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Fujifilm Says Major X App Update is Coming, Includes Compatibility for Older Fujifilm Cameras (Camera Remote App is Dead)


As spotted by a fellow FR-reader (thanks!!!) Fujifilm has published a post in which they recommend Fujifilm X Shooters to use the new X App instead of the old Camera Remote App..

Are you still using the Camera Remote App? This is the time to make the change and download the FUJIFILM XApp application, with which you can store the information of the settings with which you captured your photographs, in addition to being able to backup, restore and copy your camera settings.

Fujifilm also said you can delete the Camera Remote App as it won’t get any updates anymore.

At this point many Fujifilm X shooters pointed out that older Fujifilm camera are not supported by the Fujifilm X App, and Fujifilm had this reply for them:

Do not worry! Very soon we will make a big update so you can continue using your favorite equipment

So it looks like Fujifilm is working to retire the Camera Remote App forever and make the new X App accessible also to all those fellow Fujifilm X shooters, who until now could not use it because their camera was not supported by the X App.

Thanks a lot to the FR-reader for letting us know about it.

And I am pretty sure the Camera Remote App won’t be missed by those, who until now are still forced to use it because their camera is not (yet) supported by the X App.