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Fujifilm Launches Instax App for Nintendo Switch, but What We Want is the Long Awaited New X-App Camera Remote


Fujifilm has just launched a new App, but it is not the one we want… unless you are a Nintendo Switch user.

The new App is the INSTAX App “INSTAX mini Link for Nintendo Switch” and it allows you to print directly from your Nitendo Switch.

First a little RANT (no better way to start the year than moaning, right?) ;)

So Fujifilm figured out how to directly print images on Instax via a third party device like the Nintendo Switch, but they still don’t allow us to print our images taken with Fujifilm cameras directly on the Fujifilm Wide Printer (except for the X-S10 as reported here, which can do that since 2021). Now we are in 2023 and still waiting for firmware updates to support that feature on other cameras, too. But I have given up hoping. Fujifilm HQ probably thinks that this is a good way to push X-S10 sales. They sometimes come up with such “brilliant” ideas and are too proud to admit they were wrong.

And what about the App we really want? The new camera remote App?

We have leaked internal Fujifilm documents back in 2022 here, that show that at that time, the new App was planed to be called “X-App”.

But to be clear, FujiRumors never gave a timeline for its release. However, the fact that it is circulating in internal documents can make us cautiously optimistic that they are in a rather advanced stage of development.

So let’s hope the wait won’t be all that long anymore. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know here on FujiRumors.

Oh, right, forgot about it. If you want to know more about the Instax Nintendo Switch App, check out the dedicated Fujifilm page here. And a few videos below.