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Kenko Tokina announced three Super Telephoto MF APS-C Fujifilm X Mount lenses: 300mm, 600mm and 900mm!


Kenko Tokina Japan announced three super telephoto MF X mount lenses. This is the Google translated Press text:

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toru Yamanaka) will launch an ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact super-telephoto MF lens. Tokina “3 compact super-telephoto MF lenses for APS-C mirrorless cameras” will start a support purchase project at Indiegogo.

Indiegogo pre-launch page here:

Indiegogo campaign period: November 7 , 2022 ( Monday ) to November 29 , 2022 ( Tuesday)

General sales start around February 2023


[Tokina SZ PRO series] Product description

Overwhelmingly lightweight and compact super telephoto lens ” SZ PRO ” series

Introducing the ” SZ PRO ” series , a super-telephoto manual focus lens for APS-C that is overwhelmingly lightweight, compact, and capable of capturing powerful, extraordinary images . A super-telephoto lens that far exceeds the human field of vision is one of the lenses that many people who have an interchangeable lens camera want next. However, general super-telephoto lenses are surprisingly expensive, heavy and bulky, making them difficult to carry around. The Tokina SZ PRO series brings together the technologies cultivated by the Tokina brand and applies the technology of a reflecting telescope, making it extremely lightweight and compact, and at a price that even beginners can easily afford.



■ Features

<The super-telephoto world at an affordable price.> Lineup of 300mm, 600mm, and 900mm >

Super telephoto lenses are heavy and bulky. The ” SZ PRO ” series, which overturns that concept, can be easily stored in a bag and taken out quickly. With Tokina’s technology, which has been researching mirror lenses for many years, we want you to easily create experiences that go beyond human vision and enjoy the expansion of photographic expression. This lens was developed with that in mind.

<Overwhelmingly lightweight and compact>

The ” SZ PRO ” series, which appeared this time , has a total length of 168 mm even at 900 mm , which is surprisingly compact compared to optical lenses with the same focal length. At 300mm , it is as compact as a can of coffee. An MF lens that overcomes the problem of being bulky and heavy to carry around with super-telephoto lenses . No need to carry bulky luggage. The ” SZ PRO ” series allows you to carry it in your bag or attach it to your camera and go out to shoot with ease .

< Compatible with 3 mounts>

This ” SZ PRO ” series was developed for APS-C format mirrorless cameras . Compatible with Sony E – mount, FUJIFILM X – mount, and Canon EF-M- mount, this lineup is suitable for entry-level to high-end cameras.

■ Everyday scenery becomes a drama

The real pleasure of a super-telephoto lens is the “expansion of vision.” If you replace the field of view of the human eye with a camera lens, it is said that the focal length is about 50mm ( full-frame equivalent ) , so you can take pictures that you cannot experience with the human eye. That’s the interesting thing about super-telephoto lenses.


 [Enjoy unreality with “compression effect”]

One of the features of a super-telephoto lens is the “compression effect” that makes the background look closer than when using a wide-angle or standard lens. This is the appearance of near objects and distant objects overlapping with no sense of perspective. By using the compression effect, there is the pleasure of being able to take unrealistic pictures even in ordinary city scenery.


[Cut out the city with “super-telephoto snap”]

300mm is a super compact size that is one size smaller than a short canned coffee (250ml) . Even when attached to a camera, it is equal to or even lighter than a standard lens and fits in a size that is easy to handle. Even with super-telephoto shots that are sensitive to blur, you can increase the shutter speed and enjoy hand-held super-telephoto snaps. It’s easy enough to go out on the town with the camera still attached.


[Make travel and sightseeing more enjoyable]

For example, you can also enjoy cutting out a part of the architecture of a tourist attraction. Relief and family crest details, which are difficult to see with the naked eye, can be greatly enlarged and clearly captured.


[Capturing unique moments of animals]

Recommended for those who like animals. At a zoo, where animals are at a distance, standard lenses tend to produce unsatisfactory images. You can shoot interesting scenes by magnifying the image with a super-telephoto lens.


[To accompany walks and hikes]

The mirror lens has a lightweight and compact design that makes it highly portable, making it easy to bring along for a short walk in the neighborhood park or riverbed, or for hiking in the mountains. I quickly shoot the subjects I encounter at that time, such as plants, wild birds, and distant views of the city from the mountains. The usual course is also exciting with a super telephoto lens.



[Enjoy beautiful ring bokeh]

If you shoot sunlight filtering through trees or reflections on the surface of water, you can capture the ring-shaped bokeh that is unique to a mirror lens. There are lenses where the ring bokeh ring is cut off, but this time the three mirror lenses are designed to achieve a neatly connected ring. You can enjoy the beautiful ring of light.


[Quality without compromising macro]

It is designed not only for long-distance shooting, but also for close-up shots. While there are few telephoto lenses suitable for macro photography, the maximum shooting magnification is 0.4x , which is sufficient for macro photography.


[Manual focus that realizes the wishes of the photographer]

” SZ PRO ” series is manual focus. The focusing ring rotates 270° , which is close to the rotation angle of a movie lens, so you can follow the pin sharply. It is also designed to be suitable for shooting in which the composition is firmly made with a place pin, such as shooting railways and airplanes.


■ Main specifications

[ Tokina SZ 300mm PRO Reflex F7.1 MF CF ]

  • Body size: maximum diameter Φ61mm x total length 74.5mm
  • Supported formats: APS-C
  • Lens construction: 8 elements in 8 groups
  • Filter size: Φ46mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.92m
  • Maximum magnification: 1/2.5
  • Focusing method: Manual focus (front lens extension method)
  • Weight: about 235g
  • Hood: MH-461

[ Tokina SZ 600mm PRO Reflex F8 MF CF ]

  • Body size: maximum diameter Φ88.6mm x total length 125mm
  • Supported formats: APS-C
  • Lens construction: 8 elements in 8 groups
  • Filter size: Φ77mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.77m
  • Maximum magnification: 1/2.5
  • Focusing method: Manual focus (front lens extension method)
  • Weight: about 545g
  • Hood: MH-775

[ Tokina SZ 900mm PRO Reflex F11 MF CF ]

  • Body size: maximum diameter Φ96.1mm x total length 168mm
  • Supported formats: APS-C
  • Lens construction: 7 elements in 7 groups
  • Filter size: Φ86mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 2.61m
  • Maximum magnification: 1/2.5
  • Focusing method: Manual focus (front lens extension method)
  • Weight: about 725g
  • Hood: MH-861