around the world at laithmajali: “My love affair with these cameras started when I purchased the X-Pro 1 and I started putting it through the tests, the camera’s form factor was great, it was light, the lenses were beautiful and it allowed me to shoot in the streets unobtrusively. Little did I know that my next purchase will become the camera I used on a daily basis. The x100s right away became my favorite, it was smaller, it was quieter, it produced really good images considering its size and price. Now many people may not want a camera with a fixed lens, but for me this was a joy. It forced me to get closer, both the focal length and its non existent noise got me real close to my subjects without them noticing, I was even able to pack it in a small bag I was carrying while I performed Ummrah in Mecca. After I was done, I pulled the x100s and made a couple of photos to remember that special day, my first visit to Mecca. I don’t think I could have gotten myself to pack any other camera and shoot without being noticed.”

–  Cruising with the X-Series at cliftonbeard: “The Fujinon lenses really are excellent and it is a great experience to get genuine sharpness at f1.4 and f1.2, along with deadly accurate focus.  Although not tiny, the lenses are small and light compared to the 800-1000g monsters on SLR cameras and 2 fast primes easily fitted in the Ona along with both bodies.  Some aperture rings are a bit looser than ideal, but I love the traditional and to me intuitive, way of changing aperture.”