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Anticipating the design of the coming Fujifilm X-Pro2 at luicaphoto

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1.4x Teleconverter
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ApolloOne – The Ultimate Digital Camera File Viewer – check it out on the App Store

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  • Dominic Schulz

    why should it have a display, when we have dials with characters on them showing the settings? make not that much sense to me.

    • Pappy

      and is unnecessary added cost.

      • Vlad

        What, 5 bucks?

        • Pappy

          In theory probably 50 in reality.

      • MJr

        Well, added clutter and complexity at least.

    • MJr

      Exactly, i can’t believe people actually voted yes. Please keep the classic Fuji controls, without unnecessary clutter. Less is more for a rangefinder style body, we’re trying to get away from the chunky DSLR experience.

  • LeFred

    I think a top screen would be a convenient addition.
    With the shutter speed dial set on A or T, it would display the shutter speed.
    With the aperture ring set on A and for lenses with unmarked aperture ring or without aperture ring, it would display the aperture.

    I think this screen should be minimalistic. There’s no need to display anything that could be read on the dials themselves. It should complement them, not replace them.
    And for aesthetic, I personally think a retro style circular shape would be more in line with the circular dials.

  • flesix

    But the excellent grip of the T1 would certainly be great!

  • AceFlibble

    Every camera should carry displays like that, though, uh, not like that hideous mock-up. Christ.

    • Peter

      The exposure parameters can be easily read from the physical dials (assuming ISO dials like on the X-T1 will become standard). They would just have to use glow-in-the-dark paint instead of the regular one to make it readable in low light as well.

      But agreed, that mockup is an abomination.

  • Jam005

    Not! Spend time and effort on other stuff. Keep the dials and aethetics as is. Concentrate on AF, 11-15fps

  • Thanks for the mention Patrick!

  • Marc Grimm

    Such a display is unnecessary for Fuji X cameras, as long as the dials are labeled. A neat addition would be the possibility to illuminate the dials, if needed.

  • Jano

    That display is redundant, ugly, cluttered and unnecessary. For viewing all the settings in one place just look through the viewfinder.

    What I would love to see (though many here will consider it too un-retro or too expensive or whatever) are small displays on each dial. That would have several benefits compared to “real” hard dials:
    – You can save complete camera configurations in custom settings including shutter speed, ISO, aperture and possibly others.
    – You can configure the dials any way you want meaning you can set the EC dial to change your most used setting. This is especially useful for manual shooting.
    – You can remotely change any setting without having “lying dials” (tethering, remote control through app).
    – You can change the increments. Want to change ISO by full stops? Gotcha.
    – You can illuminate the displays.
    – You can theoretically set the dials to do other things. Always use the same Auto ISO settings? Set the ISO dial to change your film simulation. Or use it to change your fps settings. Or use it to cycle through LCD, EVF, eye-sensor. Or whatever.

    Here’s a rough sketch what it could look like (1st one is in manual mode, 2nd is automatic):

  • Bremer

    Suddenly the Xpro 2 looks like a Casio watch from the 80´s :)

  • ChatNoir

    A camera like the X-Pro is crying to maintain the most simple, no-nonsense, straight forward kind of approach. Its concept gets killed by giving a Sony-kind of UI.

  • BLT

    No no no. Why would you want this screen when the whole point of Fuji’s current design is about easily and simply seeing/changing your settings.

    This screen would be moronic!!!!

  • Several comments are missing the most essential point.
    It is not about the cosmetics if or how to implement a topside display.
    (in the picture, the display format is similar what you see today on the new Leica SL)

    The display is not proposed to indicate what the mechanical dials already do. That is not the point. Just read what has been written. It is there to make additional indications the mechanical dials do not show.

    Why? You can make more essential camera settings before shooting without EVF or rear LCD, but with this display.
    For what reason? Battery life is going up! And in combination with the OVF of a X-Pro, battery life can reach DSLR level. That is the point.

    Is there anybody who doesn’t want improved battery life? You can make a vote about this. Till today this is a main complaint about all mirrorless cameras.

    Do you know other realistic options for extending battery life? And not using a top side display (e-ink type better than LCD)? Then go tell it to Nikon, Canon … and let me know.

    Other point:
    The X-T1 classic SLR design has it is mechanical ISO and Drive dials and should keep it. But the X-Pro is different, these dials doesn’t fit to the rangefinder design.
    And if you want multiple Auto ISO settings? The X-T10 does, the X-T1 not? Why? The mechanical ISO dial comes to it’s limit.
    Also with new sensor, ISO may start lower and ends higher. More difficult to arrange all numbers around the mechanical dial.

    Sorry, if some readers could not follow this combination of thoughts.

  • thanks for the mention – hope it was useful to users ;)

  • Dave

    With the hope Fuji will be adding many more auto focus points to the X-pro2 and X-T2…I hope Fuji adds a joy stick to the back of the body just like the Canon has on the 5D3, etc, Canon calls it a Multi-controller, I find it very handy when moving to a AF point on a diagonal, rather than say, move to the left or right and then up or down.

    • LeFred

      I hope they will add eye-controlled focusing : eye-tracking technology that makes the camera focus on what you’re looking at.
      Pick up the camera, frame, look at what you want in focus. Shoot. It’s like the camera reading your mind.
      No fiddling with buttons, your hands stay free.

      • Dave

        And some times I know where my AF point is, and I have it on the target, while in the viewfinder I am watching another part of the scene develop before taking the photo, in which case eye-controlled focusing would get in the way.

        • LeFred

          I think it really depends on the way the AF point selection is activated…
          Anyway, with touch screens you can directly and intuitively select an AF point by touching it on the screen. ECF would be the viewfinder counterpart.
          The exceptional viewfinder is a significant part of the Xpro’s user experience. I think it would be logical if the XPro2 was the first Fuji camera to integrate ECF.

    • Luzu

      Yes! A joystick for af point selection would be a dream come true… extremely useful and convenient!

  • Pablo

    I just hope, that that grip won’t be there..

  • Leon Freedman

    Two words…. “shooting experience” That crappy screen would kill any pleasure you could get from a Fuji. XT1 is near perfect tactile camera use and experience. That is what the XP2 should be like. I cringe every time I see a post that suggests that Fuji make something more like Sony, or Nikon or FF or tilty flippy yada yada yada needs better WTF and oh, don’t forget pro 5K video. I’m a photographer not a videographer !!!!

    • azbest

      you would be a videographer, if the video output looked like a quality video output without stutter and shaky fuzziness. or at least you wouldnt object so fiercely and maybe used it from time to time. so the satisfaction depends on if the video is actually usable this time around :)

      let xpro be for professionals and let x-t be the pioneer of awesome (with an affordable price for the masses [thats the poor me])

      • Leon Freedman

        NO! Shooting video requires a completely different tool, not a camera. I never shoot video with a camera unless it is for the web (that does not require quality). A professional can still create great photos with the original X100 Gear has very little to do with what a pro photographer can create. so if you are defending the need of that crappy screen as a pro feature than you are clearly not one.

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