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Fujifilm GFX: dpreview Interviews Fuji Manager Toshihisa Iida: “We Pursue Ultimate Image Quality!”


dpreview just published its interview with the probably the most known Fujifilm Manager when it comes to the X-series, Toshihisa Iida (which I had the pleasure to cross during my stay at Photokina. He actually looked at me quite firmly – he must have thought, who’s that guy, who looks so ugly, like he didn’t sleep for an entire week).

It’s an interesting talk. I will summarize it in short here for those, who don’t have time now for a 6:40 minutes long video, because you’re reading this on a crowded subway on your phone or you are at work… or any other reason.

  • we will continue to focus on APS-C format
  • it was a good timing to go bigger
  • the gap between APS-C and Full Frame is too narrow
  • APS-C can cover majority of photography
  • We are still missing the very top resolution in still image quality. Full Frame for us is a very little point, so we decided to go even bigger to pursue ultimate image quality
  • our sensor is 44×33, that’s 70% lager than Full Frame.
  • if you have a mirror, the flange distance is normally of 70mm. The GFX has a flange distance of 26.7mm.
  • the construcion of the new G-mount, allows us to make smaller lenses, because the rear lens can approach to the sensor even closer so that minimum back focus required would be 16.7mm. So the whole lens is made small.
  • The biggest challange is the sensor size. The sensor has to capture the light as straigt as possible. In order to do that, we optimized the microlens on the surface of the sensor
  • X-Trans works perfect for APS-C. Not having the X-Trans sensor, will reduce the complexity of signal processing, so RAW file conversion and workflow will get much easier, so we decided, for this moment, we go with Bayer.
  • Adapters for other MF lenses? Not now. But in the future, yes, that’s totally feasible
  • Number 1 priority are stills. But this camera will do Full-HD, but not 4K.
  • I hope lot of photographers will be interested. Clear audience are landscape photographers, fashion portrait photographers or commercial photographers
  • Release body + three lenses early next year

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