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Fujifilm GFX100S Manager Interview: Why No Battery Grip Option, No Tilt EVF, Quick Eye AF Demo and More


Fujifilm managers have released an interview in Japanese to a youtube channel.

Again we rely on the automatic translation tool. Here is the summary for you guys.

  • 1.7x larger sensor than full frame
  • the appeal of the GFX100S is not only megapixel
  • color gradation improves with the GFX sensor
  • the smaller form factor and more affordable price compared to GFX100, will make it appealing to more than just professional photographers
  • the lighter the camera becomes, the better
  • focal plane shutter and integrated battery grip made the original GFX100 big
  • IBIS was made smaller too
  • then developing the X-T4 battery, they were already thinking to implement it also on GFX cameras
  • ISO 6400 is still so beautiful
  • PSAM dial is used in other camera systems. People used to it will find it easier to switch to GFX now because it offers a PSAM dial
  • if you start adding shutter speed dial, ISO dial etc, the camera will get inevitably bigger and heavier
  • having a top LCD and command dials makes camera smaller and lighter
  • the tiltable and detachable viewfinder on GFX100 necessitates of some well build parts that cost money to implement. The GFX100S hence has a fixed EVF and it’s also slightly lower resolution to make it cheaper
  • the addition of a vertical battery grip option would have ment adding electrical boards on the bottom of the camera, which also would have made the camera bigger and heavier
  • the capacity per battery has increased thanks to the NP-W235 battery
  • it’s better to have the battery in the pocket rather than on a big integrated battery grip
  • by adding accessories like a battery grip option, the price would have come closer to the GFX100
  • nostalgic negative film simulation
  • at minute 5:45 of the first video linked below (click and it will start at the right point), there is a quick eye AF demo
  • AF algorithm has been improved
  • weights 1700g when paired with the new GF80mmF1.7
  • You can go more out in the field thanks to the GFX100S smaller size
  • the sensor is large so the lenses are large, too. This means the glass elements that have to be moved are large and heavy. So the manager asked to make the lens inner focus. They also have to remove aberration with special glass elements. It’s all about finding the balance between price, size and performance
  • you can’t shoot dozen of extremely high speed rapid bursts, because the focal plane can’t move that fast [note: the GFX100S shoots at a max. of 5fps], but it can capture shorter action moments, like a motorcycle passing by
  • 4K30p video
  • you can adapt cinema PL lenses via adapter
  • you can now experience the world beyond full frame

That’s about it :).

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