Fujifilm X-PRO2: 24MP APS-C sensor, tilt screen, WiFi and available in 2015 (anonymous source)


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If you remember, back in January an anonymous source (with nick-name) told us that Fuji dropped plans to produce an X-PRO1S. All R&D was placed into the X-PRO2. But, so the source, sensor and design were not finalized at that time.

A few months later, rumors of an Fujifilm X-PRO2 featuring a FF sensor were quickly corrected by the trusted Japanese FR-source, who told us that it will feature an APS-C sensor.

And now the dice might have been cast. According to an anonymous source, Fujifilm decided to put a 24MP APS-C sensor into the X-PRO2.

But the source shared some more details: the X-PRO2 will have a tilting LCD screen and, as to expect, a built-in WiFi. The camera should be in stores in 2015 (the source said February, but, as we know, this is always a tricky part of rumors, as Fuji can change the date in any moment).

Another question is if it will be announced in 2014 or 2015. Mirrorlessrumors said here that it will be announced at the photokina (September). This anonymous source told me the same, but for now I’ll wait for more feedback before confirming any date (I hear different dates). It could be the photokina, the CES (January) or even another day with no imaging fair (as the X-T1, which was launched in January 28). I’ll work on it and hopefully be able to give you an update soon (and any help is warmly welcome).

However, the Fujifilm X-PRO2 should be available only in 2015.

You know it, take it with a grain of salt.

If you can help me to find out more, feel free to contact me completely anonymously via rumor box (and maybe give yourself a nick-name, so that I can eventually identify you in future if you decide to share some more rumors) or drop me an email at fujirumor [at] gmail.com.

And now let’s have a look at the rumored X-PRO2 specs list (including rumors posted by other rumor sites):

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / ASwN = Anonymous source with nick-name / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • APS-C sensor (TS + ASwN + AS)
  • 24MP sensor (AS)
  • available in 2015 (ASwN + AS)
  • tilt screen (AS)
  • WiFi (AS)
  • Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
  • Announcement at the photokina 2014 (ORS)

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  • Pradip Rai

    Thanks for the update Patrick, which I was desperately waiting for. X100T should be FF then lol…

    • arhmatic

      or not ff.

  • hexx

    Admin, any (even low probability) rumors about medium format initiative from Fujifilm?

    My X-Pro1 is looking for an upgrade, not sure that 24mp APS-C is the upgrade path for me (and by the looks of it they will just make it an X-T1 – thanks)

    • Patrick

      the medium format rumor was probably wrong

      • hexx

        That’s shame, really shame. There’s a hole in the market. the same as there was a hole in that segment few years ago which was filled by Mamiya with their 6 and later 7 system.
        Having large capture medium in a small package with interchangeable lenses is the way to go.
        The sensor is here and is available (Sony’s CMOS 44×33 sensor) and the results are great (have few RAW files from 645Z, was comparing to files from my Leaf Aptus)

        • Reto

          hold on brother!

          Sony will make one….i know them….;)

          If not, get a pentax 645z….its amazing could already test one!

          If money matters, get a d810 it will close the gap even more to mf….maybe not full 1 stop better anymore as the 645 z is in comparison to the “older” d800e…

          if you want ultimate IQ and travel as light as pssible get a d800e or d810 with 1.8 primes (28 & 85) and perhaps the 50or a70-200 f4 if you still need more tele …but you can brutally crop due to the resolution advantages of the d800e already…less (lens) is more!

          Only real adavntage of mf is the reoslution 14 mpx more than fx, slighlty better low light as mentioned but you have tio carry…

          PS: Fuji is amzing, qulait of galss etc. , x trans sensor etc. buit they simpyl cannot change physics or working wonders…fx and mf will always achieve better iq,dr, low ligth etc…wiht the already known disadvantegs bigger lens, mor eto carry etc….

          • hexx

            “get a d810 it will close the gap even more to mf….maybe not full 1
            stop better anymore as the 645 z is in comparison to the “older”

            that D800E can’t even touch my digital back from 2006 – not even remotely ;) and the files I’ve seen from 645Z are better than the files from my back.

            my worry is that if Sony makes one, it will be half-baked as all A7x cameras are – there’s something wrong with every single one of them, slow, loud, shutter release button is at wrong place, too small for larger lenses…

            Fuji might have a chance here to create simple 3-lens system with leaf shutters in the lenses – hand held studio camera for hi flash sync speeds and brilliant landscape camera too – easy to carry around and capturing huge amount of detail for fine art/landscape photographers.

            D800(e) with lenses is actually bigger and heavier than my current MF system based on Hasselblad V + Leaf Aptus 75S digital back.

            Was considering D800E back then when I was in the market for high resolution camera. In the end I bought digital back for my film camera because results were much better. Don’t forget, those lenses were designed for larger capture area and on digital sensors they are used in their ‘sweet spot’ around the center so the results are tack sharp. (56×56 vs 48×36) – all 3 lenses I have for V system (50/4 FLE, 80/2.8, 150/4) perform brilliantly and have beautiful rendering.

            Pentax is a hard nut for me, really thinking about it but I’m hopeful that there will be mirrorless camera with this new CMOS MF sensor – I’d rather wait for that before I commit to Pentax and sell my current MF gear.

          • reto

            @hexx:disqus You’ re comparing apples to oranges..multiple reasons…imo…

            film/analogue vs. digital
            ccd (hassy v) vs. cmos sensor (mf digital hasselblad h5d-50c, pentax 645z, p1 iq2 250)

            rendering of colours will be always better esp. skin tones for portraiture on the ccd sensor but the cmos is much much muich better in low light (no problems of higher iso using) than ccd and better in most situaitons, better general purposes/overall capabilities than the ccd..imo..

          • hexx

            I guess you need to re-read my message. I wasn’t comparing CMOS vs CCD but D800E vs my old digital back. And I stated that I like results from 645Z, which is based on CMOS, more than results from my old CCD based digital back.

            When it comes to film/digital I mentioned that film hasselblad V lenses perform well on digital sensor because they were designed for larger capturing area and therefore have larger image circle so on digital sensor they are used in the center area instead of corner to corner.

            so no apples, no oranges ;)

          • hexx

            @reto – I would like to try D810 though. Have seen some comparison somewhere and it looks like it can squeeze a bit more detail from (what looks like) same sensor.

          • Randolph_Knackstedt

            High megapixel DSLR’s does not = medium format. Not even close. The only people that say cameras such as the D800/810 are like medium format cameras are people that don’t know what they’re talking about.

          • Reto

            Please reread my statement didnt say this i said “might relatively close” gap betzween d810 ff 36 mpx and pentax 645z mf digital…mf still more megapixel, slighlt better low light due to implementing of a cmos sensor…

            Nevertheless…. still closer than any futural fuji cam will be….different market different audience different purposes

  • Sinjun

    Organic sensors are rumored to be in Fuji cameras by late 2014 / early 2015, so why would Fuji put a non-organic sensor in the X-Pro 2?

    • hexx

      to answer sony a6000? i can’t see any other reason really, that sony is meant to be really good camera with very fast AF

    • nwcs

      A lot of people expect the organic sensor won’t be ready until 2016 or 2017 if ever. It will likely make an appearance with a smaller sensor camera first.

  • peevee

    WiFi is not that big of a rumor, given that everything has WiFi now. ;-)

    • Patrick

      indeed, that’s why I wrote it will, “as to expect”, feature WiFi

    • Ian

      The newest Nikon, costing over $3000 doesn’t ;)

      • peevee

        How Nikon will swindle their faithful for a $900 WiFi adapter otherwise? ;)

  • wilbur

    Any idea if the optical viewfinder will be continued in the X-Pro 2?

  • Surab

    Hey Patrick, are you sure that it is an x-trans sensor? It says so in the list, but was not mentioned in the text.

    Actually, it would be nice if Fuji would do the X-A/M thing again and give us the choice of color filter array and in the Bayer Case maybe some €s less or not.

    • Patrick

      it says it’s X-Trans in the list, because this rumor comes from mirrorlessrumors, another rumor site (I’ve linked to the rumor in the text)

      • Surab

        I see! My bad. I was only looking at the point “24MP X-Trans sensor (AS)” and was wondering. Thanks and keep up!

        • Patrick

          whoops, then it’s my error. Sorry, I’ve mixed up things and corrected it. Thanks

  • Fuel

    The specs are very predictable: Of course Fuji will use a 24 MP sensor. As far as I know the basic sensor is from Sony with Fuji designed topings on it. Tiltable screen and WiFi are meanwhile standard. So no surprise, nothing exciting. The question is if Sony will deliver an even higher resolution APS-C sensor for photokina. More MP might not be needed or might be even compromising other aspect of the iq, but in this case 24 MP look like being behind. (As 16 MP do today for APS-C sized sensors.)

  • robert


    Thank you so much patrick to come out about your gained rumors/speculations about the upcoming xpro 2 and flagship of the fuji x series…

    Any infos about shutter speed flahs sync etc.?

    What about…

    1/8000 shutter speed
    1/250 flash sync at least (320 even better)
    native base iso 100 (50 even better)
    double sd uhs II slot
    16 tiff in raw conversion??
    better bracketing and exposure compensation than xt1/x pro 1 (more than just +3!) +5 like e.g. em1?
    integrated flash ?
    any major changes in design?
    new hybrid ovf and evf??? resolution as xt1 or even better???
    fully weather sealed body like xt1???

    Please answer and tell us…..its so exciting to hear anything about the xpro2;) !

    • Patrick

      It’s pretty hard to leak all this 8-9 months before the camera will be available. Even the X-T1 rumor started with some generic specs (WR, EVF only), and at the end you got all the specs with weeks in advance.

      I’ll try to repeat the X-T1 rumor success with the X-PRO2… just, well, over half a year before the release, it’s not that easy hexx.

      Or well, if you think that’s easy, you should open your own rumor site, and leak everything 8-9 months before a product even hits the market.

      good luck with it ;-)

      • robert

        Sorry, I’m not hexx! Wrong place, reply position i guess…

        But you could easily confrontate your trusted sources with this feature list what they think about or would probably guess…..you will see if they will answer or be open-minded to tell you even more than you already knowing… so more proactive…you change the side/position not wait to get something, you ask….dont wanna make you angry you do an amzing job already!!! Good to have you!! but this is what i would try/do….

        • Patrick

          Sorry, so you’re robert
          Sources have a similar list since April ;-)… as I said, it’s all but easy.

  • Project95

    What is just as important as the coming X-Pro 2 is a new pro wireless speedlite system comparable to Canon’a 600EX-RT’s. They really need to introduce that type of speedlite along with the X-Pro 2.

    • ricky

      totally agree….sad to hear nothing about new flashes or a complete announcement of a flash system in competition to nikon and canon……

      a lot of pros dont switch due to this fact /major lack or take the olympus em1/omd system as their portable system because of better flashes/system…

    • Ian

      I’m surprised at the lack of rumours about flashes. Fuji has got to be working on something. There is no way that David Hobby AND Zak Arias became Fuji X Pros without some sort of a promise about a great flash system.

      Yet, we’ve heard nothing about flashes. Not sure what to make of it.

      • Arnold Newman

        Hobby uses manual power mode with flash so he has everything he needs. You can alread get a radio controller that works on the Fuji X bodies and controls Canon’s 600EX-RT flashes—as long as you don’t need ETTL.

      • erien

        If you would get the cams for free as a pro and additional money for advertise them you would probably do it as well….

  • David Yeiter

    My only hope is that they master the focusing…the rest is gravy..of course keep the OVF, please Fuji, pretty please!!!

  • Terry_Clark

    Oh great, Fuji is chasing megapixels before they round out their lens line up. Wonderful. Come on guys, get that fast longer glass to market before you come out with more cameras! How about a 90mm f/2? Or the 55–140mm f/2.8? Maybe a 200mm f/2.8? Give us LENSES before megapixels!!

    • desio

      partially i agree with you a similar lens like the olympus 75 1.8 ( 150 mm 3.6 equiv. ff) is sadly sadly stil missing…..but fuji is ways ahead of olympus (paansonic /m43 in general on the wide end side with the 10-24 f4 ois and 23 1.4….olys 9-18 or panas 7-14 f4 and olys 17 1.8 are not as stellar as the fujis and the have no ordinary filter thread fo landscpae nd , cpl filters…so also the mature m43 lens lkien uop has some major lacks…..they need a 35 1.4 af ff lens and a 7-14 lens with filter thread not the new 7-14 2.8 pro uwa zoom is no answer……still no filter thread then …no cheap soloution for filters…have to buy expensive wonderpana fotodiox adapter….for this you could get a complete cam+ lesn setup…sadly…

      • X-Con2

        Wow, one sentence !

      • Arnold Newman

        Interesting. I don’t pay attention to m4/3. Do these lenses that lack filter threads have bulbous front elements? I can’t think of any other reason why one would leave off filter threads.

    • miniTO

      What you want them to stop all camera development??? I am sure that will go over great with the market when the X-Pro 1 is 3 years old and the A7 “l” “m” “n” “o” “p” have been catching the photo market headlines with new features and specs. Then people loose faith that anything past X-Trans II is coming down the pipe. Camera development is just as important as lens development especially in the digital age like it or not.
      In the end I would welcome any sensor improvement and I will hold off scoffing at the MP count until I see its actual performance…

    • rr98

      Some people want higher megapixels and Fujifilm has been behind it’s competitors for a long time. It just matter of time Fujifilm increase the megapixels.

    • Arnold Newman

      There’s no reason why it can’t be both. Fuji would be foolish not to continue to improve and refine their bodies.

  • Using the X-Pro1 now and really my only major wishes for an update are:
    – better focus speed and reliability
    – higher flash sync speed or a manual lock in on the maximum speed (as with the X-T1)

    • hexx

      better EVF when framing really matters would be another one on the list, but apart from that there’s not much I would change on my X-Pro1 – maybe a bit ‘tighter’ built, it’s not as nice feeling as original X100 is.

      • True :) And maybe more reliable focus when using the OVF – for critical focus situations I find myself using the EVF… would love using the OVF more, if only it were a tad more reliable!

        • hexx

          yep, I usually use 18/2 lens on X-Pro1 and OVF, EVF mostly when I use 35/1.4 lens and accuracy with it is crucial (at least for me).

  • nwcs

    I think I could have come up with this same list of features. :) All are fairly obvious.

    • hexx

      maybe you’re the source then :D

      • nwcs


    • Patrick

      well, at least we can now assume that it won’t be available before 2015… which wasn’t maybe easily predictable

      • nwcs

        True, although you did tell us not to expect it in 2014 :)

  • Ian Docherty

    Why does ‘guessing’ what feature it will have matter?…….It will have what it has and only Fuji know what that will be. If you are building up your hopes for specific features then you are most likely to be disappointed. Just wait ’til the @£*&^! camera is released…………and breathe!!!!! :-)

    • hexx

      and that’s why we keep reading rumour sites – or wait..

  • Adrian G.

    If some Fuji worker reads this please, NO tilt screen, better af, 24mp (not that important i’m kinda ok with 16), wifi, better flash support and new flashes, keep the same battery of the xpro1 (i have a lot of original ones, never buy third party) and a silver/chrome version ;)

    That’s all!

    • ElMasquadero

      You know you can also NOT tilt a tiltable screen if you prefer?

      How would you react if someone ask for NO silver/chrome version?

      • Not tilting a tiltable screen is like painting a silver version black. ;)

      • Adrian G.

        I use my cameras hard, i don’t treat them like babies, i don’t use camera bags, just use normal bags and throw them with other stuff and travel a lot around my country, if someone wants a tilt screen can go with the xt-1 i guess…

    • Manuel

      Why no tilt screen? It is quite helpful in many situations (well, maybe you are a portrait photographer and do not need it).

      • Adrian G.

        Yep i know is helpful i used some cameras with that feature in the past, i do some portraits but i mainly work in rock/edm events and travel a lot, i feel that tilts screens are fragile and as i explain in a comment below i don’t treat cameras like babies so i need a camera solid as they can be, tilt screens are more consumer oriented feature and not that “Pro” to be in a camera with the word “Pro” in it’s name.

        • Greg D

          Then glue the thing shut. It’s rock solid on the X-T1. I’ll take the tilt screen. Super useful.

        • nwcs

          Well, you feel tilt screens are fragile but that doesn’t mean they are fragile. Not like you hear about issues with tilt screens breaking all over the place. With how you say you treat your cameras I’d be more concerned with your LCD breaking before the tilt screen.

        • Markus Worsdorfer

          You don’t need to tilt it if you don’t like it. Most people appreciate a tilt screen. It works great on the X-T1.

        • Stef

          No screen at all! If it has WiFi then let’s change what ever settings on the smartphone… especially if the manual controls can get close to the XT-1, not needed. Why bother having a screen at all with the viewfinder as good as it is? Added expense to manufacture handed down to us and would look a hell of a lot cooler without.

        • romi.foto

          get a pro dslr. they’ll handle your roughness better than any fuji x camera.

          • George Christofi

            Very Funny

        • Clint

          I felt the same as you until I saw how tilt screen was implemented on the A7…you sacrifice neither size nor durability. Don’t flip it out and there is nothing to break…or, it’s there if you need it.

          Like it or not I think that it won’t be long before most all cameras offer the ‘feature’.

    • Florence Griffith

      I have bought third part batteries for my X-T1 and with very good results

      • Adrian G.

        They aren’t bad at all, some even give more juice than the original ones, but in my experience with 2 EN-EL3e replacements (For Nikon) one started dropping the charge quick, and the other after 2 months without use just died, i didn’t wanted that with my Fuji so i started getting originals, i hope you have good luck with your batteries!

    • Howie

      Silver/chrome version……….agreed. That would be bad-a$$ed. Not as discrete but definitely bad-a$$ed.

  • oblomov

    An 24MP APS-C sensor is OK. I hope a faster AF, a more versatile and better hybrid viewfinder. Max. shutter speed 1/8000 and native 100 ISO. Exposure compensation at least +/- 3 stop. WIFI and a tilt & touchscreen would be fine.

    In 2015 is fine, because my Pro1 does it well.

  • hexx

    how about a poll “has fuji lost their mojo?”

    • hexx

      (foreigner me)

      • MJr

        No *has* was good .. (and you can enable Edit by signing in)

        • hexx

          yep, tried to sign in – forgot pass I guess :)

        • ipecaca

          my bet – either have…their or has…it’s (foreigner as well) :)

    • danielpicasso

      for me, it will depend on the XPII. I’m still with x100, and happy with it thanks to on going FW updates AND passed on XT1 in hoping that the XPII will be fantastic- other wise I will stay with X100 and M6 for B&W film and be OK….. come on Fuji- lets WOW us!

      • hexx

        Both lovely cameras and still have both, X100 got SAB some time ago though

  • X-Con 2

    Filesize RAW 45 MB ? Need USB 3.0, No ?

    • I was bothered by the lack of an included USB cable with my X-T1 until I found out how much easier it is to just not bother with cables at all and just insert the memory card into my computer’s built-in SD card slot. If it doesn’t have one, there are plenty of add ons to give it one.

  • Alex

    Since fuji will develop the organic sensor with panasonic- I’m scared!
    X-pro2 with 24MP APS-C sensor is great to me. This is professional body it should give us as much possible information on the image! I don’t want to compete with mobile uploads..
    I hope for real iso 100; faster sync speed; faster af; and as always lower noise :)

    • Denis

      but lower noise could be problem with more MP

  • JWC

    I’m surprised they went with the larger megapixel route. They could’ve done something like the Sony A7s, where it’s only 12 megapixels but have incredible low-light performance. Plus, I don’t want to deal with bigger RAW files.

    I hope it has faster AF for all points on the sensor.

    • nwcs

      I can see why they would go with 24. All else equal the higher resolution file will look far better than a lower resolution one, especially when resized to the same size as the lower resolution one. And it may help with any raw file artifacts that x-trans is susceptible to creating.

      And if they’re going to use the Sony A6000 sensor then it’ll have a lot of PDAF points available already and that would help with focus a lot.

      • JWC

        I doubt that the higher resolution file will look better than the lower one when it’s resized. It’ll probably look the same.

        The only benefit of a bigger file is for huge prints (wall sized) or cropping generously. I doubt many people print huge, wall sized prints here. And cropping is mostly about shot discipline; so you shouldn’t have to crop often.

        • hexx

          higher resolution is also good for future, let’s think about it for a while.. 4K screens and TVs are coming, there will be even higher resolution screens later. more resolution (if lenses can resolve it) never hurts ;)

          (disclaimer: i am high resolution addict)

          • ipecaca

            Higher resolution lowers signal-to-noise ratio and problems with diffraction become more pronounced, isn’t that true?

          • hexx

            I guess that’s what theory tells us :) but we have 24mp APS-C cameras which a couple of years ago were dismissed on various forums to have way too small pixels and would be very noisy and who knows what. Let’s not go down “640kB is enough” route ;)

          • JWC

            4K is about 8 megapixels. Fuji currently has 16. I think we have plenty of megapixels already. I think instead of them chasing megapixels, they should focus on low-light performance and dynamic range.

        • nwcs

          Having more resolution tends to also come with better sharpness and clarity. Having more pixels available means better sampling of the colors of the scene (until full color sensors become mainstream). When I had a D800 and D700 I resized the D800 files to D700 size. In my opinion they always looked better than the D700 ones. And I said all else equal it will look better.

    • Clint

      Screw that…keep your 12MP I want at 24MP with the same level of noise/dynamic range or better than the current XPro1. I don’t need iso4397844732565.

      • JWC

        I can think of more instances where high ISO would be more beneficial than higher megapixels. Event photographers, astro-photographers, concert photographers, etc. will benefit if their camera has great low-light photography. Heck, shooting at night would bring about some new looks in portraiture, street, landscape, and other genres of photography.

        What are you going to use your high megapixels for? Are you making wall sized prints every day? Are you cropping heavily on most of your photos?

        • Clint

          I print large all the time actually…and I never crop…so that’s not why I want the resolution. I don’t use anything above iso6400 and even that would only account for 1% of my photos. Resolution and DR is much more appealing to me than high iso.

  • It needs 2 big things to be a hit:
    -better RAW support especially in LR
    -more and better accessories: flashes that can be triggered in TTL using the pop-up ones, powerful batteries and maybe a battery grip

    If the year will be 2015 then we might see the X-E3 in the meantime (maybe with the same sensor).

    And please build a true 1:1 macro 100/105mm equiv :-)


    • hexx

      while you’re at that 1:1 macro, T/S lens(es) would be nice too

    • ThomasE

      No one really needs TTL. There are a lot fine manual flashes outside.

  • Dony

    This is the camera I have been waiting for. I have an X10 and an X-E1 and have been waiting patiently for higher megapixel count (I crop about half of my more important photos) as well as the other features. I have invested in lenses (14 mm, 35 mm, 60 mm, 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm) and will buy more lenses as well as soon as this body is available. BTW, since buying the X-E1, my 5D II and some $30,000 worth of pro lenses and equipment have been unused.

  • Christophe

    What would be awesome, is dual sd card slot!!!

  • Bruno

    The Fuji OVF really needs is a decent frameline parallax correction: right now the corrected frame is shown only when the shutter button is half-pressed, while it should be normal to have the correction always enabled in both MF mode (the distance is already set) and in AF mode (keeping the last distance that was used).

    I have to admit that I’m not necessarily a fan of retro look (but compact size is good). Having a multipurpose wheel and a small LCD display to show the shutter speed and a few other features (WB, exposure compensation) wouldn’t harm. Having the possibility of adjusting WB on the fly, without getting into a menu would be great. Nikon does it well on some models: push the WB button, turn the dial and set a new WB. Same for ISO. There is no need to have dedicated dials for that.

  • Tyler

    One thing is as true as the changing of the tide each day – for as long as Fuji has waited on updating the XPRO1; letting multiple cameras in its lineup surpass it as their flagship model – they REALLY need a walk up home run with the XPRO2.

    It needs to rip the X100S, X-E2 and X-T1 out of the water. And if they are dual working on other stuff like X200, X-T2, or X-E3 – they need to ensure the XPRO2 isn’t limping around with a broken ankle 3 months post-release.

    • The main term in the X-Pro1 is ‘pro’. Workhorses typically have an inherently conservative feature set at outset, which makes them appear outdated by the time they are discontinued. However, the specs are unimportant, because the demands from a commercial photographer are simply for a utilitarian camera that does the job consistently, without fuss, and with good ROI.

      Contrast this with domestic level cameras, which are packed full of bright new features that give a product a couple of months of sales before the next shiny thing jangles its keys and the market shifts again.

      Personally, if Fuji made the X-Pro2 identical to the X-Pro1, but with a decent TTL/wireless flash system as the only change, I’d be all over it like an infectious skin disease. Other things like WiFi, 24mp, and a flippy screen are all bonuses IMO.

  • Tyler

    Just come out with the new X200 already. Better the LCD. Better the EVF. Give a faster aperture lens. And flip your coin whether to make it FF, the same or slight higher mp. I’ll buy one and stop there a happy man.

  • thomasE

    I would be perfectly fine with an X-Pro 2 sporting an OVF and the main features of the XT-1 (ISO-dial, free programmable fn-buttons, tilt screen). Weather resistance would be a nice extra. Of course we can expect faster AF, maybe with face detection, and continuous AF that follows the motive with all AF-points would make this AF-mode pretty useable.
    I don’t care about MP but expect 24 MP. It’s just kind of foreseeable progress, if it doesn’t go with increase of noise.
    FF would be a severe mistake for it would degrade all the investment in lenses so far. And it would ruin the lightweight factor of the X-System. If one wants big lenses and heavy bodies one can go DSLR. Fuji currently serves a fine niche, there is no reason to leave it. But maybe we will see a mid-format fixed lens camera some day.

  • idefixx

    so all we know is the obvious but nothing that would set the xp2 apart from the rest for now…

  • Michael

    Noo, nooooooo, nooooooooooooo tilt screen! Please, no!

    • Clint

      I used to feel the same way as you….until I saw how well executed it is on the Fuji XT1 and the Sony A7. Really, there is no sacrifice in build quality or size…and you have the option of a waste level viewfinder if you want it. Don’t want a flip screen?? Don’t flip it out…problem solved.

    • guy

      Yes, tiltscreens are the best.

      So glad Fuji is ignoring the boring anti-tilt people. Just don’t use it if you don’t need to.

  • TwoMetreBill

    How are we supposed to use those ultra fast lenses outdoors for subject isolation with a 1/4000 top shutter speed? Please give us a 1/16,000 electronic shutter.
    And Michael, stop your whining. If you don’t want a tilt screen then just don’t tilt it.
    More than a new X-Pro, we need these upgrades on the X-T1; in particular, the normal sensor. It is time to give the X sensor a decent burial, an interesting idea that just doesn’t work except for small jpegs. Heck, might as well just use a bridge camera.
    Oh, and give it a body large enough to be operated by adult hands, there are plenty of cute jewelry cameras on the market. How about one for photographers?

    • ipecaca

      I’n sorry, can you explain why you want to ruin the size advanage of the mirrorless? I f you want a bulky body “with better grip”, why not go for a dslr? I totally agree though that the grip on x-bodies is close to none.

      • nwcs

        I found that if you adjust your hand placement, and especially if you use a thumbs up doohicky, that you get a much better grip on the X-E and Pro bodies. I was not happy losing my big Nikon grip but when I discovered how to hold the X properly it made a world of difference.

        • ipecaca

          I’m interested, does the thumbs up thing obscure the sutter speed dial on x-e (or x-pro), or you can still access it easily? I can only turn that dial with two fingers from two sides, as it’s quite stiff. It’s the reasin I haven’t got thumbs up yet, I like how the camera looks with it.

          • nwcs

            I was skeptical for months and did it on a whim. It does help. Yes, it blocks access from the rear but your index finger can change it. With a thumbs up your first or second joint of your index finger presses the shutter and the tip adjusts the shutter speed. It makes the setup more stable.

          • ipecaca

            Wow, that’s an interesting grip. Thanks for the tip, tried it just now and it’s indeed more stable. I’m gonna get a thumbs up now.

    • Yes, it is a miracle how anybody shot cameras for decades with only 1/1000 shutter speed. 1/16000 is the minimum.

      • Clint

        Yes Dirk…we should be happy with 1/1000 max shutter speed just like your 1955 whatever…Guess what, cars were slow as $hit and got crap mileage in the 40’s…why would we need direct injection, more HP etc etc.

        It’s called technological advancement moron. Count me in as one who wants faster shutter speeds…but I would be happy with 1/8000.

        • fay

          I second that!

  • Scrub

    Assuming rumours are correct, it’s sounding a lot like the spec list for the X100T and X-Pro2 are similar then, which makes a degree of sense. They’ve likely developed a 24MP X-Trans APS-C they’re happy with and it’ll probably permeate the lineup, one model at a time, like the 16MP one did after the X-Pro1 came out.

    Although I love Fuji’s innovation and the concept of the X-Trans sensor, I have to agree with Andrei below about the RAW support. I understand that’s not something Fuji themselves can entirely control, but realistically the vast majority of us are going to want to be able to use Adobe (Lightroom or ACR) to process our RAW files in the workflow we have established and are comfortable with. I’m still using an original X100 (and love it) and the fact that moving to an X-Trans means I need to find alternate software to try to squeeze the full RAW potential out of it is something that holds me back to a degree. Just a thought… I’m sure this drum has been beat enough times.

  • David

    What I really want to know is what are they going to do with the viewfinder? It can’t be just an EVF, otherwise I see no way to differentiate between this and the X-T series. But if it is going to use a hybrid finder, I would like to see accurate frame lines, and more magnification lenses so that it can be used with tele lenses.

    Also, I don’t know if this is possible, but if they could find a way to express the exposure in the OVF (not via histogram) that would be amazing. Maybe some kind of variable neutral density filter that changes in accordance with exposure settings. Even if that is possible though, it would probably be prohibitively expensive.

  • David

    Also, yeah, let’s get rid of the X-trans sensor. After 2+ years of using the X-Pro1, I don’t see the advantage over Bayer. I do see the disadvantage in that I have had to add a step in my workflow through Iridient. Please, either make it right with Adobe, or switch back to Bayer

    • burnitwithacid

      Agreed. I’d love to switch to Fuji, but not until I can use DxO.

  • nate

    Glad I went the anolog road. I’m tired of those magapixels and raw converter issues. I just need an enlarger now! :)
    Fuji’s line-up is quite complete now on the Lens side. I wish they release a new apsc xpro and innovate with a new hybrid viewfinder as a killer feature even if I’m personnaly out of the game now :)
    16mpix is more than enough though. If we want more I think sensor size has to go up accordingly with full frame or medium format. One thing I would see as ground breaking from fuji would be a digital gw690. That would be a game changer. A real 690 or 645, not the current crop we can find on leaf and hasselblad…

    • Rene

      100% agreed. And MF6x9 digital would be a game! If it has 60x40mm sensor (let’s imagine 64MP and name “Fuji 64” :) ) with 3-4 lenses, it would be a killer for landscape. Next upgrade of such MF camera sholuld be “Fuji 96” with real 90x60mm sensor and 96MP :) , Yah, we can dream.

    • jz

      Phase One, Hasselblad and Pentax all use the same Sony sensor which is 44×33, not even close to full 645. It would indeed be cool if Fuji could do this but at the moment such a sensor simply does not exist…

  • Robert K.

    On the first view, the X-Pro II seems to be a competitor of Sony A77 II and not the Fuji X Flagship. In my opinion, the X-Pro II will present more Innovations than 24 MP, tilt screen and wifi.

    • An improved OVF maybe?

    • tim

      Take a step back and look at the current X-Pro1. Then add all the features from the X-T1 plus a new 24MP sensor (probably from Sony), perhaps with a new filter pattern (or an existing one).

      That’s a really nice camera that not too many people will be interested in, some will be, but most would wait for the updated T2. IMO with Fuji its all about the zoom, so either they make an OVF that zooms, or the X-Pro2 is going to be a different kind of camera.

      As bad as the EVF on the X-Pro1 is, I found that the OVF soon lost its novelty and I nearly only used the EVF. OVF was nice, but not even close to a real rangefinder or SLR viewfinder. IMO that is what Fuji will need to address … but then I doubt if an updated X-Pro1 in its current form factor makes much sense given the direction Fuji has taken – zooms and dials.

  • I guess it will be based on a Sony sensor again, most likely the one from the A6000, which is great, because of the AF points, the A6000 is a well praised camera and it performs pretty well.

    The XPROII and the X100 successor will probably feat the same sensor, but I wonder if the X-E3 will also have the same sensor as well.

    • mcastein

      I wonder if they will bother with the X-E range any more.

      • nwcs

        Sure they will. It’s a great enthusiast camera. Not everyone wants a T or Pro body. I probably will wait for a E3.

      • Why wouldn’t they? It’s the highest selling line up among X-Cameras.

    • DiBo

      Do we want this camera to be a far too expensive A6000-competitor, an A7-killer or a cheaper Leica M-brother (the one Leica didn’t want to release)? For me the first would at least be a very serious disappointment. Sony’s R&D staff must make daily jokes about Fuji using their 3-4 years old sensor stuff with the far worse X-trans color filter, from their point of view no reason to fear for their job.

      • Those are the all the wrong questions. When Fuji came up with the X-Cameras, they succeeded exactly because they brought something that nobody else had, they have their own philosophies and ideas. I can’t really see anyone in doubt between an A6000 and a XPRO2, one could weight about the A7, but they are very different cameras.

        I expect the X-PRO2 to be more solid, to look like a seasoned camera instead of partial experiment, and hopefully Fuji will bring some new thoughtful feats as well. Now it’s about consolidation, making it more durable, more PRO, a camera that gets out of the way, it’s about evolution, it’s not really about responding to A6000 or A7 or Leica.

        About every manufacturer use the 16MP sensor, even Sony itself, I can’t really see a reason for them to joke about anyone using it, and that’s a good sensor, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be as successful. Sony is a great sensor manufacturer, they don’t need to fear for their job when it comes to sensors – which is a separate division from their cameras.

        • DiBo

          Yes, you’re in that sense right… Fuji lags at least 3 years behind versus every new step in sensor design. The truth is even that the ‘magical’ sensor that serves the present X-trans range is nothing else than a refurbished version of this one found in the ancient D7000 with a kind of experimental X-trans CFA, still not in the best way supported by f.i. LR. Is this pro stuff? Is it a matter of responding? Look at this: if I spend money to a premium camera system, I really want one. Well, in 2015 the A7-way will cost you about the same – I’m not even looking at the present range, but by the time this X-Pro1 hits the shelfs, we see possible newer, better and most of all much faster A7’s on the market and a nice range of premium Zeiss glass. I’m still waiting to see competition for that approach Sony took. Will you still have the courage to invest in an expensive A6000-APS/C-clone with again a three or four year old sensor, same weird X-trans CFA-story with a quite poor market response & support when it comes to RAW and expensive range of non-weatherized, APS/C capable only glass? – is that really what you want? I still claim that Fuji’s focal point – as a niche-manufacturer, don’t go dreaming, in this stage they are really not anything more – should have been to become a more technological, Japanese kind of Leica, the far son of Contax. What I’ve seen after the release of the X-Pro1 is just a hasty run to compete with entry/mid-level compact stuff from other companies and I’m afraid Fujifilm will lose this struggle in the long run. In that respect, yes they will face the same ‘point of no return’ as Contax did once before. A lot of people are getting emotional by just the looks of a toy like this, but there is more to consider – I made the same kind of mistake once by being a first wave adopter of the X-Pro1 and I really know where I’m speaking about. Don’t misunderstand me, I’d like to see that Fuji is a number one player, but I have my doubt about their strategies & R&D to become so.

          • #1 player is a very subjective thing. And Fuji IS a niche manufacturer and they are succeeding as such, Fuji has never had the intention to be a major player like Canikon or Sony. As I see it, they have been targetting a niche since the beginning and I don’t really see that as a problem or a negative. The XPRO line up is not for me, I don’t need nor want the hybrid VF but I still don’t understand how the XPRO would be an A6000 clone, they are very differents cameras, it’s not because they share the same sensor they are alike.

            The next-gen of A7 will be better, but there are so much so improve there, I don’t think that making it smaller as possible trade offs were worth it. And bottom line, I don’t trust Sony, I did that before and they let me empty handed. Sony does take an aggressive approach when it comes to try new things but they change their mind way too often, way too soon. I would buy a Sony IF they already have a system and then even if they change their mind, I wouldn’t suffer with that as much. A-mount people have not had proper support for quite some time now and the same for E-mount APS-C, so, that makes Sony not trustworthy for me. As for the A7, I don’t need FF and I don’t have the money to only buy $1K+ Zeiss. Moreover, the A7 is still an experiment and there is time before it becomes solid.

            As for Fuji’s X-Trans things, I’m not against it, I think support will become better, it takes time so others can catch up but if there are good softwate out there, I can’t see why the big names can’t accomplish that as well but I understand those that have not the time to wait and that’s fair. With new developments, the advantages of having the X-Trans, like the lack of AA filter, seem to have shrinked and I also don’t know if that’s really the best solution or if they can improve on that – like the issue people say about lack of details in foliages or things with lots of green. But one undenial appeal for me, is the Kaizen philosophy, as opposite to Sony changing their mind every day, this does make you feel more comfortable choosing Fuji. Sure, there are some downside like you mentioned, but if you are ok with that, the upsides like Kaizen are really rewarding in a way no one else is providing.

            I follow every mirrorless camera system and right now I’m looking for a new system, I’m not a PRO, more like an enthusiast that do some freelacing at times. But if I was to choose one right now, it wouldn’t be Sony because I already have it and I will sell it as soon as I decide for a new system. Right now, I think it would be a mix of Panasonic and Fuji, I would want a system from one of them and a compact 1″ sensor from the other. So, it could be an X-E3/X-T1 and a LX8 or a GH4/GX8 with X30. That because I like Fuji as a photography tool but I like Panasonic’s video. I was tempting to get the new RX100MKIII but then rumors about the LX8 have been more appealing with a longer focal length and 4K, not much about the X30 except the 1″ 20MP though.

  • limlh

    I don’t think that’s enough of a progress for an x-pro2, even with 24mp, fast AF and new hybrid vf. Could still be an organic sensor.

    • Daniel Jenkins

      …saving that for the #3..

  • Comapedrosa

    Time to move to an A, B, C ranking of sources :-)

    • Patrick

      I know, many are asking to adopt the SAR and 43rumros ranking. But I’m still reluctant.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Some sort of indicator would be useful

        • Patrick

          for now I’ll keep the trusted/new/source was right in the past/anomyous rating…. and maybe make some times a post with a reliablity rating, as I did a few weeks ago.

  • Sqweezy

    What about weather sealing? That should be of utmost importance in any “Pro” line. Moreover, it would bring greater confidence in the development of future weather sealed lenses. It is a shame they didn’t just implement weather sealing to the X cameras from the start.

    • Kasparas Visockas

      It WILL be weather sealed for sure.

  • My quick thoughts….

    APS-C, that’s fine, don’t need FF and Fuji lenses as is are enough to choose from to work with their current APS-C size sensors.

    24mp?… I can’t say there was anything wrong with the 16mp they currently employ.. if it really adds detail without sacrificing DR & High(er) ISO performance, I’m down with it.

    Available 2015?.. aww… can’t we get it by end of this year (2014) for Christmas gift for ourselves?!

    Tilt Screen? Yes! I’m know there a lot of rangefinder style purists out there that probably only want to use the OVF/EVF, but I don’t care.. there are some angles you just need a tilt screen for for convenience and get that shot… I also hope they add touch screen, as well… it’s so much fast and convenient to simply press exactly where you want to move your focus point to instead of multiple direction pad presses.

    WiFi? Yes! Can’t say I use it much with my E-M1 (namely cause the stupid Android OS doesn’t seem to work worth sh!t with it, iOS seems much more stable and usable), but if it works well, it’s a welcome tool and way to add flexibility to my workflow.

    Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)? What does this mean exactly? aren’t all sensors essentially “non-organic” anyways?.. This concept needs further explanation.

    Announcement at the photokina 2014 (ORS)? hopefully it will be announced at Photokina in September. I think it should since this show is so big about Photography gear in Japan, and they are about as big as photographic whores as you can get… no apologies here, it’s well known for years and I’m not afraid to admit to be almost as, uh.. “climactic” about seeing new photo gear and tech in the near future. There should be a lot of new stuff and big announcements to put some new targets in the sights of pros and consumers for the holiday season, or the time shortly after at the beginning of new year.

    My additional hopes on X-Pro2 to surface…

    – improved hybrid OVF/EVF (& LCD).. can’t ever make this good enough. refresh rate, magnification (size), noise, detail and clarity, etc…

    – improved AF… like EVF & LCD, can’t ever make this good enough, needs to be better.. I assume this comes along with having better phase detect added onto the new sensor?

    – flash capabilities… i know a lot of people use natural or available light or whatever they can setup with Fuji cameras, but flash is very important and the slow sync speed is pretty sad.. not to mention as a flagship camera, it really needs to have HSS Flash Sync capabilities to give it that edge where high shutter speeds in bright conditions really matter… A new flash/strobe will be needed I believe to be able to accommodate such performance.. either way, hope this area will be improved in the X-Pro2

    – on a related topic as just above, can we also finally boost the max shutter speed to 1/8000?

    – a more competitive and useful video record mode so we can get more than just great still photos, for those who really would like a more rounded capable camera.

    – diopter for VF… I know the X-Pro1 never had one, but all other X cameras with VF’s do, so why not put one in the X-Pro2 so we don’t have to buy another accessory to see clearly through VF (assuming we have perfectly matched eyesight for the VF)?

  • Neil

    I think these comments and on those similar threads are interesting. While there are still stories of people switching to the Xseries – I kind of get the feeling the bubble of blinkered fanboyism has ended and people are now expecting a lot from Fujis next offering. In these comments people have criticised the shutter speed, the layout, the flash system, the OVF, the AF, the xtrans sensor, the sync speed, the noise, the iso, the battery life, never mind all the FF wishers — pretty much everything that is the X series. ;-)

    personally i, not convinced the Xseries has lived up to the sheer amazement and pleasure that the X100 brought me (other than its focus speed!)

    the problem is Fujis Kaizen philosophy might not create just a large jump to solve all these – and then some are expecting a jump beyond..especially with such a gap. I fear there is going to be an expectations and delivery gap which might be an issue for some and might hurt the cult of the Xseries.

    i wonder if they should concentrate on specialist unique cameras at premium prices rather than a whole ecosystem

    • nwcs

      How is this any different from any other manufacturer’s rumor site or fan sites? Thing is, people on these sites are not representative of the users of the products as a whole.

      • Neil

        thats not my point – my point is even a lot of the fanboys – who i agree arent representative of the average are now openly criticising in a big way this wouldnt have happened a year ago.
        I watch macrumours as well and the rabid iphone fanboys have also done something similar recently with the rumours about the iPhone – the rumour being its going to be thinner but not necessarily have better battery life – there are hundreds of complaints. genuine – 1-2 years ago they would have been called trolls and shot down. i suspect some of the cult of the iphone has worn off as well.

        • nwcs

          I think it’s a sign of a mature product and market.

    • Caerolle

      ‘i wonder if they should concentrate on specialist unique cameras at premium prices rather than a whole ecosystem’

      Isn’t that what they already do?

      • Neil

        no – they are trying to create an eco-system – multiple cameras, multiple lenses (ok no flashes yet)
        the X100 was amazing. ground breaking revolutionary – the leaf shutter (id never even heard of one!) the built in ND filter, the optical viewfinder….etc
        i like the rumour about them doing something in medium format, perhaps they should produce a B&W camera like Leica, or produce an X100 type camera with an f0.85 lens on it

        build an uber-sports camera with 30 fps shooting and perfect AF.
        build a portrait photographers camera with a 135mm equiv lens leaf shutter for extreme flash sync and built in wireless control of manual flashes.
        build a camera aimed at macro photography with a fixed tilt shift lens with a leaf shutter?
        at the moment – to me they have moved away from that and are just trying to replicate canon but in mirrorless –

    • Lester C.

      You’re right, Neil. Fuji has won a lot of hearts and minds. People want the cameras to be great, and they show promise but are not there yet. To get beyond the fanboys and fashionistas Fuji will have to resolve a lot of obvious problems existing with its cameras.

      In the meantime, if Canon and Nikon manage to produce a decent mirror-less DSLR adaptable to the existing range of lenses, then Fuji will have lost. It perhaps has a year to get its cameras really right before surely its rivals catch up. That’s not more gimmicks, but basic camera functionality.

      Just now Fuji has a chorus of advertising-stoked magazines, PR companies and nurtured bloggers who will sing Fuji ‘s praises and ignore or gloss over failings, but to win over the professionals Fuji says its cameras are suitable for, it will have to deliver more than razzle dazzle, fast.

  • Peter

    What I am really interested in is hearing about the X30 (but I guess I’m a lone wolf in that)

    • MJr

      I’m sure there are whole packs of wolves interested in that, most certainly if it’s really going to be a 1″ sensor. Imagine a RX100 with proper controls! (and probably the awesome OVF if that still fits.) =)

    • DouglasGottlieb

      You are not alone! :)

  • Kasparas Visockas

    And it will come with the new x-pro kit lens – the 35mm 1.4 II.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Make that a weather sealed lens and you’ve got a deal!

  • DouglasGottlieb

    These specs seem like almost a given: WiFi, APSC, tilting screen. Hopefully WEATHER SEALED too (with some new matching primes) and DSLR beating auto-focus. The new sensor could be nice, but I’m disappointed that it sounds like the “organic” sensor is far off. Or maybe it will be limited to smaller sizes and we’ll see it in the X30 or X40? It also seems odd that an upgrade with these specs took as long as it did, given the updates we’ve seen on other models, and the XT1’s big leap in autofocus speed on a model that’s below the XPro. Hopefully, there are some other surprises coming…

    • XA1

      probably they will use the A6000 sensor of Sony + trans layer
      As I remember from Sonyrumors site Sony sells their new sensors after 6 months of usage in the current lineup
      so that could explain such a long waiting

  • DouglasGottlieb


    * The magical, mythical “organic sensor” that Fuji and Panasonic are working on to be real, and offer dynamic range and resolution two sizes above its class. Meaning, a 2/3 or 1″ sensor would deliver the current XPro or XT1 quality, while APSC would exceed medium format and foveon performance.

    * Manufacture would be prohibitively expensive beyond APSC size, but would utilize the existing X lineup (and challenge its ability to resolve).

    * A whole new range of ultra tiny lenses (smaller than M43 — think PentaxQ), but weather sealed and aperture ring equipped across the entire line, with only one or two thread sizes, each no bigger than an American 25 cent piece and flatter than the flattest M43 pancakes.

    * A shutter capable of syncing up to 1/16,000th of a second.

    * DSLR destroying autofocus speeds, both in low light and in tracking objects speeding towards the camera

    * An XPro style camera, weather sealed and no bigger than an X20 to take advantage of the tiny lenses

    * An XT1 style camera, weather sealed and no bigger than an X20 for anyone who prefers a centered VF and faux DSLR styling

    Is that too much to ask? ;)

    • si

      weather sealed plus one

    • Sky

      Wow, that’s a lot of super-high requirements (especially in terms of AF and shutter speed) – I’d be happy with Xpro-1 with modern sensor and AF + Firmware that doesn’t suck hard.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I think much of this list, fantastic as it seems, is more of a question of “when” than anything else. Smaller and smaller, high quality sensors will arrive, likely driven by requirements of medical imaging, automotive, security and even cell phones. If the Fuji-Panasonic organic sensor never makes it to market, we’ll see breakthroughs coming from Sony, Canon or Sigma. I’d imagine Canon has the resources to do this. They may even have already developed the technology, but are sitting on it, since their current domination of the market provides lots of incentive not to disrupt it, regardless of how boring we enthusiasts find their offering.

  • rt

    I added an X-Pro 1 to my lineup only a few months ago so I really don’t mind waiting, but here’s what I will want from an X-Pro II, on a scale of most wanted to least wanted.

    ・Larger Buffer / Faster Processing or anything else to reduce lag times. Some of these issues can be mitigated by using the fastest SD cards on the market as they have to do with writing lock up, but it really shouldn’t have to be that way.

    ・Keep the X-Trans Array, as well as similar or even somehow improved ranges of their RGB filters in terms of color resolution; x-trans itself helps with DR/neutral tone resolution just by having more greens. The current pass range of the hot mirror that allows decent IR photography on unmodified cameras is also something I’d like them to keep.

    ・Organic Sensor (or some similar sensor technology). As Fuji is set for trying to make a name for itself as beyond excellent in dynamic range, color resolution, as well as other terms of sensor quality, trying its best to act like FFs aren’t necessary anymore, this is the next logical step.

    ・24 MP is not necessary, and if it degrades the sensor overall I don’t want it, but more pixels will probably improve print quality, and It’s always nice to have more pixels to work with. If the increase in pixels is paired with an organic sensor any negative of smaller pixel pitch will vanish due to the increased sensitivity range of/amount of pixel area utilized in the organic sensor and everything will be a plus.

    ・A 1/8000 mechanical shutter would be nice, but I suppose we can all just continue to use ND filters.

    ・EVF boosted to be at least at the XT-1’s quality.

    ・Improved AF-C / Phase Sensors like the XT-1

    ・Built-in intervalometer.

    ・Tilt Screen (mainly for video, seeing over the crowd and awkward macro situations)

    ・Wi-Fi if it allows for decent remote control of the camera/tethering.

    ・Zoom OVF (mainly for longer focal lengths, settable for non-native lenses)

    A lot of these things are already present in the XT-1 to some extent, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to not be in the X-Pro II, mainly I’m hoping for some more brilliant technology to be incorporated into the sensor.

    For now, I’ll continue to love my X-Pro 1.

  • XA1

    I hope they make a Bayer version or somehow cooperate with Adobe to fix the issue with loosing details… that’s the only reason I’m still on X-A1

    • rt

      I do think it would be beneficial if at least Fuji released the demosaicing algorithms it uses for in-camera raw conversion for others to support. SilkyPix is a far cry from ideal. I currently use a branch of darktable that uses an adapted version of Frank Markesteijn’s demosiacing algorithm and it works very well, even if it is rather CPU intensive.

      • Didiergm

        hi rt, did you have a chance to compare to other software ? I hope that branch will soon be merged into DT main the it could be my one stop shop for image processing

  • Tony Bramley

    looks good but a duel card slot would seal it for me. After using digital for years and then Nikon & Canon came out with duel slots, it is nice to have that little extra back up at weddings.

  • Bob

    IMHO 16 MP is enough for almost all situations.
    I prefer 16 MP with even better low light IQ, and PDAF captors not only in the centre area, than unnecessary megapixels.
    If you really need more than 16 MP, APS-C is the wrong format. Even full frame is not enough: Use a medium format camera!

    • studio1972

      The sensors are made by Sony, so fuji get what they’re given. This will be the same 24MP sensor that Sony has been flogging for some time. If you want a lower MP sensor with better low light performance, you’re better off asking Sony than Fuji.

  • Geoff

    Fuji still hasn’t managed to provide a bracketing range suitable to anyone but JPEG shooters. It took quite a while after its first X Series cameras were introduced to fix them so they would even focus reasonably reliably, then even longer to respond to problems with Auto ISO not offering a minimum shutter speed setting. Its Custom Modes are still only limited to JPEG settings, without even the ability to activate JPEG if you are shooting in RAW mode.

    They still have a lot of work to do getting the X Series up to par with DSLRs which they keep touting as obsolote rivals. The more esoteric features, such as intervalometers, found on DSLRs are yet to even be mentioned.

    What can be said about Fuji is the cameras look great, the lenses are excellent, and they do go about resolving problems where possible with firmware updates.

    But fair’s fair, despite a bunch of compliant reviewers, there Fuji has plenty of work needing to be done.

  • studio1972

    Here’s a more radical wish list for the XP2:

    – XT1 style weather sealed body, with ISO dial like the XT1, but with built in grip (like a mini 1DX)
    – 1/8000 shutter
    – 1/250 flash sync
    – 12 FPS & bigger buffer
    – 24MP
    – Better AF than XT1
    – Better EVF than XT1, no OVF (with the quality of the EVFs now, the OVF is really just a gimmick)
    – 2 memory card slots
    – 2 batteries that can be changed independently

    Sell it for 1.5 x the XT1 price

    • Sky

      X-pro 2 needs to be in x-pro body with OVF.

      • studio1972

        Not for me it doesn’t. I have an x100s and never use the OVF, as the EVF is much more useful, the EVF will be better still on the XP2, so I say get rid of the expensive gimmicky OVF.

        • Repofnowhere

          I often strip down and just use OVF – its light on battery and creates a good “old school” point and shoot feel, especially in more candid moments. The X-Pro1 has character – I think if you start messing with that, you lose something. There are other cameras in the line-up that only use EVF’s and have tilt screens. Personally, I think Fuji should focus on sensor and AF speeds…

    • Col

      Shouldn’t this be a wishlist for the XT2?

      The differentiators for the X-Pro series is its rangefinder-style body with an OVF. That’s what you buy it for over the XT1. Whether or not the OVF is so useless that it may as well be omitted is debatable, but what’s the point of both an XT and XPro series if the XPro2 is going to lose the rangefinder body and OVF and become ‘XT1 style’… this really should be the XT2.

    • Denis

      This is probably how X-T2 will look like. Hybrid VF is main differentiation feature of X-Pro line.

  • Tom

    Where’s the “Breakthrough” technology that Fuji said they were waiting for before an Xpro 2 release? Many assumed it would be an organic sensor with greater dynamic range. 24MP, WiFi and a flip screen don’t say breakthrough like new sensor tech or hopefully a vastly improved viewfinder experience, both EVF and OVF. Of course these are only rumors.

    • EJPB

      Finally something more on this camera, that I judge (for myself) to be more interesting then the quite a bit hyped X-T1 (still an LCD concept). I’m believing more and more the organic sensor story is just vaporware to keep the market focussed to Fujifilm (& Panasonic). Seeing that both companies are so hungry for (not the most recent…) Sony sensor doesn’t make me feel better… If this this appears to be nothing else than an X-trans CFA revamp of the really old NEX7 sensor…well, then Fuji really lags quite a bit behind.

    • Clint

      im also missing something exciting. just imagine this camera will be avaiable in 2015 – how will it compete against an a7/a7r in terms of price?

  • DiBo

    If Fujifilm ‘listens’, one message to our dear Mr X-series project director: we don’t want a kind of Fujifilm “Lunar” project – not yet another camera build around a 4 year old Sony sensor with an impossible CFA-concept nobody can demosaic in the same reliable manner as a Bayer one. This X-Pro2 will likely need to compete with the Sony A7 MkII generation, possibly having a curved FF sensor with a better sensitivity and dynamic range, premium Zeiss glass, most of all with the first gen issues resolved. That task doesn’t look easy because it will be the crossing where the Fuji X-series will become ‘just another APS/C MLIC camera manufacturer”… or a new Leica-alike market standard if they release it having the ultimate sensor nobody expects. Everybody knows where I’m talking about. And in the case this X-Pro2 remains just another “16MP weird CFA” iteration – read debugged version of the X-Pro1 with X-E2/T1 internals – I might put all my Fuji stuff on ebay.

    • ipecaca

      That’s a good summing up. I agree, especially after all fuji claims that x-pro will not be released before a major breakthrough intechnology. I’m feeling even 24mp a6000 sensor is not enough, after all it’s just another sony sensor from a $600 body. But Zeiss autofocus glass for sony is premium only price-wise, unfortunately. Otherwise I’ll be all in for sony tech, despite crappy ergonomics.

      • Silvestro Crino

        You may want to check the reviews on the 35 f2.8 and the 55 f1.8 before you say that….both are very sharp excellent lens that can be used on a 36mpix FF sensor without issue…..both are light weight yet seem well built….and both are water resistant … How many of the Fuji lenses can say that?

        • ipecaca

          all of them

          • Silvestro Crino

            Hahaha….as of now only one lens is water resistant …ALL the rest are not…. And NONE of them can be used with a 36mpix Full Frame sensor….. And never will be……Nor have any of them even been.proven yet to work well at any resolution above 16Mpix…. More resolution is tough on glass…. Though I expect the better stuff will be fine at 24mpix

    • nzswedespeed

      If sony built an a7 with a curved sensor they would need new lenses AGAIN. So I doubt they will be doing that yet

  • Hi every one,i’d like to know if Fuji is giving a shutter test number……like Nikon does.My D7100 is tested for 100000 actuations,the D810 is for 200000 I understand that is not guaranteed that the shutter is going to last the number that they give you,it may go over or if you not lucky it may go under…but at least you have an idea.I am a real estate photographer and as you can imagine I shoot a lot……My question is specifically for the XT1 also if anybody is using this camera for real estate……waiting for response….thx…Robert

  • Axel

    How much does it cost to replace a shutter? I have no experience with Fuji so far, but have been informed that it’s not much for Canon (the system I left this year). Especially when compared to the price of a body. So why bother? Chances are that your camera is obsolete because of technological advances (and the notorious GAS, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, of course!) and you put it away in perfect working condition simply because there’s better hardware available. I shoot several thousand frames over an average month and never experienced a shutter defect in 20 years. Relax and get a Fuji X, they’re just a joy to work with. ;-)

  • Jordan

    No FF? No Organic Sensor? Why then an Xpro2?
    Not happy at all. I was looking forward for this camera, and unfortunately I’m very disappointed. Then, maybe the Sony FF is a better option now…

    • JJ

      Why is the FF such a big deal for people? I think Zack Aria’s youtube video “crop vs. FF” is something that everyone should watch and understand.
      Crop Sensors vs Full Frame

      • beyond

        I agree. why is everyone so obsessed with full frame. I wish manufacturers would improve the high ISO noise / dynamic range performance of APSC instead of giving in to larger sensor sizes, its a perfect size that makes a perfect sized camera and smaller lenses to carry. I hate to carry huge full frame hiking for example.

        • Stop_Coward_Plutocrats

          Zack is a Fuji shill and his anti-FF rant is bullshit. A few years ago, people like Angry Old Fart Keith a few posts above were hopping up and down shouting that NOBODY NEEDS ALL THESE DABNAGGED MEGA PIXEL WHOOZITS… Or digital at all. FF = better IQ. Period. If you don’t want it, stick with APS-C, but don’t fool yourself into thinking a speed booster and pre-softened Fuji RAW trumps more DR and detail.

      • smithy

        He probably never shot on film and had to lug around a heavy setup. Try lugging around an old Nikon F4/5 for a few hours and see how your arms feel. Not to mention 3-4 lenses in a backpack in 100 degree weather. Small with nice lenses is the wave of the future.

  • John Anthony O’Neill

    24mp apsc makes a lot of sence. This is a good resolution to work at for many pro shooters, myself included. I have an 100s and XT1 which I relaly like to shoot with. I would add a 24mp X camera to my lineup tomorrow if fuji made one! As others have said, further improvements in AF speed would be welcome, but more resolution without buying another set of lenses makes a lot of sence IMO.

  • Keith Towers

    I have to laugh at these rumours and replies. Rumours are just that, and they have excitable people trying to outsmart each other with their technical knowledge. Who cares what Fuji put into their next generation of cameras? Well I don’t! I don’t buy the latest gear, and in fact have just purchased an X Pro 1 to replace my superb X100 LE. But what about the reasons people buy gear? Surely it’s because they love photography? Photography is about taking pictures, about being an obsessive observer of what is going on in the world. Does it really matter whether you use top of the range Leica, or Fuji camera to do that with? Will the next generation of Fuji cameras improve your photography to the point that everyone wets themselves wanting one. In my opinion it’s no more than GAS, and has nothing to do with photography. Certainly the next generation of Fuji cameras won’t give you any better images than you are shooting right now. That’s down to skill, not the camera you are using. Whatever Fuji does, it will be cost effective for them. So be ready to shell out heavily for your new camera with some tweaks, or just carry on with what you have until it finally gives up the ghost or there is a valid photographic reason for doing so. A flip screen, wifi, and 24mp sensors just don’t cut the mustard for me.

    • Stanton Whitney

      Absolutely right on! Truth is, the gadget mongers barely have enough time to master their current equipment, let alone getting a handle on the ‘latest and greatest’. Pictures, pictures, beautiful pictures is what we’re after … from equipment that will do the job.

  • bit bonk

    It has become a bit unlikely that an X-Pro2 will be announced at Photokina 2014. With just a few days left until Photokina it has become much too quiet around this rumor whereas other Fuji-Rumors (XF 56mm f/1.2APD, silver X-T1 and Fuji X100T …) have come to the fore much more. Also Fuji didn’t use the Photokina to announce the X-Pro1. They announced it in January 2012, 9 month before the Photokina.

  • Silvestro Crino

    My problem with Fujifilm is that when starting from scratch with the new system they didn’t create a mount that could handle Full Frame right from the start…. That would have allowed them to go FF in the XPro2 with a big MPix sensor…36Mpix x-trans sensor anyone…..it could have supported automatic crop down to 15mpix with the existing glass….while putting out some FF glass over time…..

    They locked themselves into APS-C…. And anyway you cut it …. One on one FF will always be better… As for size and weight…. Sony has proved what can be done…..

    • acturbo

      An APS-C mount and FF mount format can be (or could have been) the same size … the Sony NEX-7 (APS-C) and the Sony A7 (FF) cameras share the same E-mount format. The real dilemma is that moving to FF brings you much larger lenses, which goes against the main advantage of mirrorless compact camera systems — size.

      • Silvestro Crino

        If you think about it ahead of time … yes….but the Fuji mount can’t be used with FF sensors… and thats according to Fuji….so my point is, that unlike Sony…. FujiFilm did not plan ahead and develop a mount that can meet the requirements of Full Frame Sensors….that is the opening and distance to the Sensor allow for both APS-C and FF sensors and Lenses…. just like Sony’s E-mount…. as to size…. I have my Sony A7s with attached 55 F1.8 sitting right in front of me…. that lens is small and lighter than the FujiFilm 60mm F2.8 APS-C lens…. so really it depends…. But if FujiFilm had thought ahead you would have a choice to use their existing APS-C lenses and any new FF lenses you chose on the same FF body with auto crop…. if the FF Sensor was 36MP or greater…. Cropping it to APS-C would still yield nearly 16mpix….. just about what all the current Fujifilm cameras yield…… BUT, you would also have the option to use FF as you added FF lenses…. Bad planning on Fujifilms part…..

  • Marco Gabriele Pini

    Fuji need more lens

    • Stanton Whitney

      What lenses would you most like to see? I’ve thought about this too.

      • Keith Towers

        For me, I would like to see a 23mm f2 about the size and price of the 18mm.

  • Lee Martin

    Very disappointed regarding the lack of products released at Photokina

  • Den

    have waited now for a year with hopes of the xpro 2 release well at least a date just think that Fuji are now taking the urine out of us time to look else where looks like it will be over 3 yrs before anyone will get there hands on a pro 2

  • Hernan Zenteno

    I still find the frame marks of X Pro 1 not enough accurate. In between maybe they could release another upgrade firmware? I would like an upgrade to improve EVF for close up shots, too low frequency rate but I guess this need a new camera or processor. Otherwise I am pretty comfortable with the “old” X pro 1

  • Hernan Zenteno

    And yes, I am too waiting for a compact 90 f2 lens

  • Animal_Farm

    Wifi is only important to the Facebook generation for whom every moment no matter how fleeting or irrelevant has to be shared. To everyone else it’s not only a gimmick, but a gimmick which could potentially jeopardize the security of your camera and its files.

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