FujiGuys appeal to Adobe and Apple + 14mm test shots


I need your help to push adobe and apple to support X-Trans Raw file. They have the required docs to properly support it.

This is the short messages on twitter written by the Fuji guys. So what can we do? Write your own short appeal in the comments. Let’s collect them and send them all to Adobe and Apple!

P.S.: And Rico Pfirstinger posted a 13 test shots with the new 14mm f/2.8 on flickr. Click here to see them all in high-res.

  • mike

    Please Apple and Adobe, I’m a user of both Aperture and Lightroom and I am desperately asking you to address the issues on the X trans sensor raw files in your software. It has been a LONG time.


  • Peter Land

    As a long term Apple Aperture user I have been very patiently waiting for x trans support. As much as I like Aperture I do expect popular cameras like the Fuji X range to be supported quickly on this platform. With Phase 1 about to crack this nut and Aperture 4 supposably coming at some stage, I would suggest that Apple need to sort this out soon or loyal customers will find other solutions to fit the camera systems they want to use.

  • Miroslav Mosko

    Please Adobe, LR support for X-trans raw. And Apple, for our fiends with Aperture also please.

  • Ryan

    C’mon Adobe. I’ve already invested quite a bit in LR4 along with VSCO and Nik add ons. The C1 beta works great, but I don’t want to shell out another $299 for a converter.

  • Rob

    I’m a Nikon shooter, and I love my Nikon gear, but it’s very heavy and bulky. I am planning to purchase a Fujifilm camera as my “walking around” camera. I also do not want to invest in a completely new system, so I’m thinking of going with the X20 or the X100.

    I’m very excited about the X-Trans sensor, and I always shoot RAW, so I hope that Adobe and Apple will support it in the near future. Thanks.

  • JHG

    It’s my sincerest hope that two industry leading companies like Apple and Adobe would choose to support the most forward thinking camera maker, Fuji, and the professionals and enthusiasts that own Fuji X-Trans cameras.
    The choice to support editing X-Trans RAW files sends a message to consumers “it is good to be an early adopter of new technologies.” This is a message that benefits Apple, Adobe, Fuji, and the devoted people who buy their products and expect a continued move towards quality and accessibility.

  • Tsu Takamoto

    Dear Adobe,

    Professionals whom earn their income through photography, need and demand professional final results that are acceptable and worthy of being compensated for whether the image is viewed at 25% or 100%. We need the tools we’ve invested in to work for us, and right now for a majority of photographers, part of the equation is defunct. Unusable. ACR/Lightroom is the critical piece missing from that equation, a puzzle in which can not be solved without it. Adobe, we urge you to please optimize the renderization of the X-Trans sensor. Please support its growth, and please help the photographers that do use Fuji products professionally to deliver professional results to clientele through their RAW workflows. As always, thank you for all the hard work you guys do there. Without you coders/engineers/developers we would be hard pressed to do what we do in the digital world without you.

  • dave

    Please Apple, I’m a user of Aperture and I am desperately asking you to address the issues on the X trans sensor raw files in your software. It has been a LONG time. It is vital….


  • Dear Aperture and Adobe,

    Love your products, you are both vital parts of my photo workflow – love what you do with my Leica and Nikon images.

    Sadly, two of the best selling cameras in 2012 – and soon-to-be a best seller in 2013, were released by Fujifilm. They topped many ‘Best Of Year’ lists, and the camera I own won Best Of Show at Photokina – yet one year later you have offered no raw support of any of these cameras.

    The X-trans sensor is here to stay and creating stunning images that rival the output of full frame cameras.

    As a favor to me (WE Fujifilm owners) – and as a simple course of staying relevant in the field of post production … please include support of these cameras in your next update/release.

    Thank you :-)

  • Anyone making comments here should also use Twitter, Facebook, email, etc to contact Adobe and Apple *directly*. I doubt Adobe reads this site. We need be assertive in our actions.

    • patrick

      I could post an open letter with all your comments!

  • Matt S.

    +1 on loving Lightrom and having big investments in not only Lightroom 4 (and 3 and 2) but expensive plug-ins from NIK and VSCO . . . .

    Please take another stab at this sensor; Phase One was able to make great progress and I’d love to be able to match that with the software I’ve been loyal to in Lightroom..

  • I would have bought Aperture a long time ago if it supported the X-Pro1 etc so come on Adobe and Apple, give us the support.

  • Dear Aperture and Adobe,

    I please you to support the X-Trans sensors from Fujifilm. In my opinion this is the way sensor technology will go.
    So please Apple start supporting this great sensor, and Adobe please get ACR and Lightroom fixed.

    Thank you.

  • austriax

    THis is an appeal to Apple. For me Fuji is to the camera world what apple is to the computer world. They are a bit different and not afraid to try something new (innovative). Therefore I ask Apple Inc to support Fujis X-Trans Raw files in Aperture
    Thank you!

  • I’ve been a user of both aperture and LR over the years but am currently patiently waiting for Phase One and will make the switch over unless we get something concrete on the horizon. I’m not hugely keen to learn a new system and am normally pretty brand loyal, but I will switch if Adobe and/or Apple can’t sort their act out.

  • I would love to throw my voice into the ring too. I’ve been using Aperture since I had to try to use a hacked version on my 12.1″ PB G4. I’ve had some significant hardware upgrades in the meantime, and so have my cameras. I’ve gone from a D200, to a D3s and Fuji X Pro 1.

    I would love to be able to work “natively” with my raw files in aperture. Not to mention save the space that I am essentially wasting having to shoot RAW+JPG, since these are some (to me) relatively large RAW files.

    Please please please Apple, give me a version of Aperture that will decode these fantastic fuji raw files! PLEASE!

  • Alex

    I’m very excited about the X-Trans sensor and unlocking its full potential. Working as a creative professional, I prefer to shoot raw to work with my files to the most ideal possible optimization.

  • markdphotoguy

    Adobe I’m a user of your software and have been for over fourteen years. I am a huge supporter of Lightroom and sell it often in the camera store I work at.
    Please, please, support the X-Trans sensor, before some other company does and forces me to look at other options.
    Apple it would be great to have some basic support in the OS for the X-trans RAW files and I’m sure users of Aperture would love support as well.
    Thank you

  • M.*

    As a long time PS user I’ve been considering the jump to LR for quite a while now (followed with great interest tests and articles since the first beta version, which I tested) but never could justify it as I did not really use RAW. Now that I own an X-Pro1, I have been waiting for proper support of the x-trans to spend my $ wisely. And to be honnest I am very surprised that Adobe is not there yet …or even won’t be the first one to hit the mark.

    My $ will eventually go to what makes sense but my preference and hope is definitely with LR … I don’t need the first decent product on the market and can be patient but I can only hope for so long without at least an official commitment… and I’m afraid I’m not the only one in this situation.

    So pleeeease Adobe, Apple, with big names like yours you owe it to your devoted customers and to yourselves to lead the way and invest in novelties that are this popular and potential game changers. You both made your names by thinking outside the box, changing established rules and being fresh at some point. Changing the way your competition works and leading your respective markets. You now wouldn’t want to lose this position or remain mainstream and let them influence you now would you ?

    So again please…

  • Michel

    Come on Adobe, do something ! We all love Lightroom, and personally I wouldn’t like to go for another software like Capture One and go for another learning process….

    Thank you

  • Jamie P.

    Dear Apple,
    I’ve been a loyal Apple product user since before Macintosh. Today I use a Mac Mini, Time Machine, iPhoto, and Aperture to support my photography. I’ve been using a Fuji X-Pro1 for nearly a year now and have been waiting patiently for Aperture to provide RAW support for this camera. I understand that Fuji’s Xtran sensor has created a new challenge to your Aperture engineers. However it appears that it is possible to manage this sensor’s RAW output, as demonstrated by the new Capture One software. And now Fuji (according to various webblogs) seems to feel that Apple has received all the technical information it needs to accomodate the Xtran data. Please make every effort to expedite the update to Aperture, as I’d hate to migrate my workflow to some other software product. Thanks.

  • Njal Johansen

    I am a long time Aperture and LR user and would love to continue using the software. I am now trying out the beta version of the capture one pro 7. If Apple or Adobe dont comeback around sometime soon…I will shift to CO .

  • Dear Adobe and Apple, I rely on both Lightroom and Aperture to deliver my work. Nowadays I’m a Canon user, but I’m also wanting to be a Fujifilm user. They’re producing excellent machines. I believe it would be more than adequate to recognize their awesome job and support their X-Trans RAW files. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top. :o)

  • Please Adobe!!!, LR full support for X-trans raw. And Apple, for our fiends with Aperture also please!!!

  • Dan

    Dear Apple and Adobe,

    You’re costing me money. Fix it.


  • autoy

    Aperture users, let’s do this:


  • morgan

    Adobe – please do the great job with the xtrans sensor that you do with other cameras. The current level of support is subpar and reflects badly upon Adobe. As the number of xtrans cameras increases you owe it to your lightroom users (of which I am one) to support this great sensor.

  • Gene

    Appeal to Apple! I ask Adobe Inc. to support Fuji X-Trans Raw files. We are the people support you for years,now the time to support us.Please,help us.
    Thank you!

  • St.

    As we spend thousands of dollars for your products (I HAVE PRETTY MUCH ALL CS, including CS6), please make sure you do at least the minimum efford to update the camera and RAW files support.
    No one wants to sit and wait for months until someone at Adobe to decide to do such update.
    Please react responsively fast as the cameras and lenses appear on the market.
    That’s why we pay all these premium money for your software. Because you’re the best Just Prove it!
    Thank you!

  • Lee

    It’s very sad for us LR users to know that even with the documents you need you have not done any better job than Phase One or even Silkypix, or DCRaw or PhotoRaw or the upcoming AccuRaw.
    Dear Adobe, you are the giant of the industry and I understand you have many important things to do, just I hope good support for X-Trans would be one of them. Otherwise I may have to consider switch to C1 or other platforms.

  • Aleksei

    Whoever, Apple or Adobe, will be the first gets more users/money, simple as that, don’t be stupid!

  • Matt

    Adobe, Apple it’s time you support X-Trans. The future is here.

  • Photographer

    Dear Adobe:
    please show a little bit more love to X-trans Sensors !

  • Hey Adobe, I really need the software support, these cameras are too amazing to be kept under tooled for edited, please help the community out and bring full RAW support the the X-series cameras.

  • Allez Adobe, fais quelque chose! Nous aimons tous Lightroom, et personnellement, je ne voudrais pas aller pour un autre logiciel comme Capture One et allez à un autre processus d’apprentissage ….

  • Eirik

    I’m a long time Aperture user, and a staunch Apple user. The house is full of iPods, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Mac minis. But The fact that they have yet to release RAW support for the x-trans sensor really has me disappointed. If this continues I will be shelving Aperture, and when time comes to upgrade my HW, that too.

  • Erik

    as a long-time Adobe user since 1998, I switched to Lightroom with V3. As I need a small and light camerasystem, I own the Fuji X-E1 with some lenses. The Adobe support of the Trans-X is far from perfect. Please get. that right. I don’t like to leave lightroom as it is my favorite RAW developer, but I will have to if it won’t handle the X-Trans RAWs better. Look at Phase One or Silky Pix and you recognize that it is possible!

    Best regards

  • Christian

    Dear Apple,

    as a longtime Aperture User I encourage you to support the most interesting cameras in 2012: the Fuji X-Pro 1 and X-E1!

    Capture One does it very well (7.02 beta), even Lightroom 4.3 does it (not that well).

    Come On! I need it! Bring it on! Aperture 4 in Febuary with full x-Trans support and a proper Noise reduction controll (you now: chroma and luminance :) !

    Kind regards


  • Dinie

    Hello Adobe and Apple, we need support for X-trans raw files!

  • Ojojo

    Apple and Adobe – you are in effect carrying out what has been referred to as “commercial censorship”. Not providing the relevant upgrades to widely used software influences the buying patterns of certain consumers. For example, I’ve looked at the Fuji XE-1 at a show and want to invest in the system, but that decision has been put on hold until RAW support is properly available. Perhaps in a litigious society someone will sue under “restraint of trade”?

  • Dmitry

    Hi Apple / Fuji,

    PLEASE, we desperately need to see X series support in Aperture! Thanks!

  • Dear Adobe : It’s time now to include a real raw convertor in LR4 for the X-Trans !!!

  • Fuji made the most succesfull cameras in 2012, and will be a major player in 2013. We need you to support this sensor!

  • Wilson

    I love to use LR, don’t push me away because of the ignorance of the X raw shooters :).

    So please get the job done, many thanks in advance!

  • Richard

    I have converted from a Canon DSLR to the X-Pro 1 in December and need to update my software. I assumed Adobe would support all the leading brand manufacturers and am very dissappointed to learn that RAW support is not in Light Room. I guess I will need to invest time and money in an alternative product from a company more focused and prepared to invest supporting innovation in the digital camera industry.

  • Basil

    Dear Apple

    I’ll buy Aperture the day the update for the X-Trans is avaliable! I love my MacBook and would really like to process my photos there as well. I’d like to profit from Aperture’s deep integration into OS X (of which I’ve heard a lot). Thanks.

    Dear Adobe
    I really like Lightroom 4, but I’m dissapointed to see my results coming out of the RAW files processed with Lightroom 4. I know the Fuji X-Trans sensor can do more, and I can’t wait having a propper RAW support. Thanks a lo!

  • Edgar

    People, don’t appeal to Adobe here on a Fuji Rumors post, they wont be listening. E-mail them, or tweet at them, or write them a nasty letter. They simply won’t be checking here.

  • Adobe already knows that it hasto deliver. But how are you going to find a high quality RAW development solution on a non Bayer pattern, remains as a question. And if Fuji doesn’t know – how should Adobe?

    Really, Fujifilm are the ones who need to bring their expertise to Adobe and not the other way around. And oh yeah, Capture One isn’t cutting it by far.

  • tikox

    I am user of Lightroom 4 but I am forced to change program if incoming versions don’t have proper Fuji X-trans RAF. support.

    So Adobe, please support your customers in their needs. Amount of X-system users will increase, so this problem have to be handled.

  • Hassan

    Dear Apple / Adobe,

    We need full RAW support of amazing FujiFilm X Series Technology. Its been while we are waiting. We want Fuji Cameras and we want your product . pLease team up and give us what we want .. Seriously !

  • I’ve been a die hard LightRoom user for years now. I’m a professional photographer and go through tens of thousands of photos each month. I would go crazy without LightRoom. But I’ve also been feeling lackluster about my XPro-1 (which I shoot daily as my Life Chronicling Camera) as I’ve worked the files in LightRoom. I always shoot RAW and Silkypix is just too awkward to build into my workflow. And the XPro is just not on par with my 5D III. I’m too used to looking at the stellar quality of the Canon files. And then I tried the new Capture One 7.0.2 with X-Trans support. Uh-oh. It’s like finding a new camera inside my XPro. But again, the workflow in Capture One, while solid, is nowhere near as fluid as LR. Please, Adobe, keep your software on the leading edge. I don’t like the idea that I do everything in LR, but I do it in Capture when I want the pictures to be better.

  • Cory

    Adobe (& Apple)— please put resources towards developing better X-trans support. The number of serious photographers picking up these cameras is growing substantially. Please do not sour your relationship with loyal customers by falling too far behind.

  • Dave wall

    Ok …. My 2penneth.
    I am an adobe influencer (i also travel the world teaching Lightroom and Photoshop) ……..and I also run seminars for Fuji.
    So I “sort of” see both sides of the equation.
    However …….
    I have spent my hard earned cash on both x series cameras and all the lenses currently available.
    And I still can’t process x trans images with detail or clarity ……. After how long ????
    Come on guys this just isn’t good enough ….. In fact it is a joke !!
    How long does it take !!!!!!!!!!

    The idea of the xtrans sensor is a Good one however at the moment the output is actually worse than a bayer sensor as the raw images are god damn awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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