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Fujifilm GFX: Landscape, Studio… and Look at This Shadow Recovery


Fujifilm GFX 50S – Unboxing, studio test and my first thoughts at ThePhotonauts youtube… shows also the shadow recovery capability of the camera (see image below and video at 3:12)

1) Fuji GFX-50S | Hands-on Review at wexphotographic youtube

2) Landscape photography in Madeira with the Fujifilm GFX in German at 0816fotograf (translation): ” The camera perfectly supports my very conscious and focused landscape photography and my other photographic aims. Thus the Fujifilm GFX is the ideal tool for the future. It is a professional tool that delivers top results when used correctly.”

3) Fujifilm GFX experience in Norway at williamchua (shooting northern lights with the GFX and testing weather sealing and battery life in extreme conditions): “The details and dynamic range is fantastic. Coupled that with the Fuji colors and the black and white film simulation, its definitely a winner.”

4) GFX 50s First Impressions at fotograficoweb: “The GFX is a pure medium format camera – quintessentially. Feels smaller, like a DSLR, follows the X series brilliant ergonomics and disappears from your hand after a couple of hours letting you focus on photography. And this is probably one of the better attributes of the GFX. It is not an extremely desirable object like a X100F or a X-Pro2 from the design point of view but it is highly functional, specially because it produces MF files […] Is it better than a full-frame DSLR? It is DIFFERENT and not comparable. ”

5) Discover what the GFX can really do, by enjoying tons of samples and discussions at out GFX facebook group here. To get GFX tailored news, follow our GFX facebook page.

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Fujifilm GFX: USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUKParkCamerasUKPCHstore AUS: CameraPro

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