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Iridient Developer 2.2 update released


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Version 2.2 of Iridient Developer is now available for download! This release features a number of new features and improvements, particularly for the Fuji X-Trans models! I’ve already posted several articles about this software, which some consider the best for X-Trans RAF’s until now. But check it out by yourself in the following posts: thevisualexperience / thevisualexperience and dpreview / soundimageplus

New Fujifilm specific features include:
1) New support for X-M1 RAW images!
2) automatic lens distortion correction based on camera RAW metadata
3) automatic vignetting corrections based on RAW file metadata
4) a new smoother, “Soft Look” demosaic option which also fixes a bug with previous 2.1 version where enabling “Soft Look” option would result in ugly color cast issue
5) updated camera tone curve and baseline exposure to better match the camera JPEGs and other software
6) support for detailed lens model name metadata
7) support for several RAW white balance presets (tungsten, daylight and cloudy)
8) fixes for ISO gains at 3200 and 6400 (perviously images would be very dark by default at these high ISO settings)

The new Iridient Developer 2.2 release can now be downloaded here:

Full release notes for this version can be viewed here:

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P.S.: You can’t wait anymore? For $60 extra you can grab an X100S at AmazonUS via third party reseller. To have it for normal price Amazon says you have to wait from 3 to 6 weeks.

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