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Fujifilm X Raw Studio, X Acquire and Pixel Shift Combiner


Today Fujifilm has released firmware updates for several cameras and lenses. Check out the full details here.

But there is more.

Fujifilm has also issued software updates for the Fujifilm X Raw Studio, Fujifilm X Acquire and X Webcam.

You can read all the details below.

FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO ver. 1.16.0download here
The software update Ver.1.16.0 incorporates the following issue:

  1. Applicable model for the “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” is added.
    Applicable model : FUJIFILM X-H2

FUJIFILM X Acquire ver. 1.24.0download here
The software update Ver.1.24.0 incorporates the following issues:

  1. The compatibility of tethered shooting with FUJIFILM X-H2 is added.
    The additional function below can be used.
    Backup/restore of camera setting for tethered shooting.
    Tethered shooting via USB or Wi-Fi.
  2. Minor bug has been fixed. [only for Mac version]

Pixel Shift Combiner ver. 1.3.0 – download here
Added cameras compatible with FUJIFILM PixelShiftCombiner.

  1. Compatible models: FUJIFILM X-H2

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