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Jared Polin Fujifilm X-T2 Real World Review


Jared Polin (more of a DSLR guy) used the Fujifilm X-T2 for the first time, and he took the Fujifilm X-T2 out for a real shoot. In his 48 minutes long video (which for a large part shows Jared at work, with no commentary on the X-T2) he says amongst the others:

  • he’s not used to the old school controls – aperture, shutter and ISO on dials – so he must get used to it
  • he loves the EVF. It makes shooting so much easier
  • he misses the touch screen
  • the X-T2 shoots super fast and the focus is pretty lightning quick, also in continous. DSLR still better in continous, though.
  • he likes that when he’s shooting at 8 or 11 fps, quick bursts, it’s great, because there is no mirror black out, because there is no mirror in the camera, so he never loses sight of what he’s shooting

Starting from 31:14 Frono checks the files on the computer and adds more considerations to the camera

  • better to use with grip for better handling
  • he doesn’t like the menu system and you need to get used to it
  • batteries are pretty good, and don’t drain as fast as in Sony cameras
  • you have to get used a bit to the focus modes
  • great lens options

See the full video at Jared Polin Youtube

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