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Fujifilm Will Launch a Medium Format Camera (Top Trusted Japanese Source) :: New Source says it will be presented Photokina!


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Recently, Fuji Manager Takeshi Ueno said here, that Fuji is investigating the Medium Format camera, but there are no concrete plans for now to make it, since “not everyone in the company is quite as convinced to make it.”

I’ve contacted our Top Trusted Japanese Source, and asked for clarification… and its answer is clear:

The Source said that the Digital Medium Format Fujifilm (with interchangeable lenses) already got Green Light from the Management.

Yep, the Medium Format Fuji will come!

– – -End of the trusted rumor… and you can forget the Grain of Salt this Time :) – – –

But there is more.

I’ve been contacted by a New Source (thanks for sharing :) ), who told me that the Digital Medium Format Fujifilm Camera should be presented to the world at Photokina 2016 (late September). And yes, this time you guys have to Take it with a Grain of Salt.

So this seems to be Fuji’s future: an amazing & mature APS-C system + a Medium Format System… 2016 could really be a great Fuji Year.

And if priced somewhere between the Pentax 645D and the Pentax 645Z this camera could be a real winner for Fujifilm.

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