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Metz Teases “FIRST CLASS FLASH”… and Fuji X-Shooters “Will Not Be Disappointed!” HSS and TTL Support?



Metz is teasing a new flash at their facebook page here.

At photokina, we present you a new flash light which will be the starting shot of a new generation of insertion flashes! With new developed technologies and construction, we save more than 30 % of the manufactured size. #SizeMatters ;)

Till photokina, we will publish further exlusive information concerning the new flash light on facebook!”

After this facebook post, X-shooter and FR-reader Thorsten said in the comments, that he will buy it, if it supports HSS and TTL for Fujifilm cameras. The answer of Metz was:

We will publish further information in the next days, but one thing we can say now is that for sure you will not be disappointed

Is a compact alternative to the EF-X500 on the way?

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