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KO/OK: Fuji’s Annual Report 2013 says X-series OK, compact cameras KO



Fujifilm has uploaded here at Fujifilm Holdings their annual report 2013. As I already told you here, Fujifilm will cut down 50% of the compact camera lineup (good news, let’s focus on the X-series!). You can read the review of operations report here:

Now, how are the X-series sales? The “performance during the Year [is still] Under Review“. But while the whole camera segment is suffering because of the low demand for compact cameras, the high end cameras of the X-series are in good health. (In their earning presentations report they said “such high-end models as the X-series proceeded smoothly. Measures are being undertaken to swiftly shift to high-end models.”)

“[from the review of operations report] While sales were favorable for products such as the FUJIFILM X-E1, […] and the FUJIFILM X100S,[…] a surge in popularity of smartphones has been causing demand for compact digital cameras to decline. Accordingly, sales in the whole segment were down, at ¥92.0 billion”

Future Initiatives: 1) Expand sales of high-end models and interchangeable lens systems [or as said in the earning presentations reportRapidly expand lineup of interchangeable lenses for premium interchangeable lens cameras by speeding up their development“] . 2) Reduce the number of compact models and substantially revise the model mix, concentrating on differentiated products. 3) Merge with the optical device business, enhancing synergies from development and production through to sales.”

Last thing, also the sales of the X20 are strong, as written here: “In the electronic imaging field, the sales of such premium compact cameras as the FUJIFILM X100S and the FUJIFILM X20 were strong, […]. Fujifilm is working to expand and strengthen the product lineup in the X Series of premium cameras that leverage Fujifilm’s exclusive technologies and, XF Lens Series, interchangeable lens systems, whose market is expected to be growing.”

That’s it, as FR-readers always said, focus on the X-system, everything else is just distraction (and loss of money)… oh, and I just had a brilliant idea to boost sales of the imaging solution departement… it’s called X-PRO2 and X-E2 :)!

enjoy your day

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