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Fujifilm X-T100 Launch Coverage – Live Blogging


Fujifilm X-T100 Live Blog

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The Fujifilm X-T100 delivers a lot for small price. I can definitely see this camera becoming a huge success. If you own a flagship X-Trans camera (X-T2 &. Co) and are looking for a back-up camera, my biggest and only concern would be the post production workflow, since the X-T100 features a Bayer sensor camera and maybe you guys are better off with an X-Trans X-T20 or X-E3. However, Jonas Rask says in his first look “if you’re used to dealing with X-Trans, this sensor won’t give you the need to redefine your workflow.”

The X-T100 is a perfect first camera for people, who want to step up from smartphone photography or for people from other systems, who want to make the first steps into the X-system, but keep the Bayer CFA they are used to, with a well rounded and very affordable X series camera.

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  • – Fujifilm announce firmware updates for X-A5 coming soon

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