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We Are Going to Have FUN !!! The Fuji Year 2016 was Great… but 2017 will ROCK! Join & Enjoy FujiRumors!


Fujifilm 2017: Massive Rumors Coming
… and how you won’t miss them (New Options!)

I hear whispers… secrets, too fragile to be unveiled at this stage. But whisper can become rumors, and rumors can become facts… and when the moment comes, I will take you with me into the deepest secrets of the Fujifilm rabbit hole. I hope somebody out there will follow me in this journey… and if you do, well, then we are going to have fun! :-)

All I can anticipate now, is that the Fuji year 2016 was great for sure… but you will also love to see what hits the market in 2017 ♥. Fujifilm X100F, GFX and X-T20 as well as new lenses… and, who knows… maybe some surprises. And I’m sure of one thing: even the last folks out there, who ignored Fujifilm so far, will hear the name of the cameras we’ve learned to love so much :-)

So it will be very busy in the next few months over here… and as usual, it’s easy to miss the news, when I will share multiple posts a day. But with a few simple steps, you can make sure not to miss anything. So feel free to…

  • * NEW *: Allow Push Notifications: it’s a new feature of the blog. Whenever a new article is online, a discrete small box will pop up shortly in your browser window and notify you that there is new content up on FujiRumors. You’ll see the box appearing on the top of FujiRumors, and you can accept or deny notifications. In case you already denied, but now decided differently, just click the little ring icon on the bottom right of the browser window. Once subscribed, you can use the “ring icon” anytime to manage your subscription.
  • Join FR on Facebook – click here: If you are a facebook user, this is also a quick way to check out new content on FujiRumors. 34,000+ fellow X-fans already joined FR on facebook, and the discussion in the comments there are just as lively as here on the blog. And every now and then, I also share some little personal tidbits on facebook… like my crowdfunding mission on the streets to earn the money I need for the GFX (which I badly want), pictures of what I teach at school or some little tidbits and images from my holidays… and more.
  • Join FR on Twitter – click here: One of the best ways to scroll through the Whirlwind of Rumors.
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  • Fuji X Forum – click here: Another friendly space where all the rumors are shared and discussed.
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stay tuned…

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