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It’s packed with a lot of great new features that make it, in many aspects, better than Fuji’s flagship, the [shoplink 21553]X-T1[/shoplink], it has many of all the firmware improvements we desired for other X-series cameras, it has the best JPEG engine of any X-series camera ever produced, it’s Fuji’s most sophisticated X-camera up to date, but..

… but it has an 2/3 sensor, which, apparently, is a deal breaker for many! Or maybe is it as Don suggested in the comments: “Nobody in their right mind would preorder a camera a few weeks before Photokina hits the camera market.”

Fujirumors recommends: Wait a bit… maybe we could soon have a nice price drop on Fuji’s most sophisticated camera up to date. And in the meantime, check out Rico’s First Look here (and understand why I say that it’s Fuji’s most sophisticated camera up to date).

But if you can’t wait, here is where you can pre-order it:

Fujifilm X30: USA: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / BestBuy /   EUROPE: wexUK / wexDE / PCHstore /