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miXed zone: do you need Full Frame? A7 vs X-E2 DOF comparison, guess the format and more!


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FF vs Fuji / Bokeh comparison

– Vernon wrote me this email: “Hi Pat, I came across this post on Reddit from a website that has a test where they show photos and ask the users to guess the format (full-frame, APS-C, etc) and the show the stats of the results of people taking the test here: I sent this to you because we’ve been talking a lot about a rumor that Fuji will announce a full frame compact and there’s a somewhat heated debate on here as to whether they need one or not. According to these results, nearly 50% of people couldn’t tell the difference between whether the photo was taken in FF or APS-C. That might add value to the debate. Take Care, Vernon S.” Now it’s your time to play with it… and tell us your results. Click here and start your game!

Bokeh DOF comparison A7 ([shoplink 19559]specs&price[/shoplink]) with [shoplink 19817]Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 D[/shoplink] vs X-E2 with [shoplink 12889]35mm[/shoplink] both at f/1.4 at Mike Kobal here: “The Fuji XF 35mm […] it can’t blow out the background as well as the 50mm on the FF. But the question is: does it really matter? […] As for my own work, 90% of the time I will be just as happy with the bokeh from the Fuji/35mm combo as I would from the FF/50mm set up. The difference simply isn’t big enough to make a significant difference in how the picture reads, remember 90% of the time, for the other 10% I wouldn’t want to give up that special extra I can get from the full frame and a large aperture lens….”

[UDPATE: Mike uploaded some samples taken with the Nikkor at f/2 so that you can compare also the bokeh between the Nikkor (at f/2) and the Fujinon (at f/1.4).]

I don’t know you, but I’m not sure if it’s worth to pay 70% more to have that 10% special extra bokeh DOF. What do you think?

image courtesy: Mike Kobal

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whatdigitalcamera X-E2 review is online here: “We experienced no issues with colour indoors or out, leaving you to concentrate on your photography without the worry of the final result appearing too warm or too cool. […] unless you’re shooting in exceptionally bright conditions, such as towards the sun, you’ll rarely find exposure compensation needs to be used. […] Though the newly developed autofocus algorithm has improved things, it hasn’t dramatically changed the lock-on speed, which remains slower than its Olympus and Panasonic rivals in the compact system camera market. […]  The X-E2 is to put it simply, a stunning camera that’s up there as one of the most attractive on the market and an absolute pleasure to use.”

– See the shots of Vibranze with his X-E2, 55-200 and [shoplink 12946 ebay]8mm fisheye[/shoplink] lens here,

– Wildlife and Landscape Photography photography with the X-E2 (and 55-200) at “Focusing on the animals was quick. I had no issues with the auto focus at all. However, once the birds took flight, it was over. But that’s mainly because my reaction time isn’t that great when it comes to fast animals. Again, I’m no wildlife photographer.”

– “I’m finding more and more that for simple daily shooting the X-E2 and iPad air are a killer combo. If like many Fuji shooters you have began embracing in camera jpeg you know that with minimal tweaking and pre-processing you end up with images that are 95% on spot straight out of camera. Apps like Snapseed, iPhoto, VSCO, etc make it easy to put finishing tweaks on images using a phone or tablet before sharing.” Read the full article ” Old School looks, incredible sensor and WiFi?” at fujishooter here.

– [shoplink 17992]Fuji X-E2[/shoplink] vs [shoplink 17992]Sony A7r[/shoplink] vs [shoplink 15259]Panasonic GH3[/shoplink] DOF and noise comparison at soundimageplus here. For his following post “Sony A7r, Fuji X-E2, Panasonic GH3 – Issues, Irrelevancies and the advantages of diversity” click here. In another post here it’s again A7r vs X-E2, but this time with speed booster: “So is this ‘faux full-frame’ or a genuine alternative? Well I think it is a genuine alternative, if you are happy to use manually focused lenses that is.”

– An updated review of the Fujifilm X-E2 at doncraigphoto here: “Primarily I use focus peaking and zoom in to fine tune. However, the AF is very accurate, and fast, which means that I have also been using it quite a bit. In my non-work life, the AF on the X-E2 has worked incredibly well on fast moving toddlers, sports, speeding boats and distant planes (in case you have that need).”

– Fujifilm X-E2 on the New Zealand trip at bjornmoerman here.

– German review at (translation).

– You wanna pixel peep? Then check out this Japanese site (translation). Df vs X-E2 vs A7R vs A7 vs GX7 vs GM1 vs E-M1.

– I got this email from Ari Hallami: “No rumor, but some street photography from Helsinki with X-E2. I must be one of the very first ones to receive X-E2 in Finland so it maybe some good reading for the Finnish readers :). Feel free to post“. You can read it here (translation)

– X-E2 hands on at mirrorlessons here: “Ergonomically speaking, it is close to perfection. Every button and dial was in reach of my fingers. The Q button we all know and love, for instance, has been repositioned to the upper middle of the camera’s rear for improved access.”

Mike Kobal has a new favorite mirrorless camera. It’s the X-E2. See his youtube video here.

Daniel Lovegrove’s studio shots with the X-E2 can be seen here.

f stop lounge, the X-E2 and the speed booster at youtube here.

– X-E2 at boxedlight here: “Good things come in small packages. That saying has never been more true than when I use it in reference to the Fuji X-E2. What an amazing little camera… at a good price point. […] Some may say “But it’s not full frame”… So what? Unless you print huge photos you’ll be saving a ton of money and enjoying this camera for a long time. Just make sure the X-E2 meets your needs. Don’t buy a hammer when you need a saw.”

–  PART I: X-E2: New Zealand test-drive &f flight at here: “Even though, I do have quite a few CONS, some of them can clearly be solved by a relative simple firmware upgrade. The main reason why this camera does still not 100% replace my Nikon D800, is the Autofocus tracking in continuous mode. This is not limited to the Fujifilm cameras but rather seems to be a common problem with all mirror-less cameras, including the latest full frame Sony cameras. […] Will I buy the new X-E2? Since I already own the great X-E1, probably not. I would rather wait and see what the successor of the Fujifilm X-PRO1 will bring. Rumours have it that this will be probably be announced early 2014.” Part II: Shooting the streets of Hong Kong with the Fujifilm X-E2 & 27mm pancake lens at bjornmoerman here: “The better autofocus really has been great while using the X-E2 in Street Photography mode. Sometimes things on the street happen quickly. A split second difference in grabbing the focus often makes or breaks the image! […] After I have used my own X-E1 for a few days again now, (yes had to return the X-E2), the main differences I notice are the improved autofocus and the somewhat faster writing speed to the memory card. I also appreciate the higher resolution on the LCD screen to check my focus after the image has been made.”

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Richard Simko wrote me: “Hi Patrick, I have just came back from Bangkok. There are ongoing anti-government protests going on at the moment. I went to some of those demonstrations with my X100S and X-E1 with 35mm lens. I thought I share them with you as I haven’t seen anybody posting this sort of photojournalistic style taken with X series. These are only pictures. No review or anything like that. As far as cameras performance they held up pretty good except one situation when I was following ex prime minister in the crowd. At that point a DSLR with faster AF and more fps would be prefered tool. But for everything else I did not need anything else but my Fuji’s.” See the Bangkok rallies here.

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 – First two parts of a multi-part comparo between the Fuji X-E1 & OM-D E-M1 here at Part I / Part II /

Valéry Villard: “For French readers I have just written an article on my small blog about my passion for the X-E1 and XF lenses. The test is not technical, it just reflect how Fuji and the X-E1 have contributed to strengthen my passion for photography. This device is simply addictive. The entire field test can be downloaded in high quality PDF (150MB). I do not know if anyone interested but when in doubt, I will share;) You can find it here.

Nicolas Datiche: “Hi Mister Fuji Rumors, I’m photojournalist based in Tokyo, recently i bought a Fuji. And i begin to use it for my work, smaller, high quality image… Love it. Usually people say difficult to work in news with this kind of camera, wrong you can. And the new X-E2 AF is faster as enought. A part of my job in Tacloban with X-E1 here (French). Enjoy

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V Opoku: “Morning Pat,  I finished an article I have been working on for the last week. It is a step by step guide on how to focus with the fuji x cameras with their optical viewfinder. It covers topics such as parallax, using corrected AF Frame, the range within which the real focus box will appear and many more. There are lots of diagrams I put together to explain it all, I have included one in this email for you to get an idea of things. Have a look, let me know what you think and feel free to share it, I know it is not the firmware update that we were all waiting for, but hopefully this will help some fuji x users to understand how these cameras focus a bit more. There is also a link to back to your site in this article, time for bed now. Speak soon.” Read the article here.

Doug Chinnery and his X-PRO1 in the Artic… how did it perform? Discover it here: “It survived, but had a couple of issues. Its not ideal for these extreme conditions, but it held its own and I am delighted with the images it gave me. (all the images here were shot on it).”

image courtesy: Doug Chinnery

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by Tim Allen: “Hi Patrick, love the site and nice to see you feature some great photography. I recently shot a project which became a small book that I sold to raise money for a charity close to my heart [for The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS)]. Using Twitter I sold 74 copies and raised over £400 for the charity which I felt very proud of [UDPATE: the sale is now over, all books sold]. The project was shot in two nights at traditional British funfairs and used my X100 which is like a new camera since the recent firmware upgrade. Here’s the link for you: .
Keep up the good work.
Best regards
Tim. Gallery: