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“Fujifilm GFX as Affordable as Possible. We Want to Expand the Use of Medium Format to Current Full Frame Users!” – Fujifilm Manager Interview


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The Interview

Cinema5d shared a 16:00 minutes long interview with Fujifilm Manager Takeshi Ueno. It is mainly focussed on video. You can see the full interview at cinema5d. A few excerpts:

  • Fujifilm thinks that their APS-C cameras satisfy 80% of its customers. But landscape photographers requested higher resolution. So they developed the GFX.
  • Target User: Professional photographers, mainly fashion or commercial, portrait photographer in photo studios or landscape and architecture stills photographers.
  • Due to the performance of the sensor (sensor readout not fast enough), it can’t shoot 4K, but Full HD. […] The camera is ment 80-90% for shooting stills. […] But with the next generation of sensor (with 100+MP), Fujifilm would like to improve video functionality, including 4K.
  • Lens linup: “The MF sensor is large, the image circle of the lenses should be big. Light need to hit the sensor in a uniform manner, so accuracy is required for the manufacturing process. They need a higher degree of design and assembly accuracy than on current lenses. We will be trying to produce this kind of lenses. […] We will mainly be developing bright prime lenses for the line-up. Special considerations are resolution and smoothness. […] Lenses are the key to bringing out the performance of the sensor, otherwise the potential of the sensor is wasted.”
  • Fujifilm is designing lenses with enough resolution for a sensor withj 100+ megapixel.
  • Currently, Medium Format is very expensive. We would like to expand the use of medium format to more people, such as full-frame users interested in medium format. For users like these, we would like to introduce it at the most affordable price possible.”