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Fujifilm GFX :: “Addictive Image Quality.” ** Is the G-System Completing or Competing with the X-system?


Fujifilm continues to tease the Fujifilm GFX at their channel… and they uploaded a bunch of new “Fujifilm GFX Challanges” Videos.

One of the questions is, if the Fujifilm G-System can replace the Fujifilm X-system. For studio work, Itaru Hirama says that the G-system will become his main camera, and the X-series will become his faithful back up. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, you can check out Nathan Sans video, where he says the GFX will be his camera for some specific moments and very special photos, where he wants to deliver to the client the ultimate image (such as the posed portraits of the couple) and for the rest he will use his X-Pro2. So, overall, both system (the G and the X) seem to compelete each other.

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  • Piet Van den Eynde (Travel) took the GFX out on the streets of India. He’s blown away by the sharpness, loves the incredible dynamic range, and being an X-shooter, he immediatly feels at home using the GFX – Video here. There is also an article about the GFX in India at
  • Itaru Hirama (Studio) uses the GFX in studio… but in a rather original way… a photographic jam sessions let’s say. He was impressed by the bokeh of the GFX and loves the fact that he can make very large prints. The GFX is compact and versatile. The GF lenses are stunning at every aperture. For professinals, the GFX completes the Fujifilm system. It will become the main camera of Itaru Hirama and the X-series will serve faithfully as a back-up. – Video here
  • Yinghui Wu (Landscape) takes the GFX out on a rainy day on the seaside and on the mountains. It’s a landscape photography pure video, with no talk, “just” images. – Video here
  • Natan Sans (Wedding) says he will continue to use his X-Pro2 for spontaneous and fast photos, which grab the moment. But he needed also something with maximum quality for specific photos and poses… the Fujifilm GFX. An excellent, and light, camera to work with, so he ends up holding it on hands all the time. AF points are all over the sensor, which makes photographing moving subjects easier compared to other Medium Format systems. Addictive image quality. When shooting weddings, he will use the X-system in situation, where he has to be really close to the couple without being to intrusive, but in some specific moements, for some very special photos of his clients, he will use the GFX. – Video here
  • Serkan Günes (Landscape) takes the GFX into the extreme conditions of the Lapland, searching for the perfect light. He does not talk about the GFX, but you can see how he works with the camera basically covered in snow. Weather sealing seems to work just fine, but it wonder how long the battery last in the extreme cold. – Video here