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Fujifilm X Summit Starts NOW – Fujifilm X-T5, XF30mmF2.8 and More


Fujifilm X Summit – LIVE COVERAGE
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Fujifilm X Summit – The Full Coverage Live!

  • last items coming in 2022
  • X-T series is like a violin
  • perfect like it was originally made and hasn’t changed much since then
  • nature of photography
  • the dials capture the basic of photography
  • dials are important if photography is your first priority
  • X-T4 had vary-angle screen with both photo and video in mind
  • but now there is the X-H line
  • now X-T can go back to be more photography centric
  • classic and modern coexist in X-T5 and enhance each other
  • improved grip
  • shutter dial shifted forward
  • better hold on entire hand and index finger moves better on the shutter button
  • even lock button on dials has been improved
  • better black camera body, better color
  • this camera will fuel your desire to shoot
  • large capacity battery
  • it was important to come up with a size that fits well in the hand and can be used intuitively with the dials
  • it is smaller than X-T4, dimensions are almost the same of the X-T1. But X-T5 has IBIS
  • 50g less weight than X-T4
  • more pixels increase resolution but also tonality and improve colors
  • X-T5 uses same battery of X-T4 but the X-T5 can shoot more images on 1 battery
  • new Autofocus system and AI learning
  • high precision autofocus, taking advantage of high pixel count
  • last X summit of 2022
  • introducing XF30mmF2.8 R LM WR Macro
  • minimum focus distance of 10cm from the sensor surface. From the front lens it is about 1.2cm minimum focus distance
  • very versatile
  • extreme closups often suffer from chormatic abberation. Fujifilm used 3 aspherical lenses to improved closeup performance
  • superior resolution
  • portable size
  • 1 asperhrical lens is equivalent to 2 to 3 spherical lenses
  • the closer you shoot the harder it becomes to control focus unit
  • precision is required
  • XF30mm uses linear motor, high speed and accurate
  • perfect match for this lens
  • this lens will re-define the standard of compact macro lenses
  • X-T5 is $1,699
  • XF30mm is $599
  • both shipping November 17

Screenshots from the Event