Fujifilm X-PRO2 to be announced first half/early 2015? HSS flash coming too (new source)


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The Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumor is by far the trickiest rumor I’ve ever worked on (mainly because Fuji often changes plans about it. Release & Specs may have changed 3 or more times until now). Hence, did you take the holy grain of salt? Ok, then let’s sit down talk about the Fujifilm X-PRO2 now.

First off, the rumor comes from a new source. It’s the same source, who shared the Full Size JPEG’s taken with the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 OIS WR (and I posted yesterday here). I have the expressed permission of the source to share this detail with all of you.

So, as proven by the pics, the source attended a Fuji event, where it had the opportunity to take some shots with the upcoming XF 50-140mm f/2.8 OIS WR and XF 56mm f/1.2 APD… and also to talk to a Fuji Rep. At the event, the Rep told to the source, that the Fujifilm X-PRO2 will be announced “in early or first half next year.” The rep also said that Fuji is working on a HSS flash (which confirms rumors shared previously here).

Sure, with all respect to the Fuji Reps, we still have to be careful with this information. Also, consider that this is a new source. So, again, take it cum grano salis. What we know for sure is that at photokina, Fuji Guy Greg said that the Fujifilm X-PRO2 won’t be Full Frame, but “worth the wait”.

Message to sources: you can contact Fujirumors 100% anonymously via rumor box (maybe using a nick name so that I can eventually recognize you in future) or via email at fujirumor [at] gmail.com. Feel free to make my X-PRO2 rumor sleuthing a bit easier ;)

Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumored specs list

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / AswN = anonymous source with nick-name / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

– APS-C sensor (TS + ASwN + AS)
– 24MP sensor (ASwN) – More than 16MP (ASwN)
– available early/first half of 2015 (NeS)
– tilt screen (AS)
– WiFi (AS)
– Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
– Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1 (AS)

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  • decoder

    I hope X-PRO2 can have better video performace. Then I just save money for X-Pro2 next year

    • Serge S Frolov

      I would say KILL VIDEO feature on Fuji, i never did or will use any of my fuji bodies to shot video, get Panasonic GH4 and stop messing with a photographers camera….

      • I would love to have better video. Look, I already have a camera and lens system I’m heavily invested in. It’s a shame I need to look at whole other system to take video.

        It’s 2014 going on 2015. There is no reason why Fuji can’t implement better video capability in their camera system.

        They would win over more market share if they did.

        • Fabio Amodeo

          Better video = better EVF = better autofocus. They are all linked to processing power (which is where I esxpect the biggest gain). A higher flow of high quality images nourishes video, EVF and autofocus system at the same time.

          • Turlututu

            Agreed. Plus, others company often packed good photo and good video quality on the same bodies. Why would I need two bodies for the same job with a Fuji camera ?

  • hexx

    one thing though (pretty please) – whatever they do, don’t change form factor, don’t make it another X-T800(followed by T1000) – just the same form factor as X-Pro1

  • Captain Obvious

    Ok wait, slow down so I understand this rumor. You’re saying that the camera will be released at some point in 2015? Wow that is some hot info. I heard another rumor that said the Fuji logo will be printed on the body somewhere and that it will also have a digital sensor and not use film.

    • hexx

      cool, once you register your new rumors domain and get the site up and running come back and share the link with us – sounds like you have a lot to share

  • Markez79

    Perhaps this is why there has been slow(ish) development from the RAW processors……they have been told a new sensor is coming in 2015….??

    • bob

      Yep – that could explain it. I read somewhere that Photoninja was being used on ‘how to use your fuji’ courses. If so, maybe this could explain why Photoninja have been promising a serious upgrade in performance for the X-Trans sensor but as of yet, no significant updates!

      • Mikephoto1

        Patrick – do you have any thoughts on this?

    • hypothesis … the marketing of fujifilm now prompts us to hypothesize…..?;-) I hope in “real” rumors soon

  • I see the X-Pro2 as an Evolution, not a Revolution. A new sensor with
    more MP (20-24), maybe more pixels for on-chip PDAF, better low light
    capabilities (sensor + new algorythms), faster AF (faster processor(s) + sensor + new algorythms), maybe dual card slots, hopefully the Weather Sealing + everything
    X-T1 and X100T have right now. You are free to add specs on my list, as long as you keep it realistic and evolutionary, not revolutionary! :)

    • (from fujifilm) 2013 October 26th
      “Fuji is not interested in competing on pixel count, but on pixel quality”
      imho translation: if you want more MPX…you have to buy ff camera. don’t?

      • All rumors lead to the same idea : “more than 16MP”. What you say it’s been said one year ago. A lot can change.

        • The physics has not changed ;-) more mpx = > density > noise …< Dinamyc range. anyway..no fujfilm's raw reader yet..we have to wait months to read (new) fujfilm raf files. I don't underestand why fujfilm don't develop its raf reader… :-(

          • I agree with the laws of physics. Yet, over the years, we see sensors with the same size, but with more MP and yet better results in low-light. How come? Because we get better processors, better algorithms and that’s not all – the technology of manufacturilng those pixels has changed. Those pixels may be more, today (on the same APS-C size sensor), but they also collect more light/per/pixel than in the past, according to their size.

          • ok Sebastian…but IMHO X-Trans sensor has reached its limit as a technology. It was good two years ago compared my (sold) nikon D700, now less…

          • Maybe you’re right, Mauro. I’m not so crazy about more MP, you know. It will be really nice to see better low-light capabilities and faster AF, like Olympus does. This is what I need on my X-Pro1 which I use with great joy.

          • markez79

            Agreed – come on FUJI !

          • Fabio Amodeo

            Months if you stick with Adobe. Forever if you choose DoX. A week with Iridient, a couple of weeks with Capture One.

          • ok…you said..”we have to use CO e Iridient because Adobe (market leader) don’t want invest money (time and resources) to improve its “raf” reader”. ok, good. ……

          • d

            Totally agree…Fuji needs its own raw converter

      • This is the same Fujifilm that remove optical viewfinders, aperture rings, mark and unmark full lens stops, etc.. Sticking with a plan isn’t their strong suite.

  • 24 mpx on aps-c sensor?…above 16..ff is better! (sony produce small ff body)
    and..new X-Trans III sensor means…no good raf reader for months..

    “Fuji is not interested in competing on pixel count, but on pixel quality”

    Read more on PhotoRumors.com: http://photorumors.com/2013/10/26/some-fuji-rumors-from-the-photo-plus-expo/#ixzz3G7mwfYEa

    • Markez79

      See my question below – maybe RAW processors are already working with X-Trans III……? Probably wishful thinking for us RAW shooters!

    • If pixel count improves pixel quality, I’m all in. I’ve found that more is almost always better.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Didn’t Fuji say that there’d be no new XPro until a major leap could be made? I never quite understood why everything else had kaizen small steps toward perfection while the “flagship” got much needed firmware fixes and improvements but the hardware has been stuck in limbo for a few generations. I believed that the “organic” was near and would debut in the next XPro. Seems like that isn’t happening.

    Even if Fuji manages to keep 24mp noise down to 16mp levels with the same great DR, would that be a “dramatic leap?” It seems incremental.

    Surely, there must be much more. Or it was a mistake not to have released an XPro-1s. I don’t get why this camera languishes…

    • Well, we’ve seen what “dramatic leap” means nowadays, haven’t we? #CanonSeeImpossible

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Impossible not to make a giant leap from Canon to another system! :)

      • Dramatic leap is more of a marketing statement, than a reality fact.

    • They were afraid that X-Pro1S could mean not too much for us, in terms of upgrades and progress. It seems like X-Pro2 could sound like a really different camera, but I’m afraid that the reality will show us this new X-Pro2 as an X-Pro1S, in fact! Looking back at 2 major examples : X30 over X20 and X100T over X100S – same lens, same sensor size, same processor – it really isn’t a revolution, but a sligth evolution.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Agreed. They could have sold a lot of updated 16mp versions last year. It will be great to have it this year with a little extra Rez if noise stays low, but there’s more to the story that we don’t know. That organic can’t be going well…

      • Unless someone from FujiFilm is on here, there never was anything 100% confirming X-Pro1s ever existed. This is rumor site so everything is with a grain of salt as Patrick says. X-Pro1s may at most been backroom talk. Japanese companies do not commit to projects until nearly last minute.

    • Canon is developing a new organic sensor too:


      Sony is developing a new organic sensor too:


      who will be the first?..fujfilm?

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I’d bet on Fuji-Panny, then Sony. Canon won’t do anything until they have to.

        • x100(T) have the same two years “old”..AF & sensor….you are going to loose ;-)

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Newer than XPRO

  • Nanni

    The only rumor that would be interesting (for me) is for a X100V (Vario) with a zoom (FF resized) 24/85 or 24/100 F2 (or 2,8). If it would be possible with an AF performance like XT1, for the rest same features.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Panasonic LX100?

      • Nanni

        Yes, it will be possible, but the sensor is not so “large”…but I think that it is a very interesting camera.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          It seems like modern sensors from 1″ on up are pretty comparable between adjacent sizes, with a slight edge going to the larger: 1″ and M43, M43 and APSC, APSC and FF.

          This LX100 has a lot of what I love about Fuji cameras, plus 4K. I have a rental reservation in to see if it lives up to the hype.

  • Barf

    No one uses ‘cum grano salis’ in writing or speech these days – this is literally the first time I’ve seen it!


    • I assume that correlates with Patrick’s academic schedule )

    • Patrick

      Oh, well, Go back to 105AD and the graph was inverted ;). But it’a true, as they say “mutat enim mundi naturam totius ætas, ex alioque alius status excipere omnia debet, nec manet ulla sui similis res: omnia migrant, omnia commutat natura et vertere cogit.”

      In short: everything changes ;)

  • > “… rumor is by far the trickiest rumor I’ve ever worked on (mainly because
    > Fuji often changes plans about it. Release & Specs may have changed
    > 3 or more times until now). …” .

    When your a Manufacturer, developing a Product, and you want to _dilute_ rumors or theft of IP, you do not put all your eggs into one Basket and toss it out the Window.

    It would be best to take your secret Project and send Prototype-A to the people selling you the Sensor, Prototype-B comes from the person who manufactured the Chassis (coincidently, where the Sensor mounts, Prototypes-A and Prototype-B are identical; in most other aspects they should differ),

    A late design, with final refinements on the outside, called Prototype-C goes to people making the Accessories – and at the last minute (you guessed it, the outside is the same size but it can be a solid block with no clue provided to the internal workings).

    Splitting the Prototypes up like that generates no chance for any one person to compromise the whole design nor predict which Product (if any) each portion may end up in. Once Fuji gets their trainloads of subassemblies, from all the various Sources, they simply assemble and box them up for shipping.

    That is why rumors seem to change or are hard to fit together, because people at the Manufacturing Plant are doing their Job (which is also reassuring about their upcoming Cameras). Thus, the same rumor from the same place about the same thing might be ‘truer’ than it seems; it is the deceptiveness of thinking it were a final design and the advantage of discrediting the leaker, thats where the mastering of “counter-PR” lies.


  • By the way, speaking of X-Pro2… Just realized what else I’d like to see in this camera, and I’ve never seen it mentioned before.

    An integrated dovetail plate.

    • hexx

      arca style?

      • Yep.

        • hexx

          I’d love that (currently sharing plate between sigma, x-pro1, x100)

    • Alex Reusch

      Great idea!

    • Roy

      Interesting idea, although I’m not quite yet convinced that I’d be comfortable with clamping down a pair of metal jaws onto my camera body.

      • When done correctly, Arca-Swiss style clamps are the safest and most reliable way to keep one piece of photographic gear attached to another.

        • Roy

          Oh, I don’t worry about safety. I’ve been using Arca-Swiss style clamps and plates for about as long as I can remember, and never had any issues with them. My concern is about scratching the paint on the body.

          • Never scratched an Arca-style camera or lens plate in my life. All damage I’ve ever seen has been done to the secondary plates (macro rails, nodal point adjusters and such) – since they’re assembled separately from “expensive” stuff, they are way more prone to being mishandled, especially by assistants and interns.

          • Roy

            I could very well be wrong, but I believe that the materials and paint process are not the same between camera plates and camera bodies. In other words: the question is if you ever scratched a body, rather than a plate.

            Don’t get me wrong though, I like your idea and would like to see it come to fruition. I’m just expressing a concern that might be relevant.

          • My concern is more about the price of that upgrade. A MHG-XT-S, the closest thing to what I’m talking about, costs $100 on Amazon.

  • tjholowaychuk

    no god damn tilty screens!! :(

    • Aesthetically, tilt screens suck, and I don’t think they really fit the perceived idea behind the X-Pro series, but then again, I don’t think Fujifilm really have a strong idea of what they want to do with the X Pro anyway.

      • I did like how Epson did tilt screen in R-D1 and R-D1s, that had ISO scale on back, when in closed mode, though bigger LCD in R-D1DxG is niceer size, but no tilty. (I do not like tilt screens)

  • limlh

    That means organic sensor to appear only after 2015, possibly in X-E3 or more likely X40.

  • Professional Photographer

    No organic sensor?!! This is totally worthless and NOT worth waiting for. There is no breakthrough in traditional X-Trans sensor technology that is worth pushing the X-PRO 2 back three times. If Fuji really has no breakthrough ready yet with organic technology, then Fuji should have just released the X-PRO 2 with the incremental technology upgrade already earlier this year, and then waited until the end of 2015 to release their organic X-PRO 3.

    It is strictly impossible to make incremental improvements in existing X-Trans technology that would create a significant jump in image quality, especially so when at the same time decreasing pixel size by 33% because of the jump from 16 MP to 24 MP.

    Since Fuji already decided to push the camera back so far, I think it is dumb for them to panic now and release a minor bump in sensor quality. I would rather have the X-PRO 2 pushed back just one more time and have something truly worth waiting for.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Or release it now as XPro1t and bring those lagging components up to current state and release at previous model opening list price.

      Of course, MANY here clambered for longer release cycles, so we may be in the minority.

      Maybe they’ll ditch plans for this and wait for 2016 and organic sensor tech.

      • Longer release cycles are great for fully baked products. The X-Pro 1 is an idea camera. An S version would have been helpful two years after the original’s introduction. But it’s fair to say that many of us are waiting for a follow up, whether major or minor.

        • Robert F.


          Going to 24 megapixels is less for our benefit than to give the appearance of keeping up with market drivers. If they can maintain high ISO performance (while slightly improving DR) with a new 24 megapixel sensor, then it will be a worthwhile upgrade, particularly if it’s combined with all the other features folks have been asking for, e.g. weather resistance, better RAW support, improved battery life (and a better battery meter), faster and more accurate autofocus, etc.

      • Nicholas Yanov


    • Just like with the X100, the most important feature of the X-Pro line is the OVF. With the X100t and the X30 Fuji tested two “evolutions” of OVFs. How these models sell is probably important for the plans of the X-Pro2.

      I didn’t know there was anything wrong with the X-Pro1 image quality. If the pixel count in the new sensor increases, the signal to noise ratio will most likely be better than the current models.

      And what is all this hype/frenzy about the organic sensor? It’s like saying: I will not buy any new electricity until it is made by a fusion reactor.

      • Professional Photographer

        The organic sensor has been tested to provide a similar image quality to the human eye, easily exceeding the bit depth of all current RAW formats, capturing detail across up to 28 stops EV within a single exposure. All current discussions about image quality and dynamic range are like arguing about how fast you can ride a bike, when what an organic sensor can offer is like an intercontinental ballistic missle in comparison.

        • Welcome to fantasy world.

          • Robert F.

            Prove it’s a fantasy.

        • danno

          If the organic sensor was so good they would be putting it into a model. Obviously they havent perfected the tech. It’s cool I’ll just shoot, and let the tech nerds worry about buying tech that’s not here yet.

        • Markthetog

          ” The new organic CMOS image sensor offers the industry’s highest dynamic range of 88dB, advanced sensitivity 1.2 times more sensitive than conventional sensors** and broader range of incident angle*6 to enable the production of more sensitive and compact cameras with better image quality.”

          Hardly comes close to your wet dream.

          • Professional Photographer

            Each stop is 3dB. 88dB represents 29.3 stops. The human eye has 27 stops or more of dynamic range.

          • This value for the dynamic range of the eye is not in one “picture” but with the eye adapted to bright sunlight and to starlight. The actual dynamic range for the eye changes, depending on the brightness of a scene and is in the range of 10 to 14 stops.

          • Robert F.

            And they said we’d never go to the moon, either. And now we have digital cameras at least tangentially because we did.

            I wouldn’t bet against the advance of technology.

          • Well, they proved it is technologically possible to go to the moon, but we still can’t buy a ticket to the moon at our local travel agency 45 years later.

          • Robert F.

            And what the hell would you do if you got there? It’d be like buying a ticket to visit Antarctica … at night … ‘cept with no oxygen.

          • You can shoot the sun and the stars at the same time with your 29 stops of dynamic range.

          • Robert F.

            No, you couldn’t, because cosmic rays would fry the sensor.

          • Well, then I don’t know why anybody would need 29 stops anyway.

        • Organic sensor is as much red herring as full frame. Organic sensor is all hypothetical! I bet a week passes before people complain organic is now not enough, needs to be FF or MF size, then too big, need MF in APS-C size!

          So, I do not understand all this “No full frame” or “no organic sensor” camera will be useless trash people keep going on and on about!

          Wish people stop being Photo Ahab and stop obsessing over hunting Moby Dick of camera sensor!!

          • Robert F.

            It’s past the hypothetical phase … way past. And it will be the next quantum leap forward in sensor technology (one that could actually reinvigorate a sagging market).

            How long it takes to arrive to market is another story.

        • Robert F.

          Bike to missile is a bit extreme. Bike to car would be a more apt differentiation … but that’s still a lot.

    • DrunkenRant

      I suspect that the X40 will be the first unit with an organic sensor since smaller sensors generally give better yields. That’ll be Fuji’s test mule to see how it sells and performs in real world.

    • While I love the X-Pro 1, I dislike:
      1. write-to-card speed
      2. EVF refresh rate
      3. Inability to confirm focus whilst using OVF
      4. inability to manually select maximum flash sync speed.

      Those things alone would be worth an ‘S’ upgrade. I agree: an X-Pro 2 should come with further improvements, if not drastic changes.

  • Gennarociuccio

    What are the chances that the X-PRO 2 will have a weather sealed body?
    This is a fundamental feature for me.
    Mirrorless means travel light but also versatility… also when u are cought climing up a montain by rain! (It did happen to me in the past and had to throw my camera away).

    • I’m sure it will be. That said, I’ve soaked my X-Pro 1 in multiple occasions, usually whilst snowshoeing. No problems.

      • Officially “weather sealed” body means no cable release hole in a shutter button, among other things. Bye-bye soft releases.

        • Being weather sealed doesn’t necessitate doing away with the threaded cable release. Lazy companies take stuff out without inventing new ways of using older technologies.

          I hope Fujifilm don’t go too far down that road. They’ve done enough of it with the X-T1.

          • In short: it’s nearly impossible to waterproof “classical” cable release hole while keeping it functional. While I see a few ways how it could be done, they all are rather expensive.

          • I live in the land of Fujifilm and Nikon etc. and am sick to death of excuses. Every company says their stuff is amazing, then you find out that it comes with a 3 month guarantee, that if you hold it wrong, you are liable for damages, that if the temperature fluctuates a few degrees, they will not insure it…

            Everyone has taken the cheap, easy route, not by removing certain things and digging into a good user base, but by trying to do everything, but cheapening the entire experience.

            The X-T1’s exposure release is as cheap and poorly designed as the back buttons are. It is worse than my wife’s D5000, clicking almost immediately down.

            If weatherproofing means making the user experience worse, I’ll have had almost enough of Fujifilm, or any Japanese manufacturer. If they can invest in making GOOD technology rather than cutting corners, I’m in. But so far I see only looking around: to the cheap arse competition that is only happy with cutting corners.

            So, if it took more money to spread a bit of ideas into the ‘brains’ at one of these cheap arse companies, and that cost came down to the customer, in the long run, it is better. A company that can stick out because of being good AND different whilst inventing a market (not just reacting to it) is a worthwhile company.

        • I am not sure why a threaded release need removed keep weather sealed. I do not think thread hole opens up at bottom in to camera.

        • If they give the classical-mechanical cable release up and will implement some modern release system like in X-T1, would it be bad? I guess I prefer a fully WS body, if this means no more classic cable release.

          • The X-T1’s exposure release feels poor under the finger compared to a number of other cameras both above and below its price. Ditto the doors, back buttons, general layout. I hope they can figure out how to make a _nice_ experience whilst still making sure their cameras will survive a bit of water.

        • Luzu

          You certainly haven’t heard of Lolumina.

          Works great on my X-T1!

          • I certainly heard of it. Just don’t like the permanence of the thing, where you have a “softie” (too tall for my liking), or you have a threaded pin poking your finger. Besides, some of the “classical” soft releases look and feel like a work of art. For example, here are mine: http://instagram.com/p/oJKTsQtB6E/

          • Luzu

            I’m a huge fan of the Lensmate products, too. X100S with one of their soft releases and a thumb rest = superb handling.

            In fact you CAN get the Lolumina soft releases off if you want (even though its hard) but I see what you mean. You can’t switch easily between soft release and no soft release. On the other hand why would you want to switch all the time?

            At least you can’t talk about a general wave goodbye for soft releases on weather sealed cameras. There is an option.

          • “On the other hand why would you want to switch all the time?” – the winter is coming, you know. And frankly, soft releases aren’t that glove friendly… :)

    • EnKiu

      I suggest that you carry a couple of large plastic ziplock bags… and when it starts to rain, pack the camera. Two of them should prevent water getting through… plus they weigh and pack to nothing. Problem solved.

      If you want to shoot in the rain, this is a different matter. In this case you need a weather sealed camera, a lens hood (stops some rain getting on front of the lens), and a lens with water repellent coating (or a filter like this) with a small air blower (best way to clear away the water droplets from the front of the lens).

  • Announcement in the first half of 2015 would be interesting, but I wouldn’t mind if they push it back even further. I really don’t want to feel like having to buy a new camera every 2, 3, 4 years and in the meanwhile can focus on taking better pictures instead :)

  • Ash

    A revamped flash system with HSS would be great. New flash units and optical TTL triggering are also needed to bring X in line with other mirrorless systems.

  • Rich

    Fuji needs to get their pricing in order. If I wanted to spend $2000 on a body and $1600 to get a decent zoom, I’d just get a D610.

  • caver3d

    I’ll stick with my X-T1 and X-E1. The 16 mp sensor is great, and plenty for cropping. Don’t need anything else.

  • chris

    If Fujifilm combine the X-T1 with the video quality and functions of the GH4 and call it X-Pro2, I would buy it in a second.

  • PA

    Initially I was expecting the X-PRO2 this year but … And then I was
    expecting news at Photokina and I got the “worth the wait” a bit disappointed.
    My idea was initially to buy X30 and wait for the X-PRO2.

    The result is: I have ordered an X-E2 with a FUJINON XF 23mm F1.4 R.

  • soundimageplus

    Decent Video? Improved battery life? Easier and better raw processing with Lightroom and Photoshop? If they get those right, then it will be a terrific camera. Lot’s of features is nice but getting the basics sorted is important too. It’s all very well to have a fancy viewfinder but going out without a pocketful of spare batteries, being able to shoot video with a decent bitrate and not having to use other than my preferred raw processing software are important too.

    It does have ‘Pro’ in the name after all.

  • Markez79

    What are the three main things peope are compalining about with Fuji at the moment…….?
    1. Poor Video
    2. Slow AF speed compared to competitors.
    3. Poor RAW/RAF support.
    Im sure that the X-PRO2 will answer the first two points with 4K video and more phase detectiion pixels on the sensor, and lets hope they will look at the 3rd point as well!

    • I’m not so crazy about super features in Video Mode. They better improve the AF speed, RAW support and (why not) battery life.

      • markez79

        Nor am I ! The only think i want is ‘DSLR’ fast AF and RAF support!

        However, if they improve video they will make a lot of other people happy and that is what is important for the brand.

  • Luzid

    I will wait for the X-T2 to compare it with the X-Pro2, and than decide.
    I am still happy with my X-E1.

  • chris

    I work since 12 years as a one man company in the multimedia business. I’ve waste so much money in electronic tools, which were useless after one or two years, because the companies stopped the product circle. (that’s our economic system…) It makes me sick.

    Ok, “PRO” means for me, that the product design and technic is on a level, that I can work with it the next 5 years and get support. (also new lenses)

    “PRO” means for me, that I can simply adjust the camera for my different jobs with external hardware. (for photo and video)

    “PRO” means for me, that I get firmware updates.

    “PRO” means for me, that the camera is weather sealed and survives a one meter fall.

    “PRO” means for me the best image quality I can get.

    • Can you name one camera that deserves the “PRO” label by your standards? I can’t think of one.

      • chris

        Maybe the Canon 5D Mark III. – But “my standards” are more a wish-list for fujifilm ;o) I think this would be a way to save resources and the confidence in a company and camera-system.

        • Definitely not the 5D Mark III. It is without a doubt surpassed in image quality by a digital medium format camera, probably even other 35mm sensor cameras.

    • mrgecko

      PRO means for me a skilled photographer that can get the job done even with 10 year old tech. The gear has very little to do with the quality of your work. I just reacquired my old Nikon FM and it can do any job!

      • chris

        I admit, my frustration originate more from the video gear when I’ve wrote about wasted money. With my old PAL-cameras I can not record a HD-video. With the old HD-camera I get no high framerate or 4k … In this case you need the right tool.

      • Mass Independent

        True, I just pulled out my Contax cameras and ordered some film for my next project. The main concern was wide angle and as I checked the location, I saw that my Zeiss 28mm would do it, so I don’t need to rent a camera and lens. I have a good film scanner, so it is back to film for this job. But a Fuji X is in my future, for sure.

      • pszilard

        “Any job” What kind of video do you get from the FM? LOL

    • Prittlim

      This is probably not your best choise for filming. I don’t make movies but I’d take a look at Pansonic.

  • gr

    Fuji just put image stabilization in camera and your done!

    • pszilard

      Sure, dream on… (It would be nice though).

  • si

    1.weather seal
    2.pro eye cup

    good to go

  • Juan Gonzalez

    “The rumor comes from Sony Alpha Rumors, who is reporting that the a7000 will arrive in 2015 with a new 24MP sensor (same res, new sensor), weather sealing, full tethering capabilities, 1/8000 max shutter speed and 4K video capabilities.”

    Fuji, you better top this with the X-PRO 2.

  • KAM

    Good 1080HD video, I’ll faint dead away. A new sutter speed of a 1/8000, with x-sync to 1/250, maybe. Fuji will tell of the new electric sutter. But I hope so. More MPs, I hope so 24 maybe asking too much. Weather sealing and adjustable dioper, a must. An Xt-2 by Christmas 2015 mabe. Hilary Clinton may well be president frist. Still waiting.

  • tjholowaychuk

    No god damn tilt screen. Come on Fuji, you have the chance to make Leica-esque build quality, just refine the design, use slightly better materials, avoid stupid features and there you go.

    Also fix the weird texture please! It looks and feels very cheap.

    • pszilard

      ABSOLUTELY we want tilt LCD. Remember waist level viewfinders?

  • St. Louis Mike

    Been waiting so long I think I’ll just go Sony. I’m an old fart and retired photojournalist – I just want a camera I can take with me everywhere that fits in my cargo pocket. Seems like I’ve waited years for a Leica-like digital that has good lenses and at least 24MP…gonna have to go Sony if nothing happens by April 15.

  • Rick Sander

    I got the Sony RX100 iii. Its great. You’ll love it and you can take pix or experiment and if you want, you can mount a little ring adaptor on it and mount CPL or wide angle lens, cokin filters. I used to carry a canon 5d2 with a bag of heavy lens everywhere. Now I have two maxpeditions bags I clip to my shoulder sling bag and I have everything with me for about 2-3 pounds. Go with your instinct!

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