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Fujifilm X Acquire 1.7.1 Released


Big software and fimware update day at Fujifilm.

We already reported that Fujifilm updated:

They also released

And it’s not over yet :)

Fujifilm also update their X Acquire software, which you can download for Windows here and for Mac here.

The software update Ver.1.7 incorporates the following issues:

1. The compatibility of tethered shooting with “FUJIFILM X-H1” is added.
The additional function below can be used.
・Backup/restore of camera setting for tethered shooting.
・Tethered shooting via USB or Wi-Fi.

2. BACKUP & RESTORE function is added in USER SETTING
When FUJIFILM X Acquire is used, this function can save all camera settings as a file and restore the setting from a stored setting. Therefore, you can change the camera settings at a moment and copy them to multiple cameras.

*GFX 50S (ver.2.00 or newer), X-T2 (ver.3.00 or newer), X-Pro2(ver.4.00 or newer) and X100F(ver.2.00 or newer) are compatible. If your camera is old version, download the newer ones from the website below and install.
GFX 50S Camera Body Firmware Update
X-T2 Camera Body Firmware Update
X-Pro2 Camera Body Firmware Update
X100F Camera Body Firmware Update