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How to Use ChatGPT to Create Film Simulations Recipes


Fellow Fujifilm Film Simulation member Cris created his own film simulation recipe using ChatGPT.

Today I asked ChatGPT to create a Fuji Film Recipe for the GFX50R that mimic’d Kodak Tri-X Pushed One Stop and it created me a pretty respectable emulation.

If you want to check out the results, go to the dedicated post in the film simulation group.

SonyAlphaRumors guy Andrea found this so cool that he used the ChatGPT to create his own recipe on his personal Fujifilm GFX100S. He shared the results in the video you can see above.

Good that Fujifilm cameras have so many aspects you can fine-tune directly in camera (Clarity, Grain, etc). ;)

Interestingly it works also if you ask to emulate the film on a Sony cameras. I hope Andrea will compare the results between Sony and Fuji and tell us which ones are closer to the real film.

As far as I can see from the few samples visible on the film simulation group and at Andrea’s YouTube channel, the recipe they got are different to the ones of well known Fuji X Weekly.

Since there are many people and websites offering film simulations recipes (for example OneCameraOneLens), maybe the software looks at all film simulations recipes with the same name and makes a mix out of them, or maybe it really just guesses the best settings based on the characteristics of the film.

I don’t know how it works, but it’s curious you can create such simulations also via ChatGPT.

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