Fujifilm X-T2 will be announced in June (available in Summer)… and here are the first rumored specs! (New + Anoymous Source)


X-T2 mockup

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According to a new source, the Fujifilm X-T2 will be announced in June 2016. If true, this means that both, the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 will be unveiled in the first half of 2016.

Moreover, an anonymous source with nick-name confirms it will be available in “summer… and shares some specs with us:

  • 4K video
  • 1080 @ 120fps
  • improved continuous autofocus
  • 10 FPS continuous

Thanks a lot for sharing the rumors :)

For now, fellow X-shooters, please take the grain of salt. Not only because it’s still unconfirmed from trusted sources, but also because within 8 months, Fuji can decide to change the launch date anytime.

Ok, we can now officially start a new “rumored specs list” adventure here on FujiRumors

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X-T2 Rumored Specs List
(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source /  ASnN = Anonymous Source with Nick-Name / SRP = source who was right in the past / OS = other sites)


  • X-T2 to be announced pretty soon after the X-Pro2 [NOTE: the Fujifilm X-Pro2 will be unveiled on January 15. If true, also the X-T2 will be announced in the first half of 2016, too.]


  • Announcement in June


  • Available in Summer (ASwN)
  • 1080 @ 120fps (ASwN)
  • improved continuous autofocus (ASwN)
  • 10 FPS continuous (ASwN)
  • Ryan

    Huge grain of salt.

  • Thomas Egeland

    Still no built-in GPS for geotagging…

    • That’s not what the rumor says, right? Besides, doesn’t GPS badly drain the battery?

      • Andrew McDonald

        Might as well get a GPS watch with along battery life, and match up later rather than keep buying a new GPS system with each new camera system

      • Thomas Egeland

        It doesn’t say anything about it no, so I’m not expecting it. Yes, it does drain the battery, but this technology has become more and more energy efficient. For me it is so worth it. I’d rather carry one extra battery than having to manually match it with an app and spend tons of time using a separate program on my computer to match the timing with my GPS-track from my phone/whatever. It’s just so extremely clumsy. I love my X-T1 in every way, but with a built-in GPS I would save countless hours in the long run.

      • Mk.82

        Yes, GPS will drain your battery…. And no, the consumption is not big!
        I have a friend who designs GPS devices and he made one prototype of keychain GPS units that can log the locations every few minutes. It was not much bigger than common coin, time just a coin battery inside, had a small LED, button and Micro-USB plug.
        He said that the battery will keep it on for over week in continuous logging. Accuracy was 1-3m or even more accurate if hold still for 15min or so.

        So what would a GPS in a camera mean?

        You have a antenna in the body, like small plastic cap around hotshoe or something. You would have a small physical switch at edge of EVF hump or elsewhere to turn it On/Off. It would drain power from camera battery, and deliver GPS location to metadata when camera is On, otherwise just log the position by the setting (like every 10s or so). It would have a automatic turn-off feature that if camera isn’t powered On in X hours, it turns itself off, and requires to be turned back On. Like configure it to turn itself off after 6 hours of unused camera.
        The battery drainage would be like 1-2%, instant geotagging capability once turned On and kept On for couple minutes.

        There would even be possibility to integrate magnetometer to inform heading. Or like Olympus could use Gyro to do same and inform even angles etc.

        GPS isn’t any serious battery drainage at all. It is the mapping if required or other network tasks.

        I can place old smartphone with a 850mAh battery to log GPS (no service) for days but Android eats battery in 4-5 days by itself.

    • Martin

      Thomas, have you tried using the Fuji App to Geotag? When i want to do that, I connect my XT1 with my phone and set it to Geotag, works just fine.

      • Russ Wright

        WiFi + the Fuji App is so clumsy, time consuming and unreliable. I use the GeotagPhotos app on my iPhone and load into Lightroom. Built in GPS would be great (turn it off if you don’t want the small battery drain)

      • Thomas Egeland

        Yes, it is not exactly a smooth progress when I basically want every photo I take geotagged. Just think. Every time you take a photo you have to press the wifi-button, open the app(and change wifi on my phone if I’m within wifi coverage), connect my phone and start the WiFi-geotagging for every time I want to take a photo. Not exactly user friendly compared to having a built-in GPS as some other cameras have.

    • French Fries

      Yeah – so it drains the battery even more quickly.

      What do you need GPS for?
      If you can’t find your way back home then take ribbons with you and tie them around trees every 50 yards.

      • Thomas Egeland

        It would of course be a feature you could turn off if you want.

        Why would you even think I would use a camera to find my way home? As a traveller photographer I want an easy way to find photos based on where they have been taken. That’s a feature I simply LOVE on my smartphone and can’t believe that this still is only available on simple point-and-shoot cameras + smart phones.

  • Great, looking forward to it! If AF performance improves drastically, I will finally never think back of my – sold – Nikon D300 system again.

  • Philipp Abele

    After “trying” to use the video function of the X-T1, I have really no good expectation for the 4k video. I’ve never seen such heavy moiré before and I wonder if they will really make the jump from unusable 1080p to good quality 4k.

    • Personally, I don’t care a bit about video (never touched the function on any of my Fujis), but if it is essential to retain or increase Fuji’s market share, then it should certainly be improved.

      • Philipp Abele

        Which is legitimate, I used to not care either. But I think offering it in a bad way is actually worse to customer satisfaction than completely leaving it out. I think Fuji is the mirrorless system with the best lens lineup, that combined with their beautiful OOC colors would make for a quite nice “hobby video” without grading.

        • I agree: either implement it well or leave it out. If only they could – apart from the obviously required improvements – give video a sexy Fuji twist – maybe a sort of cinematic feel -, that may attract some videographers.

          • carl

            I do think Fujifilm should work on improving the video aspect of the X-T2 to help cater towards the filmmakers and possibly interest from GH4 and A7S users.

            – 3.5mm Mic jack
            – Headphone jack
            – Flat profiles
            – Good codecs, bitrate and recording options
            – Zebra stripes, Focus peaking

            Should be simple…I think!

  • Taylor

    How about X-E3? That’s the one I want to get. Hopefully they’re not going to discontinue X-E series.

    • geroge

      I want X-E3 too, make it somehow bit smaller and cheaper than X-PRO2 :)

      • French Fries


  • If it’s primarily the video they are upgrading than I’ll stick with the X-T1.

    • Lilla Lalla

      It’s not a wild guess that X-T2 will have the same (new) sensor as the X-PRO2, new processor and better autofocus, so there will probably be some good reasons for X-T1 users to have a look at the upcoming T as well.

      • It will all depend on what the new sensor will bring. I’m not interested in a few megapixels more.

        • French Fries

          16MP is becoming old and 24MP APS-C sensors have been around for years already.

          That on top with improved technology will make that a new 24-30MP sensor will make the current 16MP sensor look poor.

          • Why would it look poor? Currently the sensor is doing quite well. An upgrade in only a few megapixels isn’t worth it.

          • Mardock

            It is if it improves high ISO and dynamic range while SIMULTANEOUSLY adding more resolution (which helps for downsampling and cropping).

          • True. But only if it has an substantial improvement. The current sensor is still on par with its competitors.

          • Mardock

            It’s actually not. The Nikon D7200 has surpassed Fuji, offering 14.6 stops of dynamic range (the second best in the industry next to the D810).

            Fuji’s jpegs are still the best, I agree. But imagine what they could do with a brand new, advanced APS-C sensor sporting increased resolution.

          • The Nikon 7200 is more than a year younger than the X-T1. But Fuji will come up with improvements I’m sure. For now they should be substantial in order to have me buy the X-T2. I can afford it but I have to really need it.

          • Mardock

            “…they should be substantial in order to have me buy the X-T2.”

            Agreed. Because Sony is one thing, but when Nikon and Canon introduce serious mirrorless entries of their own, the entire landscape is going to change, and things are going to get a lot tougher for Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, and particularly OIympus, I think.

            In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if Canikon’s entry into the MILC field could lead to some attrition. Course, if their entries are half-hearted, or half-baked…different story.

          • I don’t think Canon and Nikon will do much in MILC.

  • Andrew Livelsberger

    Yay!! Higher resolution, poorly implemented video features from Fuji! Yippy Skippy!!

    • JM

      This is a tentative rumour, not a comprehensive specification!

      • Andrew Livelsberger

        And this is an unsubstantiated, but possible outcome based on past history from Fuji!

  • Servet Hosaf

    If that 4K will be as terrible as usual fuji video quality, then thanks.

  • Luce Pictor

    Why are they still working on autofocus? Didn’t Fuji claim to have the fastest autofocus already? Before jumping into the 4K territory maybe it would be a good idea to make the 1080P video usable.

    • French Fries

      Working on 1080P would be a real waste of time.

      Time progresses and 4K is all the hype.

    • JWC

      AF can always be improved. They don’t even have PDAF points all across the sensor. That would be the first step. Having more points would be another good upgrade. Also, making Continuous AF work better is another improvement.

    • JM

      Because it’s the weakest part of mirrorless cameras relative to DSLRs

    • AceFlibble

      They claimed to have the fastest AF before Sony made that same claim, and then Olympus said it, then Sony again. Also, Fuji’s claim always came with the big disclaimer that it was measured with one of the wider lenses, typically the 14mm, which naturally focuses quicker because 14mm shot at f/8 is going to get everything in focus from here to eternity.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    As a landscape photographer, I don’t care much about video; hope they’re not wasting too much time making mediocre 4K.

    Slap a recent 24mp sensor in that X-T2, work with Adobe and other software vendors to make sure software can read the RAW files with excellent image quality, and then TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Boatswain! Set teeth to ‘gnash’… there’s rumours in them there waters! Y’arr!

    • Siz

      Not sure what you’re saying, but I like the cut of your jib

  • Sebastien

    Damn this would be too late!

  • Jorge

    I don’t care about video specs. Heck, I’d prefer they REMOVE all video related components. How many megapixels? Dual slots? etc. etc.

  • Jorge

    If Fuji is pushing for all this video crap – come out with a X-T2v (for video). Leave the real imaging to us still photographers! STOP THE MADNESS Fuji. Screw the video.

  • I hope they will implement touch screen.

    • I hope they will come with a support where you can just stick your iphone to the camera to work as a touchscreen viewfinder.

    • Jorge

      Oh God No.

  • French Fries

    I do not care much about video either, but heck – I see it as a free feature. ;)

    What I do not understand is why Fuji just do not turn the X-Pro and X-T around.

    The X-Pro is a perfect candid and street photography camera, but for the real work and working professionals a DSLR styled camera has much more use. Wedding season starts beginning april and it would be good to have a month to get a camera known.

    I am not a mid season changer and I do not know many colleagues either who like to switch during season.

    • JWC

      Why would a DSLR styled camera be more useful for real work and working professionals?

      • Jano

        For pros who like to hide their face behind their camera so they don’t have to interact too much with the people ;-)

      • EnPassant

        SLR styled cameras can use a vertical grip. For rangefinder styled cameras the placement of the finder is much less ergonomic in combination with a vertical grip. That’s why there are no vertical grips for rangefinder styled cameras. And for pro’s working long sessions shooting portraits in vertical position ergonomics are extremely important.

        • Jano

          Please see my response to Frech Fries concerning the vertical grip.

      • French Fries

        Handgrip and larger lenses are easier to hold with a DSLR styled camera.

        • Jano

          Larger lenses are only easier to hold if you carry the weight in the right hand. Since that is something every professional should avoid (except for very short periods of time) out of love for his joints and muscles, it’s not a very good reason to choose the SLR style.

          Handgrips. Well, have you tried one for a RF styled camera? I haven’t honestly (and don’t think they exist), but I’m pretty sure that it would be perfectly usable, despite having to hold the camera slightly higher. For portrait photographers we should actually have square sensors instead of heavy handgrips that compromise the usability of a camera.

    • Mardock

      “but for the real work and working professionals a DSLR styled camera has much more use…”

      That’s like saying to a carpenter, “for REAL working professionals a hammer has much more use than a saw…”

      Sure, a pro DSLR can do more stuff, overall, but if you’re the type of photographer who requires a quieter more discreet camera (for example) to earn a living, then that argument doesn’t apply.

      Horses for courses.

  • Alexis

    As a (former) Nikon and Sony APS-C shooter, I’ve been following Fuji with great interest for a while now. Their excellent lens line-up and commitment to the X system should give pause to Sony, which seems to be abandoning yet another system in the hope that we’ll all start buying their $1,200 FE primes now and eventually get sucked into full frame.

    If Fuji slap a nice 24-28 MP sensor into that X-T2 and work out some of the kinks with Adobe, I’ll never look back to Nikon, Sony and all the others who’ll tell me that I need full frame in order to be a real photographer. We’re not all Peter Lik, nor do we want to be.

    • Pablo

      Well said. I hope they put the same sensor on the XPro2 and then, for me and many other people, they will have almost the perfect flagships cameras and lenses. Just some flash system would be cool :/

      • Alexis

        I hear you. I’m mostly a landscape guy myself, though.

    • Mark Pedder

      Make it a 36mp sensor in the X-Pro 2 and X-T2, maybe I won’t buy the Nikon Nikon D810’s… Did I just say that!… Damn, yeah!

      • Alexis

        Oh, definitely!

      • Jorge

        I had, and sold off all my Nikon gear including the D800. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

        • madwolfa

          That’s what I did as well…

  • Andrew McDonald

    Why does a pro camera need video, I rather a low price than gimmicks I don’t need

    • The Pine

      rite on!!!

  • Stanley

    I actually think they are quite smart with the X Pro and X T lines. I tried the XT for a couple of months and sold it. Great camera but I prefer the viewfinder location on a rangefinder (and rangefinder style cameras) better. I don’t do things like shoot weddings or running children so it suits me better. I will obviously be updating to the X Pro 2. I still shoot a Leica film camera as well as Medium Format and 4 X5 (and a Nikon FM when I need wider than 28), but would never pay $8000+ for a digital body. I just can’t see paying more than around $1,500 for a digital body because they are ultimately/sadly so disposable. My film equipment is all 30 years old or older and still works perfectly. It’s highly unlikely many digital cameras will make it that long.
    I am very happy with the X100 series and the X Pro. I do agree that Single Lens Reflex cameras are probably better for things like weddings. I have been very pleased with the Fuji lenses I have so I really hope they are successful.
    It’s really fascinating to watch the difference in shooting between really old people like myself who started with film and younger people. It’s not a right or wrong. I never even bother with the rear screen. I have cases for my two X100’s and X Pro that actually covers the screens. I will usually take one or two photos of what I want and move on. I was on a photo walk recently and these kids were shooting dozens of shots of the same thing and looking at the screen after each shot. I thought it was fascinating and probably very effective. That said I spend more time on making sure the exposure is correct because I really just don’t like sitting in front of the computer for hours making adjustments to the photo. Plus if you are shooting film you are spending money every time you press the shutter release. Oddly, I have no problem spending hours in the darkroom on a print, which really makes no sense at all. I would rather get it as close to right in the camera as possible. It’s probably the completely wrong way to do digital photography…. :-)
    In the end a good photo is a good photo whether it’s digital or film.

    • Jano

      I freaking love your attitude! Towards photography and towards yourself.

  • idefixx

    so far no killer featurw rumored. not even ibis… i guess we are setting ourselves up for a slight disappointment…

  • Foreplay

    Medium Format announcement @ Photokina 2016 ?

    Or X-E3, and 1 inch X-40 ?

    • BWinkle J. Moose

      Medium format would be cool – but given that half the readers here whined about a $400 prime, and that the cheapest medium format body out there is like $7k, I just don’t quite see people lining up for that one.

  • Michael

    It makes sense. X-T line are really the most broadly appealing cameras made by Fuji. The x-pro 2, if like xpro1 is not really a mass seller, but a unique piece of equipment for a type of client. They would be stupid to delay roll out because that’s where their profits will come from, and not from x-pro 2 sales

  • vvla

    I won’t jump unless they improve usability of flashes. A higher sync speed would be nice, but flash using ES at all speeds would be a dream (I realized this is sensor type dependent, but I can dream). What’s really important to me is hot shoe trigger in all drive modes (continuous H and L, not just S). Actually, on this last point I would hope they fix on the next software update for the X-T1. Oh a decent speedlight, or at least open source it so we could get another mfg’s TTL speedlight, I bet Yonguo could build one in few months if they had the protocol.

  • I hope it has in-body IS. Though I somehow doubt it. If not, I expect to eventually move on from my X-T1 which I love, otherwise. The zooms are fine with IS, but I need faster lenses for static subjects in low light (like architecture) where IS can also be very helpful. I’ve held off buying primes for the Fuji for this reason–the only prime I have is the 60mm macro (and all my Nikon lenses, adapted). I’m not completing my transition from Nikon to Fuji without IS, since I don’t want to be permanently stuck in the slower aperture zooms. Even Nikon just added VR to the wonderful 24-70mm f2.8, but in-body stabilization makes more sense if it keeps lens weight and size down. I chose an APS-C camera as a compromise in DOF to have smaller lenses, but the new Sony’s with in-body IS are pretty tempting now. But I’ll wait and hope that Fuji adds IS! If so, then they have my money!

    • French Fries

      For architecture you use a tripod, not a snapshot camera with IBIS.

      Also for real architecture you use a tilt/shift and no 24-70 or equivalent zoom. And no IBIS does not work better. That is why Canon and Nikon will stick to IS in their lenses and its good to see that Fujifilm follows this path as well.

    • Jorge

      Let me know when you are ready to sell.

  • Anyone doing reviews shooting night/evening with external flash? X100t and Xpro1 is my only go to event photography . It’s hard to shoot without that ovf on my e2 xt1 xt10 😩 Checkout my external using x100t and xpro1 at http://takeyourselfie.com

  • Leon Freedman

    nothing that exciting there. Autofocus for XT1 will get upgraded as well with firmware and video is not even a talking point. Keeping the XT1 forever. THAT SAID when the He** are we going to get anything on the next X100???!!!! Yeah, you know, the camera that started this whole Fuji thing…. Fuji creates and markets to the street, travel and photojournalism market with their Leica killer (my words) and not a peep in over a year???? Meanwhile Sony Leica and others are forging ahead with improvements leaving the X100 hardly a contender. (not a bad camera just not LEADING as it should)

  • NoDoubt

    The IBIS rumor announcement will soon appear, I guarantee you.

  • Dave

    I am looking forward to a great X-T2. I want a great stills camera which can also do sports, as I photograph a little bit of everything, and I also want great 4K video in the same camera.

    Hey Patrick, did you see this rumor about the Sony A7000, can this be the sensor for the X-Pro2…


    • Ibis

      No Ibis in A7000! Hope itt’s in the X-T2 !!

      • French Fries

        No need for IBIS.
        Makes the body heavier and stabilization within the lens is better anyway even though it makes the lens a little more expensive.

      • Dave

        I am with you Ibis, all those fast Fuji primes are just begging for IBIS, you would thing Fuji would do a deal with Olympus for their 5 axis system, I think Olympus could use the money.

  • justintime

    A 28mp sensor with 399 very responsive PDAF points would get my money. Not too worried about video and hope controls are very slightly bigger/more tactile, but without any massive change. Would be great is the front / rear thumb wheels would have a press function like x-1pro/x-e2 and still be weather resistant. I would about new battery – only driver for me would be better indication of life rather than more shots (but I was brought up changing film every 36 shots!!).

    • Mardock

      How about a new, state-of-the-art 24mp BSI sensor with 14.6 stops of DR? You’ll notice that more than an extra 4mp.

      • justintime

        Having looked at the rumours for sony A7000 I was thinking of a state-of-the-art 28mp BSI sensor. Hopefully 14.6 stops DR and an extra 4mp.

        • Mardock

          I’d bet on 24, not 28. But we’ll see.

  • t_linn

    Hate to be a negative Nelly but here’s how I see it working out: Release will be pushed back from June to July. Availability will be pushed back from July to August to late August. No one will be able to use the new body for their summer travels. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Jorge

      Nooooooo. I have an alaska trip scheduled for August. I hope I can have it by then, but I’m afraid you may be correct!

  • Chris

    I dont think Fuji can provide hassle-free 4k experience as currently video function still has glitches……

    • Mardock

      Well, the X-Trans sensor array doesn’t really lend itself to video, so I wouldn’t expect too much, anyway. Fuji is focusing on still image quality.

      • rg

        your right they need a bayer version.

        • Mardock

          So that they can play in a space they don’t care about, namely video?

          Not gonna happen.

  • Tecumseh

    I hope that Fuji finally makes flash use possible also in continuous mode, ideally already with the X-T1. As for mirrorless cameras (SRLs do flash in cont. mode anyways), see, e.g., Samsung NX500: 8fps WITH flash (given the external flash is capable of keeping up with high fps). X-T1 just refuses to further trigger a flash after the first frame in cont. mode. I love my X-T1, and will certainly buy the X-T2 but, Fuji please, get up to date with your flash implementation (cont. mode, HSS, creative lightning system).

  • Lightleak_101

    Hurry up Fuji before Sony release their next a6xxx and takeover the market!!

    • Silvestro Crino

      Rumor is that they are using the same sensor as that new a6xxx and so can’t release their camera until that camera is out….

  • gr

    I hope they have a bayer version of the camera there too.

  • thundergun

    They need to add better autofocus in low light and a better flash system. If it had both these things I’d buy it immediately.
    For occasional nightclub photography I’d love to be able to use the 18-55, but it simply refuses to lock focus when it’s dark. I have to use my 35mm instead, even though I’m using it around f/8 with a flash anyway.

    • Mardock

      Precisely. Get the autofocus properly sorted and develop a full scale dedicated flash system first – nail photographic capabilities before worrying about silly things like video (for which there are a host of dedicated options).

  • Ben

    For all those complaining about video… They have to compete against Sony and the A7 line. The X-T1 and the A7 line are the only two serious choices for pro-mirrorless. M4/3 just doesn’t offer the image quality. After renting the A7R II, I can say that the Fuji is the better camera. And we all know they have the better lenses. Video is VERY important to a lot of folks and Sony will sell a ton of A7’s just because of the video capabilities. For Fuji to grow and succeed, they need to compete on video features. Even if you don’t care about video, you loose out eventually if the X-T2 doesn’t compete well against the next round of cameras.

    • Taylor

      Well said. Without video, the camera will become a niche camera, with reduced market size, and inevitably higher price.

      • Mardock

        Fujis are already niche products and are never going to compete with Sony’s video expertise anyway. Moot point.

      • AceFlibble

        Video is utterly irrelevant anyway. It makes for a nice bullet point and it gets talked about a lot on forums and in YouTube comments sections, but the reality is that video does not sell cameras. Professionals who really need top-quality video aren’t buying mirrorless or even DSLR. Proper video cameras caught back up with DSLR/mirrorless and have overtaken them again. Casuals aren’t using 4k and 120fps+ capture modes, they’re filming stuff on their phones. There’s the odd person here and there who still uses DSLR/mirrorless for video, but there’s nowhere near enough of them to make that investment worthwhile for manufacturers. Video does not sell cameras. It did for about 2009 through to early 2013. It doesn’t now.

    • Alan Paone

      they’re changing the sensor and the processor anyway, so they’ll have to build video from the ground up (or not include it at all). these aren’t a lot of specs yet, but if they’re doing 4K and 120fps, maybe it’s a sign that they’re taking it a little seriously, and that can’t be bad.

    • Mardock

      I disagree. I don’t think Fuji needs to compete on video capability. They need to compete on image quality, dynamic range, high ISO, autofocus speed and accuracy under a variety of lighting conditions, buffer depth, etc. … basically all the other STILL capabilities of at least prosumer DSLRs. Fuji needs to nail that stuff first.

      Few who buy Fujis care about making video productions; it’s not Fujifilm’s market demographic or expertise and no-one who is buying an A7 series camera “just because of the video capabilities” is gonna look at Fuji anyway. They’ll just head straight for Sony.

  • Gary

    Give us an updated 18mm F/2 please – if sell my 14mm for it in a heartbeat

  • AceFlibble

    Interesting. I’ve heard very differently. Gonna do some digging.

    • What have you heard?

      • AceFlibble

        No specifics I can speak of publicly—I’ve emailed what I can before—but in general terms, that the X-T2 wasn’t being thought of at all until the X-Pro2 is in the process of launching. That means either the X-Pro2 has suddenly jumped ahead in its launch window or the X-T2 is much further off than this, which I what I’ve been lead to believe so far. The notion that the X-T2 would be publicly talked about so close to the Pro2’s launch has never come up, quite the opposite, and I tend to believe my sources on this stuff ’cause they’re the ones creating the marketing for these cameras!

  • Narretz

    So what are the differences between Xpro and Xt going to be?
    Center EVF vs Corner Hybroid OVF, Larger vs smaller grip … that’s not enough to differentiate two models. Fuji is playing a very dangerous game if the cameras are really going to be released so close to each other.

    • Derek

      Price (X-T2) and a tilt-screen on the X-T2, if true, would be the only other differences. It would be enough for me to go with the X-T2.

  • Hopefully there will be a more pronounced grip : I spent some time yesterday at the show room trying bodies and lenses, but with the zooms the grips of current models are quite small…

    • miniTO

      That’s why Fuji sells multiple grips for the cameras… just pick the one that fits you. I didn’t like the XT-1 until I got the mid-size grip for it.

      • Yes I know, but these grips are dead weight…

        • Silvestro Crino

          Yes…and if you are going to make the grip a bit bigger how about a bigger battery too..

  • rg

    I would love an advanced bayer version of one of these cameras.

    • Mardock

      Won’t happen. X-Trans is superior anyway.

      • Rg

        I disagree I found the Bayer much sharper and easier to work with.

        • Bestbyte Don

          You are deluded I suppose..

        • madwolfa

          It might be easier to work with (because of better RAW software support), but it can’t be sharper by definition…

          • Silvestro Crino

            Why can’t it be sharper by definition… most Bayer cameras today come without the AA filter… this was the only sharpness advantage of X-Trans when it came out… given Mpix at 24, 36 and now 42 bayer sensors are able to drop the AA filter and get amazing sharpness without the morie … X-Trans advantage is gone….

        • azbest

          x-trans has more efficient topology. say bye-bye to bayer.

          • Silvestro Crino

            Hahahaha… Bye Bye to Bayer? some of the best image quality available is coming from cameras like the D750, D810 and Sony A7R2 all with Bayer sensors ….

    • AceFlibble

      Never going to happen. X-Trans is Fuji’s only selling point for the bodies themselves. (The selling point for the system overall being the lenses.) There are so many other companies doing the retro thing now, they no longer have that market cornered. They sure aren’t winning the megapixel war or sporting top-quality video. X-Trans and the .jpg processing is all the bodies have now. So that’s here to stay, at least for the core line of Fuji X-mount cameras. If they ever do release something like a medium format camera or 35mm camera, that would give them the chance to start over with a bayer array, but the Pro/E/T/100 line are locked into X-Trans forever.

      And FYI, there’s actually no technical reason for either X-Trans or bayer to be objectively better than the other. Ultimately it’s down to the specific sensor in question, and the software used to realise the files. Simply shoving in a bayer array of the same resolution will not make Fuji cameras produce sharper images, just as shoving an X-Trans array into a Canon would not suddenly make a 5D reproduce Fuji’s colours.

      • madwolfa

        I disagree that the X-Trans is the only selling point. For me it’s the whole package that makes it appealing.

        • AceFlibble

          Yes because what you like also defines what sells on the global marketplace.

          It’s not something which can be “disagreed” with, it’s literally the thinking of Fuji’s own PR and the reality of the market.

      • I bought into the X-series because of the high quality of the bodies, the high-quality lenses and the general nice photographer’s feel of the series. I bought an XE2 and when that was stolen an XT1. I’ve been very happy with my Fuji investment, but X-Trans was probably a slight point against the system because of Thom Hogan’s extremely complex explanation of its pros and cons.

      • Silvestro Crino

        Please remember that the Original X100 was a 12Mpix Bayer sensor …and a very nice one at that…. nothing says these cameras have to have X-Trans… what they have to have is Fujifilm’s JPEG engine and color know how

        • AceFlibble

          … Which was abandoned for bayer years ago and isn’t backwards-compatible.

          Not to mention, the X Trans branding is an important selling point for Fuji, while bayer is not.

  • BWinkle J. Moose

    X-E3, X-E3….

    • BWinkle J. Moose

      And I’m not quite sure of the business wisdom of releasing two version of the same camera, one ‘range-findery’ and the other ‘dslry’.

      • Tv

        I think the business case is to both appeal to multiple markets and for some customers they will by both cameras. Canon and Nikon have done this. Some people have purchased a 5ds and 5d iii. Yes the Fuji cameras will likely have the same sensor but they will address different use cases albeit with some overlap

        • BWinkle J. Moose

          Makes sense – I’m a tad skeptical that the cost of production warrants it – but I’m also not sure i care :-) I am going to hold off grabbing that cheap E2 until we learn the future of the E line.

  • Herman Mostert

    I am quite upset. I’d love fuji to make the base ISO at least 100 and if possible, the sync speed a little higher. Or fuji can throw in that 3stop ND in camera like with the X100’s. Id take the above mentioned over 120fps video and 10fps any day

    • AceFlibble

      ISO100 can’t be done without reducing the dynamic range to sub-Canon levels. The native ISO of Fuji’s sensors is 140—it’s not even a true 200, as you can tell if you compare exposure with a Fuji vs a light meter—and Fuji use that extra sensitivity to expose for highlights, then they push the shadows up before the file is written, i.e. it’s baked in even to the raw files. To get a native ISO of 100 and maintain their dynamic range trickery they’d have to make the actual native ISO around 64 or even 50, which can then cause problems with colour accuracy, or they’d have to go with a true native ISO 100 and reduce the dynamic range of the camera.

      Basically, Fuji fudged their numbers to make their sensors look more capable than they would actually be and now we’re stuck with ISO 200 for life, unless Fuji does go for medium format in which case we might finally see an ISO 50/64 (presented to us as ISO 100…).

    • azbest

      try welding glass.

    • Laurie Brett

      Totally agree. If you want video buy a video camera.

  • AceFlibble

    I used to scream for a 70mm f/2—actually, I still am—but having rediscovered the 18mm recently, an 18mm f/2 II has become my priority. The 14mm has never been fast enough for me and was always a touch too wide, I sold it. Got the 16mm, just a little too big for my liking and still a fraction too wide. Sold that, too. 23mm I got rid of long ago, 35mm has never sat right with me. Then a couple of weeks ago I picked up a friend’s X-E1 with the 18mm and that immediately felt right. I’d forgotten how nice that focal length is, and to get f/2 in that small a lens is brilliant. If a second version was put out which just brought that type of design up to the standards of the newer Fuji lenses, I’d buy probably buy two, keep at least one in as a back up.

  • Derek

    A WR version for the WR bodies, please.

  • azbest

    the question is, will the video look jumpy and unfluid when viewed? how long a footage can be made 14minutes or 29 minutes? the battery will likely get eaten in 5 minutes anyway.. i hope the time lapse will get extended from 999 pics to 9999 pics at least..

  • Justme
  • Derek

    With the X-Pro2 rumour changed to there being no 4k video, will that mean no 4k for the X-T2?

  • Silvestro Crino

    What I’d want in the X-T2:

    1) no or very minor changes to the body (fix the door on the ports so it doesn’t buckle, more pronounced buttons on back and maybe a bigger battery…but not if you need to make the body bigger by alot)
    2) Dual Memory Cards
    3) 28Mpix BSI APS-C sensor based on the tech in Sony’s 42MPix FF sensor
    4) 4.4Mpix EVF that just came out from Epson

  • Eric Pritchett

    I hope they use USB Type-C.

  • SamG

    just give me a FF X-T2 :p

  • will fuji ever work on their flash system? their flash system is so weak :/

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