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About Kaizen, the (Disappointing) Fujifilm X-T20 Firmware… and the Sexiest Fujifilm Camera Ever Made, the X-E3


Fujifilm X-E3

So, Jordan gave FujiRumors a shout-out on the latest TheCameraStoreTV live stream, saying he thinks the X-E3 is the sexiest camera Fujifilm has ever designed and that I can publish this statement on Fujirumors. Well Jordan, just done :)

TCSTV starts talking about the X-E3 at minute 26:50 of this video.

Fujifilm X-E3: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

Fujifilm Firmware Updates

TheCameraStoreTV dedicated their latest live stream mainly to the topic “firmware updates”, and they mention also the firmware updates for Fujifilm cameras. They praise Fujifilm’s Kaizen philosophy, but Jordan also adds a consideration/specualtion, which I would like to highlight today here on FujiRumors.

Jordan was talking about the X-Pro2 (min. 9:00), and about how, at launch, it had no 4K video, despite being capable of it*, simply because Fujifilm did not consider video shooters to be the target of the X-Pro2. They also mention the lack of tethering, which will also come to the X-Pro2 with firmware ver. 4.00 in December 2017.

The question now is: why didn’t Fujifilm give us tethering and 4K on the X-Pro2 right at its launch?

At min 09:57 Jordan speculates:

My chief concern is that I would hate see companies hold back features at launch, so that they can make a big splash when they announce a big firmware update later, and give that camera a second life of marketing

So is Fujifilm doing this on purpose? Jordan and Chris clearly say “we don’t know“. It’s just a speculation they make.

X-T20 Firmware… Why not on Par with X-E3?

And speaking of firmware updates…

As you know, in November, the X-T20 will get a nice little firmware update, which will allow you to use the touch screen also in EVF mode.

But I wonder, why won’t the X-T20 get also the improved AF-system, the RGB color histogram and the live view highlight alert already present in the Fujifilm X-E3?

  • Maybe Fujifilm just wants to “help” X-E3 sales at its launch by giving it, for now, a little “firmware advantage” over the X-T20. And who knows, maybe, sometimes in 2018, when X-E3 sales slow down, they can give to the X-T20 a second marketing life with a Kaizen firmware update that brings it on the par with the X-E3.
  • Maybe it’s not so easy for Fujifilm to pack the X-E3 firmware into the X-T20 and Fujifilm has to do some extra coding work… hence, they need more time.
  • Maybe it’s not possible… for whatever reason

Anyway, I would like every Fujifilm camera to be always packed with everything possible as soon as possible. No camera should be “castrated” via software for market (or marketing) reasons. So if possible, whenever it’s ready (if that’s even possible), please Fujifilm, bring the X-T20 on par with the X-E3.


  • Fuji Guy Billy said here that “the X-Pro2 is over-engineered and a lot of potential is not harnessed yet”, and he teased new firmware updates
  • Fuji Guy Billy said here that “4K in X-Pro2 is possible. I’m fighting with Japan for that”