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Just Another Fuji Convert, From Trying Every Other System



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guest post by Serge –

There are many posts about people switching to the Fuji system, and this is just another, which hopefully is a testament to the direction of the brand.

I’ve tried, extensively, and full-frame always – Nikon, Canon, Sony, and even Leica. For my uses, which is semi-professional, Fuji is perfect. The system hits the sweet spot of IQ and joy of use. Just as a famous street photographer once said during a workshop, best camera is the one that doesn’t get in the way, is the way i feel about Fuji.

I switched to Fuji when X-Pro 2 came out and quickly acquired fuji 16mm f1.4 23mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 52mm f1.2 and 90mm f2. I love primes and Fuji’s size to quality hits the perfect spot for me. I don’t miss full frame, or the added weight (and the cost of everything :)). Did i mention how quiet and smooth the X-Pro2 shutter is?

And of course, here are some pictures!

I’m glad to have found the system for me!

My name is Serge ( and i’m a Philadelphia based photographer

Thank you for looking

Street Photography

fuji2 fujistreet-16-of-23

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Music Festivals

sia18-of-72 aurora grace-potter-8-of-72 yeasayer_youngmagic-13-of-16 panorama1-30-of-72 panorama1-24-of-72 lindsey-sterling-1 panorama1-37-of-72-1

and just personal work

image3 image19 image2 image5