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Iridient Developer now with X-A1 support + Rico’s shootout update X-A1 vs X-M1


 photo iri_zps1dffcb23.png

Version 2.3 of Iridient Developer is available now! Brian told me that the latest version of his software:

“includes support for the Fujifilm X-A1 and also adds support for automatic chromatic aberration corrections based on RAW image information for almost all recent Fujifilm cameras (all the X-Trans models plus many others like the XF1, X10, F900EXR, HS50EXR, HS35EXR, SL1000, etc). This release fixes a Fuji related bug with DNG image converted from some of the EXR sensor models. Most all of the recent Fujifilm models now have all RAW lens corrections (distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting) enabled by default.”

The new version can be downloaded here.

The full release notes for this and all previous version are available here.

X-A1 vs X-M1 Shootout update

Rico didn’t lose any time and already updated his X-A1 vs X-M1 Shootout with the latest version of Iridient. Check it out on Flickr here. Feel free to leave a comment about what some call “the best X-Trans converter software” up to date.