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Leaked :: Images + Specs of Fujifilm GFX Lens Adapter & WCL/TCL-X100 Ver.II


So it’s confirmed once more. All the Fuji goodness will be launched tomorrow and available within February. And we have new leaks about the Adapter for Fujifilm GFX and the WCL-X100 + TCL-X100 ver.2. – via nokishita

Mount adapter HM ADAPTER G (image at the top of this post) – google translated

9 interchangeable lenses for “GX645AF” “SUPER EBCFUJINON HC LENS” total 9 teleconverters available
Focusing is limited to manual focus
It is possible to change the aperture with the command dial of the body or to take pictures with “lens shutter” built in the lens
It has electrical contacts that can communicate with the body, and it is possible to create, store and apply correction data etc. of each lens

Wide conversion lens WCL-X100 II

Color: Black / Silver
A wide conversion lens for exclusive use that extends the focal length to approximately 0.8 times, equivalent to 28 mm (converted to 35 mm format) angle of view

Teleconversion lens TCL-X100 II

Color: Black / Silver
A dedicated teleconversion lens that extends the focal length to about 1.4 times and 50 mm equivalent (35 mm equivalent) angle of view