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Nissin i60 and Nissin i40 High Speed ​​Sync Firmware Update for Fujifilm Cameras Available


According to a Nissin distributer in the Netherlands (and to some more feedback I got from FR-readers), the firmware update for the Nissin i40 and Nissin i60 flashes is available now to enable HSS for Fujifilm cameras.

To get the update you will have to send in the units to them.

I waited to share the news, until it’s official on Nissin’s website, but now that a distributor asks customer to send in their Nissin gear for update, I recommend you to contact an official Nissin Service Center.

Firmware updates for the Nissin Air 1 and Nissin DI700 will be available in mid June.

Here is the news at the Dutch distributer (google translated)

Press Release – Click READ MORE

Yes, he’s there: the firmware update that enables High Speed ​​Synchronization on the Nissin i60A and i40 flashes for Fuji! Do you want to use the HSS function? Then we can update your flash. The procedure is as follows:

For consumers

Fill in the form on our website to return the flash to us. After filling in, an address label will appear. Paste it on the box, and do not forget to post the box sufficiently! Updating the flash is free, but the shipping charge of the flash to us is for your account. We will charge the return shipping fee.
Do not you see a mailing label after filling out the form? Then send your flashes to:

Attention: Add a note to the flashes with your own address so we know who we need to return the flash (s)!

The process of updating and sending takes about 1 week. Can not you miss your flash for so long? Then you can come along with us; We update the flash (s) than on site for you. First, make an appointment with us!

Note: The firmware update for the Di700A flash and the Air 1 commander is not yet available! We expect this half of June. Sending this flash or commander does not make sense!