Gold Award: X100S review at dpreview


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The long awaited DPR review of the X100S is finally online. Take your time go through the 20 pages here. The overall score is of 81%… but don’t worry, the image quality is excellent, the lens is very sharp, the viewfinder rocks, the JPEG’s are amazing, the built-in ND filter has little or no negative impact on image quality… but it has an “unexciting video mode, clunky ergonomics, so-so audio and occasional moiré issues“, “only one-step magnification option in EVF/LCD live view mode” no face-detectionAF and some more CONS you can read at the conclusions here. But as the reviewer said at the end:

“The only thing about it which feels wrong, and outmoded is the video feature, but let’s be honest – that’s not why you’re reading this review. Despite some minor annoyances, the X100S wins our coveted gold award. Sorry it took so long!”

Some of the CONS could be fixed in future firmware updates. Wouldn’t it be nice, for example, to have face-detectionAF? So let’s address to Fuji our suggestions for further improvements on the X100S in the comments!

have a great day

Fuji X100S: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

  • SmartAlec

    Contrast curve is cranked up on the X100S jpegs. I still prefer the X100 jpegs – more subtle output.

    • should be possible to change that in the settings (film simulation + highlights/shadows setting)

      • SmartAlec

        As a custom setting? But what a PITA !

        • Calking

          It’s a higher-end camera, not a P/S running on Program Auto all the time. How hard is it to set a custom setting in a menu for pete’s sake. sheesh.

          • SmartAlec

            It was perfectly fine settings on the X100 – why change it? is my point. Get a grip.

          • No, it wasn’t.

  • Ulf

    Yes, face detection would be very convenient – if you take pictures of your toddler, that can make the difference … And I’m sure it won’t hurt any souls ;-)

    • Rich


  • Alex

    +1, totally agree

  • Gil

    Fuji – please add face detection (I would settle for phase detection for snappy shooting) to the next x-e1s\x-e2 camera.
    I would gladly buy it.

    • Lucas Mall

      Queue a whole heap of Pro Hipsters who don’t want face detection because they are too professional.

      The price of the x100s is astronomical compared to Nikon and Canon cameras. Even entry level full frames compare to the x100s in cost.

      • Not with a lens though. And the only really comparable full frame is the RX1. Standard DSLRs are priced so low as bait, to make you buy expensive glass later. Especially the cheap FF bodys. As you can imagine that is not a good strategy for the X100s. But if you like them better, just get a Canikon. ;)

        • Lucas Mall

          I’d chose the 40mm pancake for a small extra free.

          And to have an interchangeable lens system…. 6d…. for a few hundred more that x100s…… so much better value.

          • Different use for a 6d and x100s.
            Disclaimer: Switched from a D90 + 4 lenses to X-E1 with 18-55 and loving it.

          • Nik

            IF size isn’t a factor to you. For a great many people carrying something as big as the 6D is a non starter. And yes you can partially negate that with the 40mm, but that’s the only lens of that size for the camera, so again if size matters you the interchangeability of the lenses is pointless.

      • Oh, and good luck finding a decent pancake 35mm/2.0 (or if you want the same DOF something like a 2.8) for your full frame for no money. ;)

      • Calking

        Which Nikon – the Nikon A? Don’t think so.

        • Lucas Mall

          Canon 40mm pancake can be snatched for $160. Excellent optic.

          Canon 6D is commonly $1500 new on eBay.

          Full Frame. Movie Mode that actually works . GPS. Excellent WiFi control.

          • I wonder why you are sneaking around here, complaining, while your perfect camera is already out there. I guess you really want a X100s after all.

          • Roeder

            Ok, you hate the Fuji cameras for their lack of “usable” features. We get it. Go buy the 60D already. If you’re waiting for someone to agree with you that it’s a better option, it might not happen.

            60D is a fine camera. It feels and operates NOTHING like an X-series camera.

            You want all the 60D features in the X-series? Oh well. You may have to wait. Maybe forever.

            Or you can buy the 60D and go start shooting.

            Happy trails.

  • JimParanoia

    I bought a x100s just 4 days ago and since now I have taken A LOT of photos. This camera is so good!
    But I am waiting for a little firmware improvements. An AF with face detection should be good, and also manual controls on video (but really, video isn’t so bad. Recorded an interview under Astia settings and loved it).

    There are few minor quirks that should be ironed with a patch. For example, a pair of voices in Italian menù are messed up (switched menù in English and all well).

    • Lucas Mall

      I’m balancing out the “ditch your slr” brainwashing with some reality.

      • Roeder

        There is no brainwashing. For some people, switching systems works. For some it doesn’t. Some people shoot only with a phone. Some still shoot film.

        I have a X-Pro1, an old Yashica rangefinder, a D7000 and an F100. Got rid of my D3. (bought the Fuji and two lenses with the cash from just the D3 body)

        I love (and loved) ALL of those cameras, for different reasons.

        Go take some pictures.

  • mike

    From dpreview

    “Our tests show that the X100S clips to black more suddenly than previous X-Trans cameras though, giving about two stops less dynamic range in the shadows…. Fujifilm has confirmed that ”  

    no good news

    • Calking

      that’s what post processing software is for. shoot raw and adjust the shadow detail.

    • But if you read on…

      “…both shadow and highlight tone can be tweaked for more or less contrast in these areas, which allows you to get things just the way you want them, in JPEG mode.

      Compared to its peers, the X100S offers a more or less equivalent dynamic range in the highlights (where, arguably, it matters most) and in real-world use, the shadow contrast tweak is not noticeable when comparing the X100S with its competitors.”

      So this is basically just a decision for the in camera raw processing and can certainly be changed by the user.

  • Gustav Montagnais

    The number one request to Fuji, and this concerns all their cameras, and really, i don’t know why more people are not talking about this, is that they should work more closely with Adobe to improve the quality of RAW files development in Lightroom. It is far from optimal at this point (you can see the differences in other software and even their own latest version of silkypix is better) and holding Fuji X-Trans sensors back. Make this your priority as it will improve the results across multiple cameras. Thank you.

    • Mike




    • Mike

      my iphone has facedetect….my super expensive x100s no.

  • Eric

    What would be great for the X100s, would be telephoto converter. As we have a 28mm, why not a 50 mm f2.8 or a 70 mm f4 converter ? This wouldn’t canibalize XPRO1, designed for different purpose, and this would improve versatility X100s’ dramatically !

  • Alex

    My cameras have all have face detection, even the Mamiya RZ67 with 20 years, it is built-in in the idiot holding the camera hoping for a good shot. :)

    I was thinking while reading this “What the hell is face detection?!” I had to google to find out that… Seriously, will you trust your camera to focus automatically on faces? I also found out how many recent great point and shoot cameras have that feature. Just get one compact for that and you will be happy. I guess fuji was not targeting the market sector that uses this kind of features…

    I guess another good feature would the “shot detection”, it will take the picture in the “decisive moment” when the emotional tension is at its zenith!


    • Calking

      Thanks for posting something this sensible. People want to consider themselves “photographers” then get all teary-eyed when they can’t run their $1200 cameras on auto-pilot. As you said, there ARE cameras for that kind of thing.

      I’m sure at some point Fuji will cave to the P/S crowd who can’t be bothered to focus and reframe with their high-end goods. We’ll have a firmware update that’ll send the minions into a panic and there goes the neighborhood again.

      Here — let me save someone the time:

      “They SHOULD have put face detection in the X100 for cryin out loud! I predict many would-be fuji customers will be very upset at this and will look elsewhere….”

      AH HAHAHAHA……. bs. pfft.

    • Markus


  • Video is the reason I’m with the sony nex system rather than the fujifilm X system. If FujiFilm had equivalent video features as the nex system, I’d switch in a heartbeat.

    • MJr

      Didn’t Fuji partner with Panasonic ? They have a GH3 (and soon GX7) with great vid ..

  • SunGlass

    Let’s get rid of the bloody video thing. How many photographers buy a X100S for its video capabilities? I never used it, never will. Want video? Get a camcorder or use your smartphone!

    • A lot of us need the smallest camera that can do the highest quality video and photography in one body. I combine photography and video when doing short films and my style is very minimal. My current system is the Sony Nex 7 because it full fills both needs but the lens range it has is very limiting. Fujifilm has the great lenses that I need but it can’t do video. They’d get me on board if they focused on making that function as good as their competitors. Carrying around a separate video a camera and a separate photography camera when one light camera is capable of doing both extremely well is not the ideal setup..

    • A lot of us need the smallest camera that can do the highest quality video and photography in one body. I combine photography and video when doing short films and my style is very minimal. My current system is the Sony Nex 7 because it full fills both needs but the lens range it has is very limiting. Fujifilm has the great lenses that I need but it can’t do video. They’d get me on board if they focused on making that function as good as their competitors. Carrying around a separate video a camera and a separate photography camera when one light camera is capable of doing both extremely well is not the ideal setup..

    • Agree. Fuji, put your limited resources elsewhere – like a face detection, for example (some event photographers need it, me included), or improving AF (according to dpreview, a hybrid AF of X100s is still considerably slower than best of the breed in CDAF league, which is shame). Just drop this whole thing.

      Oh, and for god’s sake, don’t ever add a dedicated video button to the X-line cameras!

      PS: @rishio, you need a GoPro Hero3 8-)

      • X-M1, XF1 and IIRC X-S1 have dedicated video buttons, so I am entirely not sure what you mean with this statement…

        • Sorry, late hour, overly generalizing. I meant X-Pro2/X-E2/X200, of course.

  • LW

    As to video, I wish there’s an option to prevent the camera from changing the exposure automatically according to current scene.

  • Mike

    I have tried to compare (in dpreview site) dynamic range of (my) 5d mk2 (4 years old) vs (my) x100s.

    wow..5dmk2’s jpg continue to have a better DR yet (3 stop better in shadows area) instead x100s’s jpg

    no good

    • Calking

      Mike, just for once why don’t you compare apples to apples and then post something.

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