Fujifilm Bangladesh says: “Another X System MILC might be released very soon.”


 photo face_zpsbc2184c5.png

Here is what Fujiflm Bangladesh says on their facebook page here: “Fujfilm might release another X System MILC very soon. Stay tuned for further update from FUJIFILM“.

Could it be the X-PRO1″S” update I’ve talked about here in the early December days? At that time I guessed that “if it’s true that there will be “just” an “S” update, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it coming in the first half of 2014.” But for now take it with a grain of salt. I have no confirmation from trusted sources about it.

Stay tuned for further update from Fujirumors ;-).

and thanks a lot to the FR-reader who spotted it and shared the link with FR.

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  • 7188photo

    Now that’s certainly interesting!

  • Jonavin

    Draw your own conclusions, but I looked through the info and it looked like they only introduced the X-A1 in February and X-M1 in March. The next camera coming is….

    Have they released the X-E2 or X-T1 in Bangladesh yet?

  • herstal

    We want another Compact System. X200 with X-t1 focus speed.

    • cpt.Yossarian

      That’s a nice idea, this should be release instead of x-a1.

  • David Yeiter

    what is MiLC?

    • nwcs

      Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

  • David Yeiter

    never mind, I just figured it out…mirrorless interchangeable lens camera?

  • srg

    I thought Fuji was beyond optical viewfinders… Let’s see what they have up their sleeve this time.

  • dCartier

    A little early for April fools … Fuji even has a Bangladesh division???

  • Amazing! Do they also know the whereabouts of MH370?

    • nwcs

      It’s in Jimmy Hoffa’s pocket

    • Malory

      You’re not funny at all. It’s a shameful, terrible attempt at humor. You should kill yourself.

  • To be honest, I’m kinda hoping they make something like a xm100s, no ovf or evf, something I don’t mind throwing around a bit as a second camera to the xe2.

    • nzswedespeed

      hmm that would be interesting. There were rumours about that a wee while ago, it was rumoured to be a X100 in a XM body (ie no ovf or evf). It was labelled at the X70

  • Hasi

    What I want to know is when will they release the MILF?

    • Mguel

      Mirrorless interchangeable lens fiasco or other kind of milf? :P

  • Larry

    Yea, Fuji!!!

    Flood the market with more crappy, low end junk that you’ll discontinue in a few years.

    With the current line-up of cameras, aren’t almost all of their bases covered at this point? Especially on the low to mid levels. Seems like after fixing this X-T1 fiasco, they should be turning their attention to the refresh or update to the X-Pro1 – the only camera still lagging behind (and suppose to be the flagship model, for Christ’s sake).

    • aaaaaa

      ?!?! This post doesn’t make any sense on so many levels.

    • nzswedespeed

      Yes…The X-t1 “fiasco”. It was a fiasco with the Nikon D600. I am not a fan boy, but if you look at it realistically it’s not a big deal, and has very quickly been addressed by Fuji. My Nikon D7000 had focus issues, the D800 has weird focus issues. Canon 5D, Sony A7 had like leak issues too. With most mass produced things that’s the joy of being an early adopter.

  • I don’t think it’s a XPRO1 successor, they already said that they would only release one when they had a technological breakthrough.

    It could be the X20 successor, a cheaper X100-like, EVF-only or maybe, fixed focal length or a replacement of one of their low-end X-camera and they could even blend together the X-M1 and X-A1, depending on how the market responded to them.

    • SKWON

      No, they said about Pro2 not pro1s

      • I think they just talked about the replacement, they didn’t name it, did they? Because if it’s only the successor, if it’s XPRO1s or XPRO2 it’s irrelevant, it will be the successor anyway.

  • Nobody besides Panasonic is using it but I think that DSLM – Digital Single Lens Mirrorless – is the best definition for mirrorless cameras, it has a parallel with DSLR and it makes sense.

    CSC doesn’t make so much sense because not all are compact, the GH4 is smaller but far from compact, EVIL hasn’t been used for a while and MILC is terrible, nobody would pair that with anything related to photography.

    It’s time they reach a consensus for this nomenclature.

    • I think you may have something there. DSLM makes a lot of sense, it’s a continuation from DSLR that the general public recognises and understands.

      • Sqweezy

        I agree with this exactly. To the uninformed consumer, DSLM looks similar in name to the DSLR, yet may pique the interest of potential customers wanting to learn more about the product. Such a name allows DSLM to capitalize on existing familiarities while also differentiating itself with its superior qualities.

    • BdV

      No, marketing-wise it does not make sense to name a product after something it does not have: a mirror.

      • Sure, it makes more sense that from now on nobody should call it mirrorless cameras, even if this completely ignores the fact that the product is already known as such, much easier indeed, that makes much more sense marketing-wise.

        • BdV

          Are you saying it’s pointless to talk about calling it DSLM, because we already call it mirrorless?

      • Sqweezy

        Funny, “wireless” products seem to have done pretty well over the past few decades.

        • nwcs

          And keyless entry

          • BdV

            All true, but sugar free and no messy wires hanging around, no fat, free of charge, lead free gasoline and decaf kind of things, that’s about lacking something with a negative meaning. First people need to be convinced that when some one says ‘this one doesn’t have a mirror’ it could actually be a good thing.

      • egap

        how about sugar-free drinks? :D

    • MJr

      I agree with BdV that we shouldn’t name anything after what it doesn’t have. That rules out DSLM, and MILC. Not to mention ‘digital’ or ‘single lens’ being a little redundant(!), does anyone expect a twin lens? And what if it does go stereo, that wouldn’t actually defeat the principle of the system.

      Also it’s not EVIL because they don’t all have a Electronic Viewfinder, and it isn’t CSC because being compact isn’t a rule. That one is half right though because System Camera is indeed a correct description, maybe even ILSC to be clear, or let’s say SCIL: System Camera with Interchangeable Lenses. But who’s going to use that.

      In the end it’s never really about being ‘correct’. Without any faulty and redundant additions “Mirrorless” actually rolls off the tongue best worldwide and honestly it isn’t ‘wrong’ either, in fact it’s exactly to the point, and people seem to understand it easily most of the time, so why deny it. :)

      Personally i vote for webshops using System Camera (many already do around here), but in stores and the common mouth just say Mirrorless, nothing wrong with that.

  • D

    Pointless unless they have a breakthrough, or improvement, in sensor technology. Personally, being an X-Pro 1 user, I will not update it until there is an improvement in image quality. Until then, I will use my Sigma DP Merrill when I want exceptional image quality at low ISOs (landscape, seascape, architecture, and other detail shots), and my X-Pro 1 for everyday, low-light, and long-exposure purposes. Both cameras compliment each other very well.

    • hexx

      the same setup here but with DP2M, X-Pro1 is any light camera but during the day most of the photography is done on DP2M or digital back and medium format rig

      • D

        Yeah, I heard that the DP2M is even sharper than the DP1M, which is pretty incredible. I think I may pick one up, as it would be great for many things, including panoramic images. Even when viewing the images at 100%, the details are sharp and free from false details, which Bayer sensors are prone to due to interpolation. I was looking at my friend’s D610 images at 100%, and the DP Merrill images are far superior at base ISO.

        That said, the X-Pro 1 is excellent for everyday use and it has great image quality too, just not like the DP Merrills at low ISOs, due to interpolation.

        Have a great day!

  • ronin

    I thought Fuji announced that they were different from other camera companies, and would not release endless iterations of models and minor model upgrades, that they expected their customers to own cameras for a long long time and to be interested in taking pictures rather than acquiring the latest must-have product of the month.

    • Sqweezy

      No one is forcing said customers to buy new cameras. They will still be able to use their existing cameras for as many years as they choose.

    • nwcs

      I thought this is a rumor.

    • yeah…no

      The stupid in this post hurts so bad.

  • If we assume that they are struggling to hit a good time frame on the X Pro 2, which is conceivable, then maybe they will make an OVF/EVF X Pro 1 style version of the X-T1. That would make some sense for those that want the OVF as well. I imagine they already have some ideas on making certain features a little better again such as focus speed. I wouldnt buy it I dont think (i might) but there maybe many OVF fans that would. Fuji may well think its time their flagship model wasnt their oldest tech camera.

    • Clint

      No way you see an OVF/EVF version of the X-T1….not yet at least. How many people do you think that would alienate who literally JUST bought the X-T1??

  • hexx

    I will wait for FF X100 like camera, but they could make it with proper mechanical manual focus and I hope it will retain hybrid VF – I have X100 and will not upgrade to X100S. I want responsive, very well made FF camera with fixed focal length. Shame that RX1 from Sony doesn’t have built-in VF – the one on top can be easily knocked off.

    • Don Hogfan

      FF would be great but it depends on hoe much it will increase the size thereby removing the portability of the x100.
      But as you said, implement a proper mechanical focus with an updated 24MP sensor and x200 will be in my pocket.

      • hexx

        I hope it wouldn’t increase the size dramatically, RX1 is proof that it can be done, yes doesn’t have a VF, but Leica does and it isn’t that much bigger. There’s no competition on the market, there’s only RX1 and that’s it. I believe that if Fuji releases FF fixed lens camera it would sell (let’s not rid it with X-Trans or similar tech though, just standard Bayer CFA, no AA and that would be it). Would be nice if the lens diameter would be the same like on X100 so wide and telephoto convertors could be used.

        • nwcs

          There may not be much competition in the market which might signify there isn’t enough demand or paying customers to make it worthwhile.

    • nzswedespeed

      Mechanical manual focus is key. Love my X100 (just got it – I know a bit late to the party!) but the manual focus does suck!

  • Sherpa

    Asking for a full-frame X100 is like asking for a 5000hp Ferrari that can only go 200mph max. X100/X100S is good where it is.

    • hexx


    • Clint

      What a poor analogy…..
      By the way, I don’t understand people like you who wish to limit the choice of others. I would be all over a full frame X100…as would a tonne of other people.

      You don’t think sensor size matters?? I got news for ya…the RX1 has MUCH better image quality than an X100.

      • Sherpa

        I don’t want to start another Full-Frame vs Crop battle here but I could care less for a Full-Frame sensor. Also, I never said that they shouldn’t make it. I just think that they probably won’t.

        • Randolph_Knackstedt

          If the Sony RX1 had a built in hybrid VF, I most likely would have purchased it. If Fuji wants to release a 20+ megapixel full frame version of the X100 with a sharper, faster lens and great hybrid VF and small footprint. Hell yeah, bring it on. I’d sell my X100S so fast.

  • Peter

    I would love to see a system around 1″ sensor size. 9-45 f/2.4-3.4 and 50-150 f3.5/4.5 would make a wonderful compact travel combo (roughly 24 – 400mm equivalent)

    • Clint

      It’s called an Olympus.
      I think you’re probably the only one I have heard asking for Fuji to provide a smaller sensor….

      • Peter

        Yeah, a lone voice ;-)

        It would sit mid-way between the Stylus-1 and a 4/3 camera. My problem with many manufacturers including Olympus is that you either get mediocre (or worse) f/5.6 zooms or relatively bulky f/2.8 ones.

        Still, instead of thinking: 1″ is small, think: 1″ is bigger than the 2/3″ on the X20! Not everyone has the need and budget for full frame…

  • man

    Fuji doesn’t need this many X-cameras. Looks like they will find out like Olympus that the modern DSLR style is here to stay.

  • Antoine B.

    The post says MILC, so forget about X200…
    But a X-PRO 1s is highly probable: not too difficult to do and would definitely be a nice refresh for this camera, given the latest improvements developed by Fuji.
    Doesn’t mean PRO1 users would like to upgrade: Fuji has already shown us that they are not really trying to speed up obsolescence, no?!
    But for new buyers, that would be pretty nice.

  • Douglas Pavani

    x-pro2, i;’ve been trying to contact Patrick but he doesn’t care, seems like he is getting paid to stay quiet.

    • tell us what you know.

      • Clint

        He doesn’t know Jack.

        • Douglas Pavani

          don’t I?

    • Patrick

      Hi Douglas. Feel free to contact me at fujirumor [at] gmail.com . Just checked back and saw that I missed your chat.


    They’re talking about ANOTHER camera, yet I’m still waiting on my reserve from Adorama! On top of that, there’s no news from Fuji as to when the camera will come in and most lenses are back ordered!
    I’ve been waiting over a month now, I’m readyto just pull my money and get a Cintiq tablet instead.

    • Nicolas

      The fuji will take better photos than the cintiq

  • wyldberi

    Interviews by Fuji execs over the last 3-4 months indicate the company has some concerns over the number of X Mount camera bodies that have been released. That’s about 5 or 6 during the last 18 months or so. It left me with the impression either the X-M1 or the X-A1 would be withdrawn from production.
    In another interview, it was disclosed that there would be no X-Pro1s incremental improvement made to the company’s flagship premium camera. We were told the updated version of the X-Pro2 would consist of significant technological upgrades – the implication being the unveiling of a new sensor design. It was clear the executive was referring to neither a 24mp sensor nor a 24mm x 36mm sensor. IF it is a new sensor design Fuji is working on it will be something like the legendary organic sensor or a sensor that conforms to one of those described in the recent patent applications Fuji has filed.
    Fuji proved me wrong when I speculated they would hold off introducing an X-E2 for approximately 2 years. And they could very well prove me wrong again when I say the X-Pro2 is not yet ready for prime time. But I’m not expecting to see that one come along for at least another 12 – 18 months.
    But, hey, it costs me nothing to be wrong.

  • fujifan

    how about a X200 Full Frame Organic sensor with a fixed 42mm (for its approximate human eye field of view) f1.8 fast lens? I hope Fuji is considering this suggestion.

    • kb

      Human eye field of view is approximately 180º. 42mm is the diagonal of the 24×36 frame, nothing more.

      • Karl Andreas Wig

        He probably meant human eye perspective of distance, though I thought that was closer to 50mm.

  • limlh

    Could well be a budget version X-T10.

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