Leaked: X-E1 and X PRO 1 and XF35mm firmware update to be released tomorrow!


Fuji Rumors reader Derek found that cached Fuji website (Click here) that unveils the details of the new X-E1 and X-PRO-1 firmware that will be released tomorrow (January 18th).

Fujifilm X-Pro1 – firmware version: 2.03

* Allows compatibility with the new “XF14mmF2.8R” lens.
* Improved performance of Auto Focus under various shooting conditions.
Download X-Pro1 firmware version 2.03

Fujifilm X-E1 – firmware version: 1.04

* Allows compatibility with the new “XF14mmF2.8R” lens.
* Shutter release button now works when an external remote release is connected.
* Improved performance of Auto Focus under various shooting conditions.
* Audio performance has been optimised for the new Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1 (sold separately).
Download X-E1 firmware version 1.04

FUJINON XF35mm – firmware version: 2.02

* Improved accuracy of Auto Focus performance.
Download XF35mm firmware version 2.02


  • vam

    So no focus peaking and customisable auto iso yet? But at least AF is supposed to be improved.

  • Some dude

    Yes I hope the back focus issue has been fixed with the’ 351.4

    Peaking soon I hope.

  • The firmware upgrade has been postponed. This also means that tomorrow’s X-PERT CORNER won’t be about giving advice on updating the camera’s firmware. I’ll find something else, instead.

    • Steve

      Does that mean we won’t get the firmware update tomorrow? Do you have a new date for the firmware release?

      Thanks und Danke :)

    • Peterpan

      Postponed? How do we know that. Is it stated anywhere that it will not be released tomorrow?

      • Anon

        Funny, you read on a rumor site that there might be a release tomorrow and you want to know where it says there isn’t going to be one? O_M_G

        • Fly Moon

          @Anon, good one :-)

  • Christian

    Nice. Maybe the shutter button oddity (refocusing even when the shutter button is kept half pressed between shots) is fixed?


    auto ISO min. shutter speed
    focus peeking

    Thank you Fuji!

  • Kastro

    Their failure to add a minimum shutter speed setting is infuriating. It was in the x100 after all. Has there been any sort of official response regarding this issue? They must know it’s a highly requested feature?

  • MJr

    Metabones Speed Booster + FujiFilm X-E1 + Zeiss CP.2 35mm T2.1

    Interesting combination. :)


    • jake


  • It’s just not very easy to be all too happy about this when the auto-ISO minimum shutter speed feature is left out again. It can’t be that hard to fix.

  • Christian

    Maybe the firmware upgrade has been postponed to add auto iso shutter speed? Please!

    • klehmann

      – also my only real wish for an improved X-Pro – AUTO-ISO minimum shutter speed…. is it really such an unreasonable a request???

      i mean all the extra stuff they come up with seems like added bonuses compared to this one extremely uselfull and quite honestly ordinary feature…


    • No.

  • Jason

    im starting to think the X100 will not see another update… :(

  • Peter N

    Apparently minimum shutter speed with auto iso is not possible and will never be implemented. This is the reason I did not buy the XE-1 and returned my XPro1! Epic fail Fuji! Will wait for X100S….

    • dude

      or you could wait for the x200s, everything should be perfect on that one.

    • hexx

      seems like very valid reason to return a camera… roll eyes

      • c0ldc0ne

        Could it be that other people may have requirements or preferences that differ from yours?

    • Gene lowinger

      Peter keep the faith! I spoke this morning with a friend who works for Fuji in Japan (where it’s already tomorrow). He informed me that the minimum shutter issue is on the drawing board and will be included with the release of the Fuji X-Pro3 which is scheduled for release on September 19, 2016 at 12:01AM Tokyo time.

    • Ray

      But you researched the xp1 purchase well enough that you did not know it lacked such an important feature. How many other cameras have you bought like this?

  • Wilson

    Good news, but a bit disappointed without the most wanted features – minimum shutter speed in auto-ISO and focus peaking.

  • For minimum shutter speed, just use… the shutter speed mechanical wheel, no need of a firmware upgrade ;-)

    • Some dude

      I’m glad you said it. So many people can’t work that out it seems. Lol

      When I use auto ISo I set the aperture and shutterspeed to what I want and let the iso adjust

      • Fly Moon

        I do the same

  • David

    No X100 update… =(

  • Roger

    Any word yet on when the 14 mm lens will start shipping in USA? It must be very soon given a firmware update to support it.

  • Just twist the wheel on top to the speed you want and set auto iso and it will be working fine, isn’t that the answer for minimum shutter speed? Focus Peaking once please FUJI. Good to see another improvement on 35mm and autofocus overall.

    Btw. Does anybody know when 57mm 1.4? ;)

    • That replaces the speed issue with a minimum aperture issue. Not a viable solution. Neither is manual mode, as there is no working, fully featured “misomatic”, and there are issues with live view and the live histogram (which have been partly rectified in the X100S, which ironally DOES feature minimum shutter speed settings). You can read all about this in my book.

      • Rico I got what you mean, I just dont see this function as necesary (but likely welcome if its possible), I did to the time I start using the manual speed and aperture with auto iso, you can always adjust one of them to make proper exposure, I got use to it really easilly. I kinda like this camera so much cause you need to work around some quirks like that. I dont like to talk what it should be like, and what funcions should it have, its better to just try to work with what you have, so i just tried to give people workaround this “problem” even if the camera will not help us to much, we still have our eyes connected to brain that in this case is smarter than camera ;)

        • Well, you can’t adjust exposure in manual mode M with Auto-ISO turned on, because the exposure compensation dial doesn’t work in manual mode. That’s a real problem, other cameras (like Pentax, or now even the Sony RX1 IIRC) do a much better job in this regard.

          • Not with the exposure comp dial – and i agree it should work, but you can with your speed and/or aperure dial if your auto iso isn’t going any higher.

          • klehmann

            Exactly and right to the point – thank you, Rico -not having a selectable minimum shutter speed in AUTO-ISO kinf of defeats the whole point in having such a function in the 1st place… and the various arguments raised by some posters as to just turn to M-mode just raises other issues as You also point out (the very funny ‘misomatic’ situation for one;o or EV-comp not functional etc)

            Whether people are satisfied with current solution is another issue, I guess – the fact that some even find it a somewhat ‘charming’ quirk is a little weird to me but hey, what can you do;o) There was even a guy somewhere further down calling peolpe ‘noobs’ for asking for a proberly integrated but currently only half-finished feature as the AUTO-ISO seems to me at least. But in the end I guess thats saying more about that persons own ‘level’ of understanding – LOL…


          • With the Live View and the Live Histogramm not working in manual mode, I wouldn’t even know how much to correct in order to expose precisely to the right. Plus, DR Auto doesn’t work in M, either.

    • Roberto

      I also put now the focus peak as top priority. As mariuszgajdzik wrote, “manual” exposure mode mode with auto-iso is working very well with the X-E1. But I thought that the minimum shutter speed would have been an easy change, much more than focus peaking.

  • Eheh, I think I’m the only Fuji owner who don’t give a damn about auto-ISO minimum shutter speed:)

    I’d rather have a more precise framing information in my OVF.

    • KimTeo

      Current Auto ISO suits me fine too.

    • Anon

      Hah, make that two of us. Whatever happened to changing the ISO yourself to suite the scene and ensure you have the optimal settings for the image you want to create? Noobs.

      • c0ldc0ne

        By that reasoning, aperture/shutter priority, AF and auto WB are for “noobs” as well.

      • Geoffrey

        The noob comment went a little too far, but I agree. If the feature isn’t there, well then it isn’t there. People should just learn to work around it. I prefer manually changing my exposure settings anyway.

      • Anon

        I guess there are a lot of thin skins around here. Actually, manually adjusting your ISO has long been an advanced skill, used as a third variable in adjusting exposure on film cameras.

    • Right there with you.

      1. Set needed ISO, f/stop, shutter speed.
      2. If light changes, change one of these as needed to achieve desired exposure.
      3. Repeat as needed.

      Same as it ever was.

      • Amen to that.
        I can understand that having the option would be better than not having it, all things considered.
        But calling its absence an epic fail just because you can’t turn one of the best mirrorless on the market into a point&shoot. I don’t get it.
        I didn’t even noticed it was missing until one reviewer, can’t remember where, pretended that without minimum shutter speed, auto-ISO was, and I quote, “impossible to use”.

        • Amen ;)

          • Mauro

            my 5dmark2 doesn’t have automatic iso in manual mode, but my previous nikon d700 have automatic iso in manual mode

            I think…it’s normal for canon user (and fuji)
            it’s …different for nikon user.

    • Kevin

      omg thank you, I thought I was the only one.

  • Hey, nevermind, I hadn’t seen mariusgadzik’s post.

  • I think we won’t see a Focus Peak / Auto ISO Adjustment Firmware until late March / April. They added the 14/2.8 on Street Date soi think another Feature Update will come with the X100s.

  • Phil

    I think its absolutely insane that they haven’t added focus peaking yet. I mean, come on, these cameras are being marketed as being manual/legacy glass friendly. FUJI WE NEED FOCUS PEAKING!

    • Anon

      Fuji has already said peaking is PD sensor dependent so don’t hold your breath.

      • Anon

        Which I don’t buy, btw. Especially since the PD sensors are supposedly only in the center third of the sensor.

    • Anon

      And do you really need peaking? Really?

      I did a comparison this past weekend with my NEX-5N w/external EVF vs the measly EVF of the X-Pro and as far as focus accuracy goes, the Fuji won, hands down.

      I was using a C/Y Zeiss 28mm which has tons of micro-contrast (great for peaking) on the Sony and a Contax Zeiss 28mm G lens on the Fuji.

      The X-Pro will kind of shimmer at the point in focus, I’m not sure if this is due to the lower resolution or intentional but if you look for it it is there. I look for the shimmer then press the zoom to confirm. I’d say 9 times out of 10, the focus was perfect at f/2.8

      On the NEX, I used peaking set on medium and when I would zoom to confirm, focus was nailed half the time at best.

      It was a real eye opener of an experiment and I’m much less concerned about peaking on the Fuji. The split screen looks cool though.

      • Ray

        Yes, those of who use legacy glass already know this, know its easy to adjust to the glimmer and don’t whine. It’s those who are struggling with 10x mag and never get it focused (thus no glimmer) who are complaining, perpetually.

  • Selsk

    +1 On just setting my shutter dial to 125. Auto Iso to 3200.

    Focus peaking would be sooo much more helpful to me.

    • Aargh

      Wholeheartedly agree.

      Yep it’d be a nice feature to be able to set the min shutter speed on Auto ISO and turn the camera into a complete auto point and shoot for happy snaps but in the vast majority of times it just isn’t an issue

  • D

    I am waiting for focus peak. That’s the only thing I really want for the next firmware update.

    I don’t think focus peak is PD dependent. I believe it is the split-image focus assist that require PD.

  • Phil

    I doubt the peaking is PD dependent, because the peaking on the X100s work over the whole image, not just in the center. The split screen focusing, however, has been confirmed to be PD dependent.

    Peaking would be a great additional aid. I’m rather used to focusing manual glass using the zoom function in Live View, but since the camera has basically been marketed as being very manual lens friendly, it seems it might be in Fuji’s best interest to add peaking. I’ll live without it but I’d love it if they could add it thru a firmware update.

    At the very least they could issue a statement regarding whether or not it’s a possible upgrade to the XE-1 and X PRO 1.

  • Alex Watanabe

    Peaking is absolutely not PDAF related, it’s a software function/filter that analyzes the image pixel by pixel and looks for areas where contrast is above a threshold.

    Also see its addition to nex5 etc, no PDAF on those sensors

  • Anon

    Agree with Phil and Alex – but that is what was said on the floor at CES. Maybe an uninformed marketing suit?

  • kuishinbou

    It is great that Fuji is dedicated to improving their previously released cameras on a regular basis, which is fantastic for those users. However, they should, as many have mentioned above, introduce minimum shutter speed setting in auto ISO and focus peaking in the X-E1. It is shocking how they seem to put better features in their fixed-lens cameras rather than their interchangeable lens cameras.

    If Fuji doesn’t introduce the new sensor and features in upgrades for the X-Pro 1 and X-E1 immediately, they are definitely not very smart. Those features should improve those cameras considerably, which should be their main concern, and will make their interchangeable lens cameras perhaps the best on the market, which will result in significantly higher sales than a fixed lens camera. If they don’t do so before the summer, I will be very disappointed in them, more so than I am already ~ as I said before, the X-E1 should have had the new sensor and features! Hurry up!!!

  • kuishinbou

    In addition, make the replacement for the X-Pro 1 look like the X100, as it is far sexier…

    • Christian

      Sorry – I think the X-Pro 1 is by far sexier :) !

      See first picture :D:


      • kuishinbou

        In my opinion, the X100 is sexier, but that is just my opinion. That said, if they put the new sensor and features in an X-Pro 1 upgrade and it is the same design, I will buy it. I just hope they hurry up, as I am sick of waiting. I would buy the X-E1 immediately if it had the new sensor ~ I am very annoyed that it doesn’t have it!!!

  • Gregor

    Fuji, can you make “focuslock”available in videomode in the next firmware update?


  • Umbalito

    Really? You buy a camera with a dedicated shutter dial and you complain about minimum shutter speed with auto ISO on?!?!

    • Steve

      When you’re AV, do you find it OK that the camera tend to lower the shutter speed rather than increasing ISOs ? Especially with such great cameras in high ISOs.. ?

      • jon burtoft

        Hi, i set auto iso to 6400, select my chosen aperture and shutter speed on the dials, iso changes automatically taking into account both aperture and shutter speed settings, not been a problem for me since getting the camera. Peoples requirements and shooting styles are different and this may not suit everyone, but for me its worked a treat. Cheers Jon

        • Steve

          Yeah did that too but the exposure compensation dial doesn’t work in manual mode^^

          • Jon burtoft

            Hi, I use auto iso for normal everyday shots where I quickly grab shots and move on, most of the time the metering gets it pretty much spot on, if it doesnt just a tweak in pp is all thats needed. For more technical shots I use full manual control.

  • Chocko

    Fuji – listen to your customers re the X-E1. We want minimum shutter speed in auto ISA. How many thousands of us does it take to tell you this ? WAKE UP !!!

    • Jon burtoft

      Hi, for the auto issue minimum shutter speed is not an issue, I just set aperture and shutter speed and let the camera choose the iso, as a starting point I usually set my aperture to f4 and 125th/sec, have your metering set to anything but spot. Cheers jon

      • Rich

        But then you encounter the other problem – the exposure compensation dial not working!

      • klehmann

        All this have been said at least fifty times in this post (have You read through it?)…. And I suspect most complainers about the semi-integrated AUTO-ISO function know this as well… Anyhow we seem to be gettin’ nowhere near anything constructive here – some are in one ‘camp’ and others in another… Its amazing though that the folks who don’t care about the AUTO-ISO integration (or lack thereoff) keep pounding this same argument over & over as if this make their point more valid… My bet is we will be gettin’ it from Fuji in the same way as the X100S’ – if nothin’ else then just to shut myself and likeminded up once and for all;o) Have a nice day!


    • Dan

      OMG.. I’m really bored about hearing that…
      has anyone noticed that this camera already has a minimum shutter speed of 1/30s until you don’t raech the maximum ISO.. ok this could be good for me and not for you BUT….

      *****have YOU ALL noticed that this camera RAW files at ISO1600 can be pushed up to 3stops for underexposure and 4 stops for overexposure without giving any noise (and a perfect 30*45cm PRINT) using Camera Raw???????????? this means that a clear image can appear from a complete white image ONLY adjusting the exposure dial in post-production.. SO JUST SET IT MANUAL and correct later the misexposure if you’re not able to correct the shutter speed or the aperture before taking the shot!!

      I have also a tip: if you want set AUTO ISO remembering that you can adj “minimum ISO” with the DR..
      DR400=min ISO 800
      DR200=min ISO 400
      DR100=min ISO 200

      please enjoy this camera like it is or go buy a point-and-shot one

      • Christian

        1.) I print pictures
        2.) I used cameras since 1980s
        3.) They didn´t have autoISO back then ;)
        4.) The RAWs are even better, if you expose them right in the first place
        5.) minimum ISO makes not much sense
        6.) I have shoot all manual and still like the flexablity of a proper autoISO
        7.) If you don´t – fine.
        8.) Have you ever used a camera with autoISO and min sutterspeed?
        9.) I am happy not to change films halfroll anymore.

  • Andy

    I’ve been shooting full manual or manual plus auto-ISO 1600, it’s sweet. It’s not a “point and shoot”, for which I’m entirely grateful. The more it makes me think, the better my pictures.

    • klehmann

      Yeah, let’s hope so….

  • Josh

    Hey, Fuji! How about updating the firmware to allow me to use my X-E1 as an Apple remote? That’d be swell.

    • klehmann

      You already can – just reverse the battery;o)

  • Sven

    Still no updates available…

  • Christian

    I have Been shooting all Manual for years with a Nikon FM2 and a Bessa R…but Setting a Minimum shutter Speed for auto Iso is Something very convinient! It is an Option – shoot all Manual if only that Makes you think

  • Christian

    The x100 got it since years ago – the New x100s got it again – why not the x-pro and x-E1? No idea.

  • Shannon

    If you wanted all these auto features in a camera. Why didn’t you just get a point and shoot? Why did you choose a camera that allows you to change all the settings yourself? I understand the auto ISO and min shutter thing would make a lot of street shooters happier. Since light is always changing as your walking around.

    I’m more than happy with just an update to the AF speed. The only other real issue I have is, like stated in another post. The OVF framing could be a bit more accurate. Then the issue with Lightroom 4, and what it does to the RAF files. To me thats the most important one. Why can Fuji get together with Adobe, and come up with a fix for that?

  • pimaar

    On the X-E1, is there a possibility to see realy the final exposure un the EVF before taking picture ?

  • Ginger

    i looking for the following functions added

    – focus peaking
    -AUTO-ISO minimum shutter speed
    -HDMI realtime out for video recording


  • Ric

    Also continuous focus is useless as it is implemented.

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