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Fujifilm X-H1 Your Opinion, Getting Medium Format Look on Small Sensors Utopy? and More Top FXF Threads and Images


Portraiture work, running topic shared by ilyaV

Here is a selection of the most discussed topics and most liked images at our fuji-x-forum. Enjoy :)

shared by quincy *UPDATED* – Complete Overview over the available and upcoming Fuji X-Mount lenses

shared by FX Admin Fuji X-H1 “ Your Opinion

shared by dickbarbour Am I the only one who likes the XC 16-50?

shared by andreariccieu Getting the Medium Format Look > Utopy on small sensors ?

shared by stevstoc latest firmware update for xc 50–230 lens

shared by Ziemek Zaworski XT2 bugs

shared by Stephen D Szilva 35 f2, 35 f1.4 or 60 f2.4 for portraiture/general

shared by sneike Back button focus doesn’t lock focus

shared by idbugs EF-X500 Remote Trigger

shared by Morgo ONA Prince Street

shared by Thubten Weather sealing necessity? xt2 vs xt20

shared by Jboyer75 Battery indicator inaccurate when using Booster Grip

shared by Kyle Bybee Large Prints

shared by Rod Replacement lens hoods?

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Views from my office shared by Tom H.

Image by Tom H.

Cityscapes with Fujifilm X shared by serdor

Image by serdor

Cityscapes with Fujifilm X shared by stevezphoto

Image by stevezphoto

Macro with Fuji X shared by Hermelin

Image by Hermelin

Fuji Flowers shared by MacModus

Image by MacModus

Indonesia shared by dontblameureyes

Image by dontblameureyes

South Germany and Austria shared by -justus

Image by -justus

Fuji Flowers shared by TClair

Image by TClair

10 Days Iceland shared by Sebastian_Warneke

Image by Sebastian_Warneke

18-55 – should I expect more? shared by Sluw

Image by Sluw

Fuji Flowers shared by MacModus

Image by MacModus

landscapes with fuji x shared by Naddan28

Image by Naddan28

Goodbye my friend! shared by milandro

Image by milandro

Fox family shared by sebas1430