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Fujifilm GFX Shooting Review :: GFX Profoto and Miltiblitz Support :: Full Size and ISO 4000 Samples



Shooting Review: Fujifilm GFX System at bigheadtaco youtube. Some considerations out of his 50 minutes long video:

  • EVF is laggy in dark conditions [EVF refresh rate of GFX is 50 fps]
  • EVF sticks out, which is great, since your face/nose hardly touches screen
  • impressed with JPEG’s also whet it comes to highlight/shadow recovery
  • Play and Delete button in an odd spot
  • 63mm AF a little bit slow
  • 32-64 Take’s favorite lens. In good light it rarely missed and very quite. A lot faster AF than 63mm
  • if you are currently shooting high-end DSLRs for weddings, portraits, studio and you are considering buying the GFX, the GFX is an awesome choice.

P.S.: Take has excellent contacts with Fujifilm, and in the video he mentions the X70S, with a vague hint “if that comes out soon“. He also mentioned a Rangefinder styled GFX (which was mentioned first by a Fujifilm Manager here)

Another First Look: Fujifilm GFX 50S at atmtxphoto

Dpreview updated GFX Sample Gallery.


I’ve shared the rumor of Profoto support for Fuji last year here. In the last weeks, we could already see many X-photographers using Profoto with their GFX. I also just got further indications, that Profoto, Miltiblitz and other important flash manufacturers are now or will soon work on the protocols that will add full support for the GFX. HSS up to 1/4000 should be possible.

Fujifilm GFX USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUKParkCamerasUKPCHstore AUS: CameraPro


These are samples shared over at the Fujifilm GFX facebook group

Tom Museeuw – image shared here: Rosalinde Fujifilm GFX50s & GF120mm F4 (Jpeg edit)
1/80, F4.5, ISO 800, GF120mm

_ _ _

Sebastian Lee – image shared here
From a test shoot earlier this month. 120mm, 1/125, F11, ISO 50. Lit with Profoto B1’s. Fullsize JPG link here.

_ _ _

Jeroen Selderslaghs – image shared here: First serious photoshoot with the GFX 50S. Reliable autofocus in low light conditions is good news. ISO performance at 4000 is still very useful. It was near dark so i had no choice then high iso to get enough ambiant light at a decent shutter speed

_ _ _

Tinnapho: p Tonitiwong – shared here: Fujifilm GFX 50S + all 3 GF lenses. Sony A7RII + 24-70mm f2.8 GM size comparison