[UPDATE: old vs new firmware] GET IT NOW: the new firmware is here! download, test and share your findings on Fujirumors!


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Does it keep what it promises? Faster and more accurate AF? And how does it feel to use, finally, the focus peaking on the X-E1 (ver. 2.00) and X-PRO1 (ver. 3.00)?

Download, test it and leave your feedback in the comments.

Click here to download the firmware for the body and lenses. (it could be necessary to delete your browser cache)

merry X-day

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  • Gaffman

    My feedback is that so far it looks like the update is available for the X-Pro1 but not X-E1 at this time. I’ll wait a little longer I suppose. I guess its fair the original X-Pro users get first bite at the new stuff.

    • patrick

      it’s available also for the X-E1… delete the browser cache

      • chris

        In our area, X-E1 was posted at 10pm, and X Pro1 was posted on 11pm, Actually, it was at Fuji Global site.
        I updated all, body and 2 lenses of my X Pro1, A lot quicker for AF then before. The new feature of Peak Highlight is great for manual lenses. I found the high or low feature of this feature have not much big difference. I have to re-check it again.

  • Baker

    Refresh the updates page, the XE-1 updates are there, but if you’ve already checked the page earlier, it may try and load a cached version of the page for you. They’re live now and being hit pretty hard, it would appear, the DL speeds are considerably slower than normal.

  • Bo

    Updated with peaking for the X-E1. Focus in low light with 35mm 1.4R is faster. I will test it out tomorrow under day light.

  • Brad Morris

    Just upgraded my X-E1 and 35/1.4 to the new Firmware versions (X-e1 v2.0 and 35/1.4 v3.0) and i see very good and accurate AF in lowish light. (Metered ISO 2000, 1/52, f1.4). A noticable improvement over the previous firmware version.

    While not quite as snappy as a Pro level SLR, The camera snaps to focus fast enough to take away that sometimes frustrating cant focus feeling. it is certainly good enough for my needs. I have yet to experience an AF failure in my admittedly limited testing. That would not have been the case with the old version firmware.

    I also tried Focus peaking in High mode and it makes manual focus an absolute breeze with the 35 when zoomed in to the x3 focus assist mode.

    The zoom in assist mode now will alternate between x10 and x3 with each click of the control wheel no matter what direction you turn the wheel and works quite well too.

  • Gaffman

    Touche clever chaps :) downloading now.

  • Iullian

    I installed the update for X-E1 and made a quick test for focus peaking. What I liked: it worked in dim-light with a softer lens (SLR Magic 23/1.7) wide open. What I liked even more: the focus peaking works even in magnified viewfinder mode. What I disliked (maybe is just me – I have to test more) – the focus peaking doesn’t seem to be critical spot on when not in magnified mode. As I said, I just have to test more and get used to. And yes, different colors for focus peaking are a must.

    • Jon R

      lullian, focus peaking even on the Sony NEX cameras isn’t 100% accurate to be sure you normally have to check a magnified view.

  • Ishan


    focussing with my lovely 60mm Macro is much better in lowlight :-)


  • Steve B

    Significant improvement in locking on horizontal contrast. I would get red box after red box before this update, now it locks on consistently, even in very low light. What an improvement!!

  • Markus

    ..shame it’s such sunny weather today ;-), no AF problems today. Peaking is good, have to test it this week. As always, thanks for the notification.

  • Chadwick

    Thank you Fuji ! I would pay to get this update, it is that good =)

  • focus

    Focusing is noisier with the 35mm and 14mm but doesn’t really matter because of the improved performance.

    Thank you Fuji!

  • Gaffman

    Updated 14mm, 35mm and 60mm on X-E1… love love love. Decent amount of indoor lighting here but solid locks very quickly using both standard AF and back button AF.

    Actually the combination now of using back button AF whilst in manual with the peaking enabled is awesome… should be hard to miss focus now.

    Peaking does disappear though when you half press the shutter, slightly annoying… must get used to doing a full press mash.

  • hi everyone,
    just updated x-e1 firmware and 35mm / 18-55mm zoom.
    much improved focus grabbing speed and focus peaking is great.
    thank you fuji.


  • Jon R

    I just updated as well. Focus speed on 35mm f1.4 seems to be a lot faster. The improvement on it seems better than on the 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 but I’m seeing improved focus speed in both lenses. Focus peaking is good though it would be easier if Fuji had implemented red and yellow colors as well like in the Sony NEX version of focus peaking. The nice part of focus peaking is that it seems also works while using the magnified view.

    • deng

      They are working on additional colors.

    • Scott

      Im sure They had to work around Sony’s patents? Is why peaking didn’t show up sooner? and why it has no color now. We know they can do it!

      • ferrera

        Peaking is not Pantent of Sony

        I think this function was intentionally hidden by Fuji, and release it now as an upgrade to X-E1 etc, to lengthen it’s product life

        • chris

          You are right, it is their marketing philosophy. Those bought it and sold it, because of the AF in the past, regret ?

  • Long

    Updated my lens but i am having difficulty upgrading the body..copied the firmware update and it says no firmware found..Help please

    • chris

      Use an ordinary 2GB SD card, not those class 10, I always do that.

    • Will

      @Long please be sure that you are uploading the fpupdate.dat file and it does not say fpupdate(2).dat

      Windows automatically renames this when you have downloaded FujiFilm Software in the past.

      by renaming and removing the (2) or (1) and re uploading to the card it will fix this issue.

  • Andy

    Great news, can’t wait.
    Will I loose my menu/camera settings?
    should I be writing them down?

    • deng

      You will not lose your settings.

      • Andy

        Thanks Deng

    • Neil

      All firmware updates I’ve done on Fuji cameras including X cameras has wiped the settings except date/time.

      I haven’t personally updated an X-Pro1 or X-E1 with this update though I cannot imagine the process would be any different. I expect all settings will be reset to default in the same way as doing a Shooting Menu/Set Up Menu reset..

  • Alex

    Great improvement of AF on dim light with 35mm and 18-55mm,no more red box. The peaking is too bare to me, Sony Nex’s peaking is much more visible.

    • Cinders

      I agree. I’m having to sell my XE-1 and I bought a NEX-3n as a cheap replacement, so I have both to test, and I can barely see the XE-1’s peaking, but the NEX’s is super clear. I’m sure a different color would help, but the NEX is better for peaking.

      The XE-1 is a much better all around camera though. I’m going to miss it.

  • Xmas

    According to the new lens road map the 23mm 1.4 is definitely a new smaller design! If you compare directly with the last image its significantly smaller. I love my x100 but an X-E1 with 23mm 1.4 thats not much bigger overall than the x100 is a very exciting prospect!

  • Long

    anyone having trouble with updating the body..I upgraded the lens but it wont let me upgrade the body..

    • Soiz

      perhaps the download of the firmware was not complete. Does your downloaded file have the same size as indicated on the homepage (36,5 mb)? If not, try the download again.

    • Roeder

      Start from scratch.

      Format a fresh card in the camera. Don’t even take a single pic to it, pull it out of the camera and put it in your card reader. Make sure you go to the download page and refresh your browser, and re-download the body firmware. Copy ONLY the body firmware to the card on your computer (make sure nothing else is on there) and try again.

    • Lelle

      And make sure the filename is FWUP0001.DAT and Not FWUP0001 (1).DAT

      • lol

        yup! that did it for me. The previous update was in the same folder so had to delete (1)

  • brec

    X-Pro1 and 35mm 1.4
    just updated and it looks like it’s AF is just a weee bit faster, but a lot better when it comes to accuracy – which is good.
    I don’t expect much out of a firmware upgrade so I’m positively surprised when I get more consistency.

    I work as a photographer and on jobs I shoot a lot of data. So glad to have a small system with just the right file size and great glass. If the X-Pro2 comes out and is overall snappier, I’ll get one instantly.

  • I think there is a bug in the OVF – the OVF only displays AF, Aperture & Time – but no Grid or horizont or histogram or anything else anymore – i did a full reset, but it doenst work anymore – anyone else?

    • sidtw

      yes, that’s right, grid is gone.

      I also can’t see or activate
      – Framing Guidline
      – Histogram
      – Film simulation info
      – Dynamic range info
      – Frames Remaining
      – Image Size/Quality
      – Battery Level

      • deng

        – when looking through the ovf press disp/back button to enable custom display settings
        – disable ovf power save mode

    • Martin

      Works fine for me. Push the Disp/Back button while in OVF mode that changes from standard to user defined config.

    • It’s still there on my camera!

      Make sure you go into the MENU, down to red MENU number 4 – go to menu item “DISP. CUSTOM SETTING” –> OVF –> and there just mark what you’d like in you OVF.

      After that, also remember to press the “DISP BACK” button while in OVF mode until you see the OVF set up you’d like.

    • Alex

      Hit DISP BACK button on the back of the camera with camera on.

      • Thank You for you all for your reply, I will try later – will surely work ;-)

  • Did the update – while still nowehere near as fast or snappy as a pro-dslr, its a nice improvement. And it seems to have a far higher sucess rate of locking focus in low light or low-contrast subjects. I use the 35mm 1.4.

    As for the Focus Peaking…hm…not shure about it, i think it needs a little practice to be mastered correctly, as for the moment i get better resuslts witout it.

    • chris

      You have a wrong concept, it is not a SLDR, this camera is for good image quality, not for action.

  • Roeder

    Upgraded X-Pro1, 35mm, and 18-55mm all to v.3.0

    Focus peaking: rocks.

    35mm and 18-55mm: snappier and more ACCURATE focus, especially in dim light. I tested before and after with the dining room dimmer set to about half, (metered about ISO 1600, 1/52 sec at f/1.4) Both lenses are faster and less “hunty”. Focusing on less contrasty subjects and surfaces is better too.

    The 35mm seems to have more “umph” now, like the lens motor is slightly noisier and actually being driven harder. Kinda the same feeling I use to get switching a Nikon AF-S lens from my D7000 to my D3. The D3 would just drive the lens harder/faster. This feels similar. (hope this makes sense…)

    I did a quick and dirty comparison in the same dim light, and the AF on the X-pro1 blows the live view AF on the D7000 out of the water now. This used to be a closer race of turtles. Now the X-pro1 is a little closer to DSLR speeds.

    Thank you Fuji for essentially abolishing buyer’s remorse for your customers.

  • Mike

    x-pro1 AF now is fast like my x100s (too far from olympus yet, but good)

    I hope x-pro2 or x-e2 have hardware (and not software) improvement.

  • Jun Borromeo

    Fantastic! Kudos to Fuji for not obsoleting their products but actually improving them–all at no extra cost to the customer. AF much faster and more reliably accurate now. I don’t have my Nikon D700 anymore but I think the big difference could be in the speed of the motor. With the Nikon, I recall there was an audible snap-snap (as if the lens went past the correct focus then snapped quickly back to the correct focus). With the Fuji, the lens moves (slower than the Nikon) but goes straightaway to the correct focus point. That seems to be the difference that I am observing. That said, I love my XE-1 more than ever. My only regret is that I didn’t spring for the X-Pro1 which now seems no longer in need of much more improvement, if the latest firmware upgrades are an indication.

  • Martin

    With great impatience I waited for this day. I made the update for my X-Pro 1 with 18mm / 35mm / 18-55mm. All new functions work perfectly and improvements are significant. Fujifilm: Superb, wonderful, magnificent.

    • Phil

      I`m finding my 18-55 hunts a bit when the zoom is extend.
      Are you having this problem?

      • Scott

        Likely it is the lens is slower at 55mm thats doing it, I find if the lens can’t find focus now its to dark? For me even with IS to get sharp shots.

  • ARG

    on the 18-55 in my low-lit room the focus seems a bit more confident (less hesitation). however, not as impressed with focus peaking as i was hoping — the “high” level just isn’t high enough in my opinion. still playing with it, but it’s not as visible as i was hoping.

    • Scott

      Need more time with it but AF was better then my Canon 50D an hour before the sun came up ( Blue hour ) Peaking was good but never played with it before so? Didn’t work as of yet with my MF Canon FD 35-105 but have to go to work, What a drag I want to play!

      • Scott

        Works fine with MF lenses

        • ARG

          I am using MF lenses. In EVF peaking is almost nonexistent. In LCD it’s so-so. Still not as great as Sony implementation. Slightly disappointed but it’s a step in the right direction…

  • Long

    This is the DL link on X-e1.. FWUP0001.DAT [36.5MB]..this is for ver 1.06 right and now Verison 2.. Having trouble upgrading my firmware

    • briny

      Every firmware update file has the same name.

      First, do a hard refresh of your browser to make sure you’ve got access to the latest download.

      Next, check your downloads folder to see if there’s a FWUP0001.DAT file in there left over from a prior firmware update. If there is, delete it.

      Then try the download again.

      • Long

        it worked.. thanks alot!!!!

  • Phil

    I just updated the firmware in both my lens and camera.
    Didn`t really notice any difference in focus speed or lock at all.
    Now my 18-55 is making a whirring noise as well.
    Anybody else have a noisy 18-55 now?

    • Long

      Is this is dl file FWUP0001.DAT [36.5MB]

    • Lelle

      On the contrary, my 18-55 is now dead quiet, very nice ;)

    • marco

      on the contrary actually mine is completely silent (on a XP1).
      before the update i had the hi-frequency noise coming from IS.

      actually it’s *really* silent, both IS and AF

      u must update camera and lens!

      check both are running fw 3.0

    • shadowc

      Mine 18-55 mm on X-E1 is quieter, too. Surprised. AF speed and accuracy are improved for sure. Peaking works on LCD and EVF.

  • Raphael

    I upgraded the X-E1 and 18-55, the AF does perform better except under worst case (low light low contrast). I think the AF performance on still subject is a match to my D700. The focus peaking does help a lot with my Nikon Fieldscope EDG 85, which gives me 2625mm eqv. I am very happy with the new firmware so far.

  • RobE

    Updated my X-E1, 18-55mm and the 35mm f/1.4…

    Works like a charm! This will make me not to scoop the X100s anymore. Tried both in low light and it focused well. More testing tomorrow. I also tried the new focus peaking and I only wish that it comes with different colors. I guess I just have to adapt to it.

    • patrick

      check out this… it seems that we just have to wait a bit to have more colors :)

  • Great update! Fuji shows once more to value their customers for costantinly updating their products. I think the autofocus and the peaking are really great. I don’t really use auto-focus, but it’s nice to know that if needed I can trust it. The peaking works better IMO for longer focal lenses. Since I use wide angles, without the magnification I don’t see much peaking. But this is normal, I guess. Great update!

  • I only shoot in raw. So my thinking where like this. What if I set the film simulation mode to something where the white focus peaking colors would stand out better? I think sepia works well.
    When I get home and import the images. Just make sure to update the previews in Aperture or Lightroom.

  • Just upgraded my X-E1 and the 18-55 & 60 Macro. The AF (grabbing) speed of the 18-55 improved noticeably, especially in ‘continous’ mode just sweeping over a subject results in more “in focus” shots. Nice.
    The 60 Macro is still a bit slow in comparison, but also here if you are not jumping back and forth between close and far but on the subject and figuring out which corner should be in focus you see the improved speed right away. Nice.

    To sum up: NICE !

  • Farbfoto

    Works great – better than expected. Over all I see a major improvement with the 1.4/35 – not so sure with the kit zoom lens, which is improved but not to a overall satisfying level. Need to test more and save some money for the X-Pro 2. Fuji really made it into my heart as their are continously improving the products. After more than 20 years of Canon an unknown feeling…

  • tz


    Can you tell about the diferences on the 60macro?

    some used to say it was unsusable….. How is it now on ver. 3.0?

    • I never understood that kind of comments on the 60mm. I have it since one year now, and some of my best pictures where taken with it. Yes, it is a little bit harder to use than the 35mm, because of it’s slower AF. But when you know that, you don’t use it for some specific situations.
      Despite that fact, I used it often for shooting my children, and they are way to be quite… Yes, I certainly missed more shots than with other lenses, but the managed ones are very good in terms of image quality: very accurate AF, and sharp images. And what a beautiful depth of field and bokeh…

      So, this lens is, and was, for me, very far from unusable. I own the 14mm, 35mm, 60mm, 18-55mm and the 55-200mm. And, for the results I have with it, the 60 is my favourite lens after the 35mm.

      I just tested it quickly in dim light conditions with the new firmware.
      And wow ! It’s really impressive. The AF is very reactive now.

      I think it’s “unusable lens” reputation is now over…

      • I was one of the guys calling this lens “unusable”, mostly because of this lenses habit of going all the way to the macro zone in its hunt for focus (totally ignoring the fact that the “macro” mode was off). And while it hunted, you can’t just grab the focus ring and assist that damn thing manually, so when it failed at the first try, you had to wait 3-5 seconds for the whole “where the heck is the focus” dance. Then it usually stopped hunting somewhere in macro zone, so you had to make many turns manually to get into something that looked at least remotely like a sharp image. This lens is screaming for the focus limiter!…

        Did the FW update today, jury is still out – waiting for an opportunity to use it on a real shoot. So far I can say that it definitely focuses faster in bad light, it grabs low contrast better, and focus peaking is a huge plus.

        BUT it still goes on extended leave hunting for focus sometimes, and it performs that goddamn shamanic “focus dance” all over again. I’ll see how often it does it compared to the previous FW and report back in a few days, when I have more data.

  • Raist3d

    AF on XF35mm F1.4 improved noticeably. Zoom kit lens- subtle improvement. Need to try tomorrow under daylight.

  • Jae

    still waiting for another firmwear update on X-pro 1 to add shutter speed limitation while auto-iso enabled, which is my any many x-pro 1 users’ most desired function. what you guys think?

  • djacob

    Just updated..works great! Love the easy of focus peaking & the AF is much improved. A big thank you to Fuji.

  • Anton

    Nice job Fuji, but what i really want them to do is to add face detection feature. It takes time to move fokus point all the time to correct position and because of that lots of pictures were missed. Face detection is must have feature for camera like that! Really hope that next update will bring us this feature.

  • Chris

    Simply one of the worst implementing of focus peaking I’ve ever used, once again fuji release another half baked product, but furthermore they were better off simply waiting another few more weeks and releasing peaking with additional colour options.

    AF is slightly better, not nothing noticeably

    Waste of a 30mb download

    • lukas

      I’m so sorry for you Chris,

      I assume you probalby have a very frustrating life right now.

      The only thing I read from you is complaining about this, complaining about that…

      I think it will be the best if you leave the fuji world and change to any other brand. There are many great companies out there like sony, olympus or whatever.

      I think you will be happier…and we as well.

      • yitwave

        Yeah if you go to sony or olympus or canon, you can live in the world of no firmware updates and therefore 0 expectations and then 0 dissapointments! Then you can buy a new camera each time for each update!

        0 disappointments & more chances to spend money!

        • c0ldc0ne

          Odd, then I must have imagined those updates for my E-M5 plus lenses…

      • tim

        Except that Chris is right.

        There was an update last month, and now, and apparently another in a month or two. So why waste our time with all this updating?

        The only way to be happy with this is to have low expectations. And then its left to those with their objectivity remaining, or who are not so easily appeased, to point out these shortcomings.

        • yitwave

          So you are saying that Fuji should delay releases of updates so that they are meaningful enough to your standard before updating. So that means withholding updates for others who want the latest and greatest changes.

          You know you can also NOT update the camera. You can wait for the objective full review from DPreview on firmware 3.0 before updating to save your 30mbs of data download. No one is forcing you to do anything.

          Clearly there are many here that are enjoying the update right now, and don’t need to be held back by poeple who have limited data plans or something.

        • deng

          Lukas, why buying the camera if you are not happy with it to begin with?

          I’ve bought the X-Pro1 knowing its shortcomings and after testing if it’s suitable to my needs.
          Any improvements after that are just a bonus for me.

          • deng

            Tim not Lukas :)

        • Chris

          I’m not a deluded fan boy thats going to suck up Fuji’s ass and call it yummy chocolate.

          But once again why bother to bring out focus peaking when they already said another update with more colors and options is coming out very soon? seems utterly stupid.

          I’m a customer that laid down a fair bit of cash on the system and somewhat annoyed that it’s taken a year to implement features that should’ve been there from day one.

          All the AF improvements which have been dramatic are wonderful but it makes me SERIOUSLY question what the hell the engineers were doing when they first designed the camera and why the AF and MF wasn’t properly optimised and working in the beginning, it smacks of a rushed half baked product being brought to the market.

          Fan boys and Fuji may call it Kaizen I call it stockholm syndrome and laziness.

          • deng

            Mostly because that how the market works.
            No AF system at the beginning was perfect.

            It took Olympus a few iterations of bodies and lenses to do it somewhat right.

            At least with Fuji they are trying to improve even with existing bodies and lenses while other manufacturers just push upgraded hardware, is it bad?

            As for the imminent update – no way it’s coming before October, I will use the improvements they pushed so far – til then.

          • Aureole

            Why there is Windows 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8? and some more you have to pay for each of them?
            Why there is 8088,8086,…Pentium, ..i7?
            Did you realize that Fuji has release all these improvement firmware of 2 year old body, instead of implement them on a new body only?

          • Danny


          • Wayne

            I get no sense that Fuji is “lazy.” I own both NEX 7 and XE-1. I find myself, presently, in a position where I am not willing to let go of either camera/system. The Sony is an outstanding camera and includes many feature I enjoy- features missing on the XE-1. The Fuji creates image quality that the Sony cannot match- I do not understand the reason for this but know it is true….. At least to my perception. I also percieve that Fuji is working constantly, through FREE firmware updates, to address the the features that make the NEX superior in useability.

            Equipment does not have a soul; however, it can have essence. The XE-1 includes, to a greater degree, the essence of “Camera” than does the NEX 7.

            I am rapidly becoming a Fuji “Fanboy”……I am convinced.

          • specLegacy

            I would agree with you and tim if they were charging for each update. However, since they’re all free upgrades, then it’s definitely nice that they keep them coming as they’re developed, rather than holding off on new features that could be available now

          • Chris, if you were a ‘customer who laid down a lot of cash’ and are annoyed that these features weren’t there ‘from day one’…..why did you waste your money? No one but a gun to your head.

            I would prefer FW updates the way Fuji is doing them, which is quite frequently. Guess what, you don’t want to waste your time doing a FW update because they haven’t implemented colours in peaking yet…then DON’T INSTALL THE FW.

            The one thing you are right about is the peaking is half baked, definitely needs other colours. The AF with my 35mm is WAY better than before.

          • coho3

            So, basically, you are saying that any camera that comes out should be perfect from day one.

            Free incremental improvements is a bad thing apparently, according to you.

            I wonder who’s the one really deluded here.

          • Andy

            So Chris your assumption is that the more expensive something is “fair bit of cash” = closer to perfection. Then surely you should get a special edition Leica M camera then. It’s hella expensive so must be perfect! Leica’s also great coz they don’t give you any firmware updates, so you will always use manual focusing the way we did in the 50s. If Fuji firmware updates are called “laziness” then Leica is called perfection?!

            Also you bought the system a year ago thinking there were features that weren’t there. i.e .. cool let me unwrap this focus peaking camera… x-pro 1 and found there wasn’t this feature? If it was such a critical feature why didn’t you return it or sell it? it seems like you have too much money and also did too little thinking.

            Lastly the camera had fantastic IQ from day 1. This has never changed and it was always great IQ, great handling, but with AF quirks. This is like saying Olympus / Sony had great cameras which have average IQ so its half baked. Or saying Nikon has expensive lenses so they are half baked. Or saying Phase has slow AF, so its half baked. If what you mean by half baked = compromises, then you should be really disappointed in life.

          • Calking

            Chris’s comment is simply designed to inflame the masses with terms like “fuji fanboy”. Ever seen anyone so pissed off about a firmware update before? If this nincompoop was really telling the truth about how much the Fuji system sucked he would have sold it by now and would be flaming in another manufacturer’s forum.

            Anyone who knows anything about consumer products knows there is no such thing as a perfect product. But let’s put the bullet in this guy’s brain by saying that he obviously hasn’t EVER ONCE IN HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE looked at the results pro photographers have gotten from this same camera he hates so much — prior to this latest FWU.

          • sidtw

            sometimes companies decide to release a product even without having considered millions of additional quirks and options or without having tested a product under all kind of possible circumstances.
            They release a product that reached maybe 85% of what can be considered an ideal type, and then they spend some limited R&D resources for another 1-3 years to go to 95% or even more. That’s just reasonable for a big company like Fuji. They aren’t selfishness idealists reaching for the stars but a company that wants to deliver a solid product and earn lots of revenue.
            I like to see some cool updates from time to time. Until now all the updates have made my Xpro1 even better than before, so why should I complain?

      • Jim

        I agree!

    • Phil

      I was a little disappointed as well Chris,though this is the first time that I`ve ever used focus peaking. I thought you would be able to use it without the 3x magnification on.
      I didn`t notice any speed difference in the auto focus of my 18-55 at all,not that I`m complaining as for what I shoot it`s fast enough.
      Some more colours for peaking will be a welcome addition,can`t wait for that.

      • JK

        You can use it without magnification. It is just not as visible as it could be. The visibility will be better when other colors are implemented.

  • RE_ViennaAT

    I recently got my XF55-200 and I have experienced the following strange behaviour.
    In autofocus mode (Focus Mode Selector S) using the Shutter Button the autofocus NEVER works, but in manual focus mode (Focus Mode Selector M) using the AF-L button the auofocus is fast and accurate.

    Has anybody else observed this behaviour?
    Have I missed anything? Is this intended?

    Updating to the latest firmware version for the body didn´t change anything and there is no new firmware for the XF 55-200 lense yet.

    • Paul

      Nope, mine works fine. Possibly a dirty lens contact? If it persists, I’d send it in for service if I were you.

    • RE_ViennaAT

      I forgot. The body is a X-E1.

    • Scott

      Is the lens is set to MF?

      • Scott

        Never mind Need Coffee there isn’t a MF switch on the lens

  • I don’t remember if that was announced but the X-E1 has the double exposures feature now.

    • Junbo

      Thanks for pointing that out. Should be a fun feature to try sometime :-)

    • Iullian

      What is that?

    • vam

      It has the double exposure function since its appearance in the stores.

    • Eugene

      X-E1 had double exposure since release.

    • YO

      It always did, that is why there was no announcement.

  • Paul

    I’m happy to report a marked improvement here as well – especially on the 35mm, the 18-55 and 55-200 seem more confident as well.

    The 35 had no trouble locking onto the thread of a car tire (quite low contrast) on my attic, which has very little daylight – metering 1/28, f/1.4, ISO 3200. Less impressed with the focus peaking though; I’m having a hard time even noticing it in broad daylight.

    Since I don’t know of any official channels for this, I’d like to thank Fujifilm for continuing to support and improve these cameras right here. This is a brilliant way to inspire brand loyalty, and makes me feel quite happy to continue spending my money on X-series products. Way to go guys!

    • yitwave

      Yeah totally agree Fuji u r No.1!…

      Now just ship the 23mm 1.4 & 56mm 1.2 and take my money!

  • Erik

    Am i the only one not seeing the focus peaking in the EVF? on the back screen it works perfectly, but does not show up at all in the EVF… is there a setting or something that i am missing? any help much appreciated!

    • I here ya. It is a bummer that it really only works on the LCD since I primarily use the EVF. Not sure why there would be a difference in implementation.

    • shadowc

      I just checked my X-E1. The peaking works fine on LCD and EVF. I am not sure what you are missing. Just check again. EVF is small and pay attation to the white-dot edge right at focus.

    • Phil

      True Eric,It`s hard to see in the EVF.
      I tried it with my Jupiter 8 50mm and it works well for portraits looking through it.
      If you use a wide etc forget it,not much chop at all.

  • julo kotus

    Sorry, I have updated both, camera and lens and I can not see any difference. Hunting seems to be even more pronounced…

    • Phil

      Agreed Julo.

    • Calking

      probably depends on what you’re asking the camera to do. If you’re thinking that the firmware update somehow adds night-time infrared capability to the existing system and you’re trying to focus in a darkened closet you won’t notice a difference or it’ll be “worse”.

      But the firmware didn’t make your cameras work less than before. good grief.

      • The biggest mistake of man could be when expects everybody to be stupid and himself the smartest.

        If there is some AF improvement, it is subtle, in some cases (not those you have mentioned) it is pumping more than before at the begining of AF process.

  • AC

    amazing update. Focus peaking is a breeze, it now even more fun to play with my M mount and OM lenses. I did a brief test with the 18-55 and I must say AF is much faster in low light. Great update. if anyone is looking for a mirrorless that you can mount your MF lenses with, this update makes Fuji X a no brainer

    • Poor thing, first think, then write… Do not expect everybody to be stupid and yourself the smartest…
      If there is some AF improvement, it is subtle, in some cases (not those you have mentioned) it is pumping more than before at the begining of AF process.

    • Sorry, my comment was in response to another comment, I answered your by mistake.

  • X–E1 1UP a life. :) Kit works fine, very subtle improvement, but it’s there. Very accurate. Focus peaking with my manual Zeiss 35/f2.4 is a godsend, and even at High settings it is very subtly visible in EVF (but on the back screen it all shines in white). I like this update a lot, and wait for more. And I have absolutely no problem spending 10 minutes of my time with upgrading my tools — sharpen the saw, upgrade the firmware, care for your craft.

  • Raz

    Focus peaking works fantastically on the rear screen of my X-E1, where bright fairly thick white lines appear around in focus areas but it’s barely visible in the EVF at all. I suspect it’s down to the higher pixel density of the EVF but seems like something Fuji should have thought of a workaround for. Is it any better on the X-Pro?

    • basiltahan

      I think that is it exactly. Higher density pixels.

      Once they change the color to red, I think it will show up very well.

  • Just updated my X-E1 and the 35mm lens. Tested it and my first impression when I turned on the camera and tried focusing it in dimly lit room; IT’S ON STEROIDS!

    The lens focuses superbly fast than it used to and even more accurately. Like some earlier posters have mentioned, it feels as if it focuses ‘smoother’ too, for the lack of a better word.

    I also noticed that there is less aperture chatter when turning on the camera.

    Focus peaking works both on the LCD and the EVF though in the latter it’s quite hard to see cause of the white outline.

  • Updated all of my bodies and lenses, noticed a substantial improvement in AF right away. Will be photographing the concert in a week, so we’ll see how it behaves in a weird light now :)

    • Just tried it with Samyang 8mm fisheye, and let me tell ya – the focus peaking on a fisheye looks quite… hallucinatory 8-)

  • He Xin


    Im in China and for some reason fujis download page is blocked by the government, been that way for some time…

    Anyone who can have mercy on me and post the firmware for xe1 and 35, 18-55? Or provide alternate link to download?

    I would be very greatfull!

    • Try using Tor (https://www.torproject.org/)
      But then your government just might call you a Western spy.

    • Scott

      And get this blocked too?

      • Scott

        FUJI have a Chines distributor webpage?

  • Hans

    What a coincidence, just when I had finished the update, my first manual lens arrived, a 50mm 1.4 Nikkor. The focuspeaking works really well, even fully open! The X-E1 got even better .. ;-)

    • Awesome! I was waiting for someone to try some old MF lenses.

    • markus

      When I read your post I put on my nikon converter and my lensbaby composer. The focusing works a lot better thanks to focus-peaking (better than on my nikon which has no focus-peaking). I’ll try my 50mm 1.4 next..

      Papa’s got a brandnew toy (again..;))

  • David


    Keep this attitude to customers and you will see wonders will happen! I was using Canon and Nikon cameras for a long time, but I am now enjoying that I have a Fuji camera. Not because your cameras are flawless, but because I see that you are working on improvements even for existing customers! This is a huge advantage for you opposed to the other manufacturers. Yes, there is still a lot to improve on your cameras, but I have to tell you that I really value your approach! And I think not only me, just see the comment of the others ;) This is the way how you can get new customers and at the same time not loose the old ones as Nikon, Sony and Canon DOES!

    • Seb

      I fully agree

  • RobertoC

    Updated on X-E1 and 35 + 18-55. Find the focus peak invisible in the EVF at 1:1, though more visible when magnified. If I focus magnified an then turn to 1:1 I may see a hint of it, but only because I know it should be present. Better on the LCD, but that’s not my standard tool. Overall, I hoped for a much better implementation.

    • I’m finding the same thing; can’t see it really on the VF of my X-E1. At 3x it’s starting to become visible but not that useful to me that way.

      • ARG

        Agreed. Slightly disappointed that peaking implementation in EVF is nowhere near as good.

    • coho3

      Other users have suggested that if you shoot in RAW, you might want to turn on film simulation modes or Sepia while using the EVF. The white focus peaking is more clearly visible when you do that. I have to go home and try it out later and see if it’s more easy to see that way.

      But yeah, I wish it was more easily visible too. I tried it out this morning. In any case, Fuji have said that future firmware will include more colors for focus peaking and it should make it much better. For now, I’ll try shooting in Sepia or other modes and see if it helps.

  • Found a low light / low contrast scene in my home. As I suspected, focus peaking is useless under such circumstances: EVF is full of artificially sharpened “snow”.

    Um… Fuji, can we have a way to turn that feature off, preferably from the Q menu?…

    • marco

      u can turn it off from the menu.
      look for MF assist (and set it to standard)

      • Thanks!

        • deng

          Also you can press and hold the rear “wheel” to toggle the focus peaking.

          • Now we’re talking! Thanks!

            (Um… maybe there’s a shortcut to format a memory card, too?))

          • Cliff

            straight up AWESOME!!! Thanks!

    • specLegacy

      You can also just half-press the shutter button to momentarily, which removes the focus peaking

  • marco

    just updated XP1 and 35mm, 60mm and 18/55

    the 60 is really faster now, and finally fully usable, in lowlight it work a lot better and even in good light it seem faster, it’s the most improved lens.

    the 18/55 hunts less in lowlight (it’s the worst of my lenses in this scenario) and lock more often in low contrast subjects. the hi-frequency noise coming from IS is gone!! and it is faster for sure.

    the 35 is improved too, but is was already good in my opinion.

    Focus peaking to me is the worst implementation i’ve never seen, almost invisible in several situation and impossible to change color.
    but i wasn’t asking for it (i have it on a nex and really it’s unuseful to achieve both a perfect or a fast focus)

    actually XP1 is really a good camera with these improvements. i ask just for 2 more things:

    – exposure simulation in manual exposure
    – in single AF i really i would like to shoot again without refocus, just keeping the shutter button half pressed. each camera i own work like that and it’s really useful when shooting portraits (i know i can work in MF and focus with af/ae-l but it’s not so ergonomic)

    • nadav

      i would also like it to be possible to just keep the shutter button pressed and shot again with no need for the camera the focus again… (eventhough i’m not sure it would be better over the existing system, i just sometimes want it – i wish the XP-1 had AI, then it could know what i wanted when :P)
      but you don’t have to move the MF in order to use the af button. just press the AF-lock button before pressing the shutter and it will use the last acquired focus point and take a picture

      • marco

        u are right use the lock button it’s maybe the best way to shoot without refocus..
        but really i have to “think” to it..
        half-press to lock af (pressing or releasing) is an universal feature i think..

  • tapehiss

    Minor thing, but curious if anyone else has noticed it:

    A couple pixels are now showing up in the LCD/EVF that weren’t before. One is white, one looks a little blue, and one is kind of blinking. I hadn’t seen anything like this before the update. It is most noticeable if I keep my lens cap on and look at a dark image. The pixels remain even if I turn focus peaking off. The pixels don’t show up as recorded on the images — just a little odd, that’s all!

    • Mono

      I also have now the issue with hot pixels after the update.
      AND they ARE visible in the final images now!

      Primarily they are very clearly (read disturbingly) visible on LCD and in EVF.
      However, when the X-E1 is focussing (= motor is running when you half-press the button),
      they are NOT visible, this indicates in my opinion that it’s a software issue.

      When taking an image at ISO=200 and cap on (1/4s at f2.8), they are already barely visible (in a middle grey).
      When increasing Gamma to more than 1.5 they start to get disturbingly bright.
      And NO, they were NOT be visible in images taken before the update (compared that with images taken with firmware 1.03)

      When taking an image at ISO=3200 and cap on (1/4s at f2.8), the hot pixels seen before at low ISO are gone.
      Instead of them, you’ll get some noise only visible when increasing Gamma to more than 2.5 (which you probably won’t do often).
      I do not have an image with cap on for comparison from time before the firmaware update, but I guess this is normal.

      Hopefully Fuji recognizes this hot pixel issue also and will fix that firmware bug in one of the next updates.

  • Winston

    Kudos to Fuji! My X-E1 and 18-55 are like having a new life! While some complained about the peaking being not too noticeable – I actually appreciate it! Coming from NEX-5 and K-01, I didn’t like the peaking overly done because sometimes that lead to focus misplacement. With X-E1, I have about 40-50 legacy lenses with various contrast types and even without the peaking I never had any serious problems! With this sensitive peaking, though, it’s even better now :)

    • I can’t see it on my X–E1, cap on, everything is black as it should be.

      • Ouch, not here — it was reply to @tapehiss. :)

        But here I agree that the faint peaking is nice. I see what I should see and it doesn’t obstruct the view.

  • Shawn

    While the peaking is a big help, it pales in comparison to the SONY peaking. Even on HIGH it is not bright enough as would be ideal. LOW is just about useless. But it is a help for sure.

  • sharkfeeder

    Seems slightly quicker and more accurate with the focus point at the largest setting on the 18mm and the 35mm. At the smallest focus setting the difference is barely noticeable. For me, that is.

  • 5one7

    Just updated XE1 and everything works great with both the Zeiss Touit 12mm & 32mm lenses. Focus peaking is FANTASTIC!! The AF of both lenses seems to be the same and I would assume that is because there were not firmware updates for the Touit lenses. On another note I was waiting to see how the update would affect these lenses but it’s not enough to keep me with Zeiss. I rented a fuji 14mm and shot it side by side with the Zeiss and found the Fuji’s image quality to be superior in all kinds of shooting. I have made a decision to switch to the Fuji lenses because of the IQ and the continual updates of all of the fuji products and the fact that I have tried to contact Zeiss about my lenses for weeks and have had ZERO response! Keep up the great work Fuji!!

    • tz

      Thanks for your insight over the Zeiss lenses….

      Im guessing the 14th is the way to go or …. wait a little bit for the 10-20….

      im really stuck in lens choices…..

      • 5one7

        I went back and forth with my lens choices because both Zeiss and Fuji are so good but when I shot the Fuji and Zeiss side by side I liked the Fuji shots more 85% of the time. I even had people who are not photographers look at the photos and 9 out of ten times they like the fuji as well. All things considered the Zeiss are great lenses but the Fuji’s are better in my opinion.

  • I am having trouble downloading the new firmware. The file is suppose to be 36.5MB and everytime I download its about 38.3MB. I put it on a card and the camera says it can not find new firmware. Someone help!

    • Scott

      Format the card first and retry

      • Still nothing.

        • marco

          reset ur browser, empty the cache, delete existing fwupdate.dat , and download it again

    • tz


      It happens in macs.
      Mine also gave 38.3 and the updates were fine and smooth.

      Delete all previous update files from your Download folder,
      Download the updates again.
      format the cards in camera
      place the update in the card
      and on to the camera.
      then follow the steps you allready know….

    • Eric, don’t worry about it. I used a formatted card and the final file read 38mb; it worked fine.

      • Eric

        Thanks guys. Just got the update. Everything seems to be good. Finally autofocus!

  • Edubyatx

    Odd how some people are claiming to see no difference. I’m seeing a considerable difference, both in speed and accuracy. I see the most improvement in the 60mm, which locks on far more reliably.

  • tz


    FW Updates done!

    I really apreciate the Fuji Kaizen philosophy! And im pretty thankfull they listen to their costumers.

    The first thing i ponted at the X system was the incompatible low light focusing and the low light ISO performance….. why do i need one if the other gets in its way? But today it is really improved and really fast actually!!

    The focus peaking i believe to be in the right size but not the color, hopefully that is getting taken care.

    The feature that i would absolutely pay to have is the metering wraped with the focus point. Wether is is on top left, middle right or top center. that would be the greates thing ever in this system.

    I´ve read the comments above related to the 60 macro, that everyone thought to be the underdog lens. with this upgrade ill be quite found to have one, not really about the macro feature but more on the product and food photography and obviously on the portrait side of the road….

    im really curious to know about the next tele prime!

    Thank you Fuji and all the developers behind those amazing improvements!

  • Pdf Ninja

    I have XE-1, 18-55. After upgrading both, the lens is significantly more quiet, and I can focus on darker, less contrasty subjects than before. It’s still not as fast as a DSLR + 70-200 lens, but even on a DSLR many pro lenses don’t focus faster than the Fuji. The difference is that with phase detection AF the camera just nails it right away without hunting, and once you establish focus, it stays there. Contrast detect AF on any camera means several attempts of focusing a little back, then a little front, and gradually approximating it. Even if you have already established focus, the second time the camera still needs to hunt, because the only way it can confirm focus is by making it worse in both directions first. This is not going to change until phase detection is integrated onto the imaging sensor.

    Peaking is still better on the Sony NEX. Sony offers multiple color settings, I usually use red, and three different peak sensitivity modes. But even on the Sony you need to zoom in for perfect accuracy. Peaking is never completely reliable when the depth of field is super shallow without zooming in. At f/4 there’s no need to zoom in, f/2.8 is OK for wide angle, but at 80mm f/1.4 you can’t get critical focus without zooming in. Sony’s red color helps a lot, but so often you don’t see anything highlighted, maybe a pixel or two, and sometimes you see too much stuff highlighted. Sony has one more advantage, with the articulating LCD you don’t have to lie down on the ground anymore. I wish the XE-1 had that. And red and yellow color choices for peaking.

    I’m very impressed with the improvements otherwise.

  • Olaf

    Unfortunately the annoying time stamp bug for exFAT formatted media is still there. SD cards >= 64GB are usually formatted with the exFAT file system. Unlike most other file systems exFAT time stamps can contain a time zone. The X-E1 always writes the time stamps tagged as JST (Japanese Standard Time). So, if you are outside Japan and put the card into your PC all the time stamps are off by some hours (depending on your local difference to JST). This affects only the file system time stamps. The EXIF-times are fine. I submitted this bug some month ago on a contact form on Fuji’s web site. But it’s still there. This one would be really easy to fix. A lot easier than adding focus peaking, which is great b.t.w.

  • Just undated camera and firmware for all lenses and find focus peaking works works superbly in EVF. This will be a big help for product work.

  • This update exceeds my dreams. Fantastic!

  • Cliff

    Updated my X-E1, 35mm, and 14mm. I love the improved AF speed, much appreciated Fuji!

    However, I was most excited for the addition of focus peaking, as I have also just received my Metabones Nikon G to X-mount Speedbooster yesterday (ordered direct from Metabones). I couldn’t have asked for better timing. With the Speedbooster and my Nikon 50mm 1.2 AIS, now my X-E1 is like a full frame 50mm 0.85(?)! At such narrow DOF, the focus peaking is a must. The Speedbooster is really incredible with my Nikon 85mm 1.8G (now about a FF 85mm 1.3!), the image quality just blows me away. I am quite satisfied now, but will love the addition of peaking colors.

    I have noticed that the Speedbooster actually has improved the image quality from both my Nikon 50mm 1.2 AIS and 85mm 1.8G vs. when used on either my D700 or X-E1 (with standard Nikon G to X adapter). The 50mm 1.2 AIS usually shows a lot of purple fringing and CA when used wide open at 1.2. But now there is very little purple fringing and CA when used with the Speedbooster. With the 85mm 1.8G + Speedbooster, I am now seeing some ‘3D pop’ in my images. Also, both lenses seem A LOT sharper when used with the Speedbooster vs. without.

    • les

      Hey, does the speedbooster allow for AF function using Nikon G lenses?

    • Z

      Nope, your 50 1.2 is now like
      – full frame 53.25mm f1.278, or really more like
      – APS-C 35.5mm f0.85 (or probably 0.9 as metabones warns about that, if I remember correctly)

      • Cliff

        Nikon G Speedbooster does not support AF, manual focus only. Metabones does/will make a Canon EF to NEX (possibly M4/3 later?) Speedbooster which supports AF, but it’s slow.

        50mm or 53.25mm, f/1.278 or f/0.85, I don’t care…it does not matter to me. All I know is that what I have seen so far, image quality, field of view, and depth of field are as good, in fact maybe slightly better than the same lens used on the D700.

        Please note, that a lens aperture value does not change whether it is used on FF, APS-C, M4/3, etc. f/1.2 will be f/1.2 regardless. Metabones is claiming that the Speedbooster will increase a lens’ aperture value by one stop. Now, I am not a mathematician or engineer, so I am not going to try to figure out the exact aperture value to the fifth decimal. What I am seeing is that depth of field with the Speedbooster is shallower than FF.

  • Well, I gave the new manual focusing a try over my lunch break. It was interesting. I think that perhaps my pale colored gelato was not the best subject with which to test the focus peaking, but it worked. Looked like an over sharpened photo on the focal plane. Definitely weird. :) I think it’ll probably come in handy in some situations, but I can’t wait to get some other colors… I think I also used to use red on my Nex 5.

    Focus speed seemed maybe a little faster, but locking on in low/grey/dim light in my bedroom this morning (it was overcast) was decently fast. I’m just waiting for the 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 to come out… =D

    I would still love spot metering to spot meter on the focus point, so please fuji, if you’re reading this, get to it! Thanks! :)

  • Sam

    Thank f-stop for that!
    I’ve been pretending to everyone that my xe-1 was the best mirrorless out there and was money well spent, when secretly I knew I was losing so many shots with its sluggish AF. Was starting to regret buying it, no matter how spectacular the colours and image.
    Don’t have to pretend anymore. Hugely improved.

  • Phil

    I have looked at some photos focusing with the peaking function,looks good and accurate.
    Can`t wait for the other colours though.

  • Z

    X-E1 with 18-55.I had 1.06 firmware before this. Yes, new firmwares seems to be a touch faster.

    But, screen/viewfinder image shakes every time focus process starts. It feels like lens go suddenly back-front-back to establish direction. This shake effect is not dissimilar to what I observed with some image stabilized lenses for my Canon, when stabilizer comes alive, there is sudden snap. Anyhow I don’t remember this before and visually it’s slightly… well, don’t know that it bother me, but I’m not enjoying it either.

    Later… I actually think 18-55 is a touch slower in lower light/contrast situations! It hunts a bit more, where previously it would lock. It’s like it fights, checks again, corrects. It may be more accurate, as I used to have obviously miss-focused pictures, and it seems good so far. But yeah, I could swear it used to be faster(or at least more deliberate) in situation where I take pictures quite often – evening, kids on the chair by the window eating dinner…

  • Hamsong

    Very happy! I’ve loved the X-Pro1 since I got it in 2012, now I have 3 that I use for everything. I use them in weddings and they perform beautifully, allowing me to work in low light much better than I could msnually focusing Leicas. This update makes that even easier! Thanks to Fuji for listening and responding with updates.

  • terry

    Just wondering if anyone who has updated has tested with either of the Zeiss Touit lenses? Am considering the 32mm and curious to see if there has been any impact on the focusing performance. Cheers

    • Flavio

      Terry, search through the comments, somebody already tried and commented on it.
      Apparently no difference in focusing speed on the Touits…

    • Flavio

      Actually, his nickname is 5one7.

      • terry

        Thanks Flavio.

  • photofella

    I have both XPRO-1 and EX-1 and updated various lenses with the firmware. The biggest improvement it seems to me is the 60mm Macro which I had pretty much retired (given up on) as it was very annoying to miss focus compared to the 18-55 zoom. But anyway, now it is very much fast, more accurate and I am VERY happy with this firmware release. But please Fuji bring out the minimum shutter speed speed setting as well…

  • Elvin

    Updated FW for my Fuji X-E1 18-55. Don’t see any real improvements. Focus peaking is helpful but AF speed is still far behind om-d. I see only minor improvement with 18-55 lens. Let’s see if Fuji can improve X-Trance phase detection on X-Pro2. I know X100s already has it but lacks true Continuous AF, which is a must for phase detection!
    PS: I love the camera but AF speed should be improved further.

  • TD

    It is just great to own a camera that is constantly improving.
    The only lens that I have, for the moment, is an old manual lens from Schacht and with the focus peaking it feels like going to another level really.
    Great job and the fun goes on…

  • Flavio

    Maybe I got something wrong, but I’m not impressed with the focusing speed of the 35mm lens: I don’t notice much improvement, if anything it seems more tentative when starting to focus.
    More importantly, Fuji states that they have improved focusing on horizontal lines, so I quickly went to try it: admittedly I was using the smallest focusing area, but this allowed me to only take the horizontal lines of the wall mounted air conditioning grid in my house.
    Well…no luck at all: couldn’t lock focus at all! Tilting the camera a few degrees from horizontal got me a quick lock, as well as turning to vertical…but absolutely useless with horizontal lines only.
    How can it be so difficult to focus on horizontal lines: no other camera I ever tried has this problem, and I’m talking about contrast detect focusing here.
    On a positive note, this has almost never been a problem in real life shooting, but when it happens it makes me wonder.
    I still have to try if there is any other difference in accuracy, but I’m not worried there.
    Focus peaking works well, if not that visible in many situations: additional colours will be welcome.

    • Patchou Patrick

      On my side, I am rather impressed by the improvement in terms of accuracy and speed with the 35mm. Took a few shots yesterday in dim light and all were quickly in focus. The difference is really noticeable. Is there any explanation to the fact that some of us can really see the change and others cannot. Hardware problem ?

  • 5one7

    Does anyone know if in addition to focus peaking they are going to add the digital split image option as well? I love that option on my X100s.

  • Ivan

    Focus peaking on Fuji X-E1…Everything is fine till you press the shutter button halfway down. Then, the highlights disappear (no problem with that) but the image become blurry – as well as the final image… I checked that issue with many lenses (manuals and Fuji X lenses) but the results are the same. So, it is a fact, not just my imagination… Somebody else encountered these problems? Please, excuse my English!

    • The image does not become blurry, it is your perception. When highlighted in EVF, the “focus peaking” has effectively the same effect on in-focus areas as a rather large amount of unsharp masking does in Photoshop. So when it disappears at the half press, your eye sees “blurry” image. It’s not blurry, its just the regular microcontrast instead of an exaggerated one.

      You can experiment with temporarily disabling focus peaking by clicking and holding a control wheel. Mount your camera on a tripod, switch to manual focus, and try switching focus peaking back and forth several times without adjusting your focus. See for yourself.

      • Ivan

        I will try. Thank you for your reply!

  • Mike

    Updated my XE-1 with 18-55mm. Some AF-improvement. I noticed, however, that the behavior of the MACRO button changed: I can no longer switch between On and Off, it seems to locked in the ON position. Just me?

  • Flavio

    On more thorough testing, I’m starting to be impressed by the new autofocus performance on the 35mm…I didn’t notice improvement at first, but now that I managed to use it more I can tell a difference, especially on low contrast subjects.
    Focus peaking rocks!! I don’t know what everybody is complaining abut, the white lines are only part of this particular focusing aid: the area in focus has white outlines AND oversharpened detail, you can actually tell the depth of field quite clearly! I don’t have any difficulty focusing on a white house wall, just check the window and you can see the oversharpened details appearing…voilà, focus achieved!
    Very happy with new firmware! Apart from the glitch with video, which, admittedly, I never used.

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