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Fujifilm X100F Will Take Same NP-W126(S) Battery of Fujifilm’s MILC line!



C’mon Fuji… hurry up and release the X100F… some X-shooters really need the upgrade now :)
Shared at the Fujifilm X100F facebook group

Fujifilm X100F – NP-W126s

According to a trusted source, the Fujifilm X100F will take the NP-W126 and the new NP-W126s batteries of Fujifilm’s MILC line-up. The current X100/S/T are using the Fujifilm Fujifilm NP-95 batteries.

I remind you that Fujifilm designed the NP-W126s to optimize the heat-managment.

Feel free to join the Fujifilm X100F facebook group and check out the perfect Fujifilm X100F designed by Andreas here.

New NP-W126S Batteries: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / [shoplink 50765 ebay]eBay of your country[/shoplink]

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