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Ken Rockwell: X PRO 1 beats the M9 as best digital camera ever.


The video on top has been made by Kai form Digitalrev and compares the three hottest cameras of the moment, the Fuji (of course), the Olympus E-M5 and Sony NEX-7. All three are on top of the Amazon sales rankings (here it is).

Of course this is a very personal statement made by Ken Rockwell (Click here) made it’s nice to read it anyway: “World’s Best Digital Camera? It’s been the LEICA M9 since 2009, and the X-Pro1 just might take that crown away from the M9. We’ll see. The M9 wins because it makes great images and handles well, even if the M9 is noisy and klunky compared to a real LEICA, but the X-Pro1 seems to offer the same or better image quality, with the same brilliant simplicity, with a body design that’s 60 years ahead of the primitive LEICA M9.

Mike Kobal (Click here) made a short NEX-7 versus Fuji X PRO 1 comparison.