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Ken Rockwell loves the X-E1 and says you don’t need the X PRO 1 anymore.


It’s not a secret that Ken Rockwell (Click here) likes Fuji cameras. He writes about the X-E1: “I see no more reason for the old Fuji X-Pro1, unless you’re really addicted to the optical finder. Everything else about the X-E1 appears to be superior, with a built-in flash and less size and weight, for less money. I returned my X-Pro1 because its finder had a defective design that rendered it out-of-focus unless you bought an external diopter for it. I’m hoping this is fixed in the X-E1.

The question now is, if the X-E1 is better than the X-Pro1 than are we going to see a new X PRo 2 anytime soon?

The Black X-E1 with 18-55mm kit lens still on top of the Amazon rankings!