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Lightroom Enhanced Details for Fujifilm X-Trans Files Tested – Fuji Users Beware, Wormy Artifacts Fixed?


Adobe & Fujifilm

Last week Adobe launched the new “enhance details” feature, which, according to Adobe, will improve details in your images by up to 30%!

The feature is also supposed to demosaic Fujifilm X-Trans images better, and we have a first feedback about it here.

The testing continues, and overall will can sum it up like this:

  • helps against wormy artifacts
  • slow and processor intensive, creates new DNG files, hence do not apply to many images, but better select only important images or images you want to print big

Now let’s get into the specific reviews.

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Tony Northurp – LR’s Enhance Details: Beware Fuji users!

  • processor intense feature
  • creates a DNG file with triple size of original file
  • in most situations with most cameras, you won’t notice any difference or only little difference
  • Fujifilm files are indeed less wormy and jaggy
  • for X-Trans files, the enhanced details feature can process colors in the images incorrectly, or in some cases improve colors.
  • for X-Trans, enhanced details is hit or miss
  • in general enhance details is better for Fujifilm files, but don’t trust it blindly and check the results

thomas fitzgerald – A Look at Lightroom’s New Enhanced Details for Fuji X-Trans Users

  • it resolves all the issues for X-Trans, no more smearing in fine details, no more edge artifacts and wormy artifacts
  • it does a better job than X-Transformer, but you should still use X-Transformer if you have an older and slower GPU
  • for achitecture, foliage, green it’s recommended to use “enhance details“. Less if you photograph people

ZedPro Media – Fujifilm Worm Artifacts fixed w/ Adobe Camera Raw 11.2?

  • Yes, there is an improvement, looks cleaned up

Jason Row – Adobe Enhanced Details: Does It Work For Fuji Raw?

  • definitely increasing detail thanks to enhance details. Much sharper
  • slight increase in dynamic range. Extra details in shadow areas
  • cleary extra sharpness

Pawn Colective – Does Adobe’s new Enhance Details Feature Fix the FUJI WORMS??!! Lightroom 11.2 Vs Capture One

  • enhance details helps to get rid of wormy artifacts
  • not recommended to apply to many picutres, since it is slow

Sean McCormack – Lightroom Blog – Lightroom Classic 8.2 Updates Enhance Details

  • X-Trans files are sharper when enhanced details is applied
  • Green foliage is sharper, less muddy
  • way more details and sharper files