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Fujifilm GFX :: “Autofocus? It’s Almost like Working with the X-system” (VIDEO)


Pål Laukli is working with a pre-production Fujifilm GFX, and in his video shared at Fujifilm Global here, he says:

  • If you are used to the X-system, then you will get used soon with the GFX.
  • Shooting tethered is possible
  • JPEG with amazing color depth, very sharp, the skin tones, and X-System feel.
  • Having worked with many different Medium Format System, it was a pleasure to see that the focussing system on the GFX is almost like working with the X-system [NOTE: he does not specify if the AF speed is similar to the one of the X-E1/Pro1, X-E2/T1 or X-T2/Pro2. But it’s safe to assume it could eventually match the speed of X-series cameras with only contrast detection AF, hence X-E1/Pro1… and franky, that alone would already be quite awesome for a MF camera].
  • All the optics delivered a special feeling.

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FIY: The footage was filmed with FUJIFILM X-T2 in 4K quality

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