[Update] Fujifilm UK live at CameraDiner on Thursday


Fujifilm UK is coming live into the CameraDiner (website) this Thursday night 7pm (UK) / 8pm (CET) to talk about the X100s and X20. Live viewers can register free and join CameraDiner live to see these cameras.

You can ask live the questions you want to know answers to.

Let’s start to think about questions here on Fujirumors… what would you like to ask Fujifilm? Leave a comment.

[Update:] Paul from CameraDiner said in the comments that “I am going to print this page just before we go on air on Thursday at 7pm (UK) time to ask our guest. Keep them rolling in, and join us LIVE on the show to ask questions directly yourself. Make sure you register in advance….. don’t cause a stampede at the last minute

X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK

X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / ebayITA

  • dirk

    When will the first X-camera with interchangable lenses and phase detection be released?

    • Renato S.

      I think that by 4Q or even 2014 1Q, my question is how many months apart they will announce the X-PRO2 and X-E2? Because the X-E series life cycle should be shorter than the X-PRO series so they may be announced together or will they introduce a new line-up?

  • Adrian

    Dirk, this is the wrong way to approach this, since the Q&A is connected to the X100s and X20. What you have to do is integrate X100s in the question, like this:

    ‘When will the phase-detection technology implemented on the ground-breaking X100s be available on a camera with interchangeable lenses?’.

    • I thought a short question would be best, but you are right. X100s should be in it.

  • Peter

    When will Lightroom properly (sharp output without artifacts) support the X20 and X100s (and the X sensor in general)?

    • A refinement – this needs to be a priority for Fuji arguably more than Adobe. The answer I’ve read so far of “We’ve given Adobe everything they need and it’s up to them to not suck” (OK, I’m paraphrasing…) is not enough.

  • Ci-lee

    How’s this?

    Will we ever see a hybrid of the upcoming X20 & X100, i.e. an APS-C sensor compact with a fast zoom w/OIS?

    I won’t even be greedy, I’d be happy with 24-60mm equiv 2-2.8 or even 28-70, 2.8 throughout ;)

    • densh

      IMO this doesn’t make much senses as X-E1 with 18-55 zoom does precisely what you are asking. 2-2.8 is wishful thinking as 2.8-4 is relatively large lens already.

      • Adrian

        Come on, the 2.8-4 lens is both relatively slow and relatively small, I’d be ok with a 2.8 lens that was 11/2 times heavier and larger …

  • Werner

    Is Focus Peaking only possible at the X100s, or will it be implemented in the old X Pro1 or XE 1 due to firmware update?

    • Renato S.

      When asked the same type of question, Panasonic claimed that the focus peaking should be in the algorithm inside the processor and that it’s difficult to pull that fia software, so the question is wether Fuji can or cannot do that with the first gen EXR processor.

  • What happened to the 18-72 lens that initially appeared in the lens road-map and replaced with the 18-55? Were there technical issues, cost issues, weight issues that led to the scale-back?

    • deng

      It was a constant f/4 aperture lens.
      It was replaced by the 18-55 f/2.8-4 due to “people” (most likely dpreview forums) wanting the faster lens than f/4.

  • JGMC

    Please tell us more about the X100s video features. Are there manual exposure controls?

  • niels

    Is it possible that Fuji will bring out a tele converter for the fuji x100(s)?

    • tom

      Yes, a tele converter would be great, please tak ethat into consideration

  • Hi Fuji Fans, thanks to Patrick for putting this post up. Appreciate that.

    I am going to print this page just before we go on air on Thursday at 7pm (UK) time to ask our guest.

    Keep them rolling in, and join us LIVE on the show to ask questions directly yourself. Make sure you register in advance….. don’t cause a stampede at the last minute :)

    • Ci-lee

      sorry for the ignorance but what time zone is that start time?

      • GreyOwl

        Thursday 21st February 2013, 1900 hours (7pm) UK time (UTC/GMT).

  • AME

    1. When do you think Dxo Optics will full support X-trans sensor?
    2. Why the replacement of X100 is called X100s despite the huge improvement? Was it easier to use the same body, buttons and dials, than to make a new one? :)

    Other companies add “s” model for much less improvements.

    • densh

      1) You should address this question directly to DxO. As far as their public communication goes they don’t have any plans on such support whatsoever.

  • M.*

    Hi, here comes a non-technical question. How’s pricing done ? Where I live any Fuji X kit/lens cost over 20% more than US or Asia or other places I’ve seen online, despite the fact that our taxes (VAT) are actually lower than most places around us at only 8%. Are my local resellers actually being greedy or is there a chart based on the targeted market or consumer purchasing power ?

    And if so, do Fuji camera generally come with an international warranty in case I decide to purchase my x100s abroad ? (i rather spend the extra $ on travel, which is also always a good excuse to test the equipment and be inspired).


  • NLS

    Battery life on the X100s: As I understand same battery is used as in the X100, can one expect (even) shorter battery life, considering the multible hardware upgrades? Do Fuji have a battery upgrade planned down the pipeline – it would be most wellcome.
    Finally Id like to thank Fuji for the X100, its a killer camera in the streets. Im expecting even better from the X100s, so preordered :)

  • Jack

    will Fuji improve the options for AEB?

  • Peter

    X20 question: can I charge the batteries through USB (either by connecting the camera with the battery inside to a USB charger, or with the included battery charger, or with an optional charger)?

    Reason for this is that the X20 very nice for lightweight travel and when it can be charged through USB it saves me bringing another charger, as well as allowing me to charge it using the hub dynamo on my bicycle.

  • Matt

    Special Edition or just Black version of the X100s? When will it be released???

    • Dr Dew

      That is my question too!

  • Rainer

    Is there a way to connect a different external microphone to the X20 other than the MIC-ST1?

  • autoy

    Any news on the Apple Aperture front? Are there people working on X-Trans support or has or been already discarded?

    • Hanseberhardt


      We need Aperture to be compatible with Fuji’s X-Trans RAW. I know this isn’t Fuji’s sole responsibility, but the owners of new Fuji X cameras like the X E-1 expect Fuji to lobby Apple on their behalf, after all Apple has always been the company closest to the creative community, with Fuji having been an integral part of the film industry.

  • G_J

    Questions for the X20:

    1. Has the new viewfinder been improved such that it is better-sealed against dust?

    2. Has the new viewfinder been adjusted such that it fits tightly within the body, and doesn’t jiggle?

    3. Has the mechanism of twisting the lens to turn the camera on been improved? (There were numerous reports of twisting the lens without the camera turning on, and having to redo this procedure. I only encountered this once on my X10.)

    4. Have there been any improvements in weather-sealing?

    5. Exactly what improvements have been made?


  • Renaud

    Questions for the X100s;

    1) Is the algorithm used to display the digital “framing square” using the viewfinder in OVF mode been improved (more accurate) or is it the same as the X100?

    2) Is the Macro mode working the same way as in the X100? I remember reading one article about an automatic switch to “Macro” feature. If not, could this be implemented through firmware update in the future?

    3) I read that the optical quality has been improved in the X100s, is this only about post-processing to jpeg output or does the lens received different treatment?

    4) What about the manual focus? In the X100s do we still need to turn several times the focus ring to adjust it? Would it be possible to set manually the focus motor response regarding to the focus ring movement trough menu option?

    5) On the whole X20 / X100s concept (super lens + sensor combo), does Fuji plan to extend its range? Going FF like Sony did or making a mix of the X20+X100s (APSC + great zoom).

  • Joe

    My question is when fuji make full frame camera as x-pro1 in size?

  • Goose

    Admin, sorry for the off topic comment but can you enable the keyboard arrow scrolling? its sometime inconvenient to always use the mouse scroll wheel.

  • mps

    Can you release an updated X Lens Roadmap?

    • Hanseberhardt

      Good question.

  • tristan

    Why, oh why made Fujiflim no, less striking, black version of the X100s at the same time.

  • tristan

    When will Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom properly support the X-trans sensor?

    Maybe Fujifilm is unwilling to pay Adobe for the additional work?

    • Renato S.

      that’s on Adobe, Fuji already said that they gave them all the info needed and as Capture One already pulled a big improvement for X-Trans sensor – even though still not as good as the camera’s JPEG -, it’s pretty much in Adobe’s hands.

  • @CameraDiner

    How is the X20 image quality (with the 2/3 X-Trans sensor) compared to the original X100?

  • uncle hrum

    Is there any chance to have manual movie mode with manual focus on x100s ???

  • Renato S.

    For X100s and X20, I know it’s not Fuji’s focus but

    1) Is there full manual control for video?
    2) Only 1080p60 and 1080p30? No 1080p24?
    3) Can the camera conform the 60fps to 2~2.5x slow motion and output 30fps or 24fps in-camera?
    4) Is there a possibility for WiFi in the X-Cameras in the future?
    5) Will there ever be a movie dedicated record button?

    • tristan

      Your questions are ridiculous!

      – The X100s is a photo-camera and not a video-camera.
      – WIFI wherefore?

      Maybe you want a camera that allows you to listen to music.

      • Renato S.

        what part of the “I know it’s not Fuji’s focus” you were not able to understand?

        and there are plenty of people interested in Fuji’s advances towards video and Fuji itself is recognizing that by bringing a new codec for video and allowing 60fps. that’s not something that a manufacturer would take their time and money to develop and put in their camera if they were really completely uninterested in video feats, not Nikon or even Canon have 1080p60 in their camera, so I think this say a little about their interest.

        if you can’t see the advantages of WiFi use in photography, well, there is not much I can do for you ignorance and lack of vision, WiFi is not just a gimmick.

        I’m pretty sure that your will of wanting it to be a niche camera forever just because you want it to be is what is ridiculous and infantile here.

  • Jason

    I second this question:
    ‘When will the phase-detection technology implemented on the ground-breaking X100s be available on a camera with interchangeable lenses?’.

    However, I think a better question for us X-E1 owners is:
    ‘Why wasn’t the phase-detection technology on the ground-breaking X100s implemented on the X-E1, since it was obviously available?’.

  • ci-lee

    Slightly off-topic – what’s this X-M1??

    • Renato S.

      I would imagine a X-E1 without EVF or something like that, a more entry level X-camera, I’m not sure it’s worth it though. Fuji’s cameras are aimed at people that know what primes are, people that will buy lenses, but by creating an entry level line up will make them worry about another type of consumer with other type of needs and priorities. On the other hand, those consumers would be pretty satisfied with just the zoom lens, which is quite good and it’s brighter than the normal zoom kit lens. I think there are people interested in photography, that know a little and wouldn’t mind not having the EVF, but I don’t know how many of them are out there.

  • Krisms

    let’s not forget that the phase detection af is only present in a limited area in the middle of the sensor. having said that, my question would be…

    how is the af speed on the remaining focus points that do not utilize phase detection? were improvements made to it, and if so, how does it compare to the previous x100?

    • Renato S.

      I think that it will stand pretty well, since a good part of that speed happens through the processor, I think that not only the EXR II is quicker but it has a more optimized CDAF in it. But you can always use the middle area for focus and reframe it when you shoot.

      • Adrian

        Not if you use large apertures like 1.4 or 1.8, as the focus will be either in front of or behind where you want it to be by reframing.

  • Jason

    Does that mean that if the EXR II was included on the X-E1, that the autofocus would also be quicker?

    I was actually wondering why the X-Trans II and the EXR II of the new X100s were both excluded from the X-E1? I can see some implementation difficulty with the X-Trans II because of the PDAF and getting it to work with the lenses, but the EXR II should have been an easy upgrade, correct?

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