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Fujifilm X-T2 Firmware ver. 1.10 Available for Download at Fujifilm China (Now Removed) – Full Details of the Update



As you know, Fujifilm originally planed to release FW 1.10 for the Fujiflm X-T2 on October 29. It has then been postponed to November 8. But yet another bug forced Fujifilm to delay the release even further. The new deadline is November 29.

But apparently Fujifilm China was not aware of the delay, since they published the Fuji X-T2 firmware ver.1.10 file on their site. It has since then been removed, but an attentive Fujirumors readers grabbed a screenshot and even downloaded the file.

I won’t share the file here, since it’s buggy and I don’t recommend anybody to load it on their X-T2. However, what I will share, is the list of updates that Fujifilm introduced with the new Firmware (kindly translated by our Chinese FR-reader – thanks!)

The FR-reader told me that the improvement notes are a bit of confusing, because the Chinese version was very likely badly translated from Japanese.

1. Take shots thru USB from PC.

Use below software for remote control.

a) Download “FUJIFILM remote plug-in PRO” from Adobe Add-ons website.

b) Download “FUJIFILM remote plug-in” from Adobe Add-ons website. T2 will support the 1.3 version.

c) Buy HS-V5 software.

2. Lock operations while shooting.

3. Screen will display shutter speed when disable AE and turn on auto ISO and aperture priority.

4. Fix overexposure with AF-C.

5. Fix AF unusable with XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6R LM WR.

6. Fix system hung with “PC auto save” setting.

7. Improve compatibility for Nissin i40