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Last Second Fuji X-T2 Rumors :: Available in September :: USB Charging :: New Images of Open SD-card/Accessory Door


Fuji X-T2 USB Cable Charge

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Ok… we are at the finishing straight… but this is not a reason for me to stop leaking! (thanks, FR-sources… you just Rock!)

I have plenty of Coffee, Red Bull (and other unspecified drugs) ready to push me through the night until the X-T2 annoucement (tomorrow, July 7, at 01:00 AM New York Time). It will be one of the most awesome Live Bloggings I’ve ever did… and I’m so excited!

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That said, take a look at these 3 rumors I’ve got from 3 different sources (thanks):

USB Charging

A trusted source told me that the X-T2 can be charged internally via USB 3 cable.

SD-card slot and Accessory Door

We saw it from the top, the back, the side, the front… and now our trusted Japanese source thought that something was missing: the inside!!! So it grabbed a Fuji X-T2 and opened the accessory and SD-card door. Enjoy the pics (see them at the top of the post) :-)

Available In September

Another tricky part of rumors, is to give an accurate date of when a new product will actually ship. In the past we have seen to many times Fuji announcing a date, and then changing it during pre-order period. But, sometimes, we have also seen some stores deliver a new product slightly before Fuji’s expected shipping date. So everything is possible, but for now I’d say that the X-T2 will ship in September (let’s hope early September).

Is that the consequence of the Kumamoto earthquake? I don’t know.

But what is sure: if you’d like the camera as soon as possible, you better pre-order it quickly. I have the feeling the shipping won’t proceed super-smooth and if pre-orders are high, there might be quite a shortage of X-T2’s for a while.

That said, I hope to be proven wrong tomorrow, and the X-T2 will ship already in August.

stay tuned,
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