Fuji X PRO 2 to be announced soon?


Current Fuji X PRO 1 owners know well the strengths but also the quirks of the camera. And those quirks are a major problem as it seems that they can be fixed by hardware changes only.

UPDATE: We know got some info from reliable sources saying that a new X PRO 2 camera is about to be announced soon. The camera will feature a new sensor too. We heard it will be priced above the current X PRO 1. But it has to be really good to convince me to spend more than you have to do for the X PRO 1 :)

I hope to receive some more info soon!



  • Jason

    sound sweet to me!

  • Curacion

    I dont’t think this is very likely to happen so soon after releasing the x-pro 1. Many buyers, including me, would be very disappointed… How reliable is your source for this rumour?

  • ricky

    this is joke

  • mape2k

    Interesting, but very unlikely…I would expect that the development of a major update would take much longer than a couple of months…

    or Fuji already planned this?

  • swagger

    For me is much more likely to replace the x100…

  • SeanG

    X-Pro1 Firmware version 2.0.

  • NightWatch

    This better be false or I am going to get really upset

  • Sounds more then unlikely. Why should they change a sensor with such a great IQ? If i look back to the release of the X 100 and following, it seems, that Fuji is listening to the users, why should they make a fool of them now?

    • Michael Rottenberg

      It happens dude. Why did Nikon replace the excellent D700? Because the D600 and D800 are even better. My guess is that Fuji’s next X will have a very good 24 megapixel x-trans sensor, truly fast autofocus and many other hardware improvements. Better put you old X up for sale now.

  • Jim

    I’d be really surprised if Fuji announced something like this at Photokina with the x-pro 1 only out for ~9 months? I must admit the prospect does excite me though after only having learned about the x-pro 1 a few weeks ago.

  • dbms

    Free or small fee upgrade for the current X-Pro1 users?

  • Go

    I´m still waiting for the FX model.

  • Christian

    it will be priced above the current X PRO
    Wait, the first one was already too costly ! wasn’t it ?

  • Greypix

    It will be full frame.

    • Michael Rottenberg

      That is a possibility too. And it would be a killer!

  • Thomas

    I will welcome a new xpro1 with lightning fadt af, and rf leicalike mf. Then i dobt have to get the m10:) I love the xpro1, but focus is too big a flaw.

    • john

      It wont be full frame as the X lenses are optimized for the 1.5x sensor

  • JC

    It will take a full frame sensor in order for me to buy it. Smaller sensor just won’t do.

  • Matthieu

    I would say it is highly unlikely: it is much too soon and it would alienate the early adapters, myself included. A “professional” model is supposed to last 1-2 years at least, heck I think Sony’s A700 lasted nealy 4!

    Now, a lower spec’ed body, with a EVF only or no viewfinder, is much more likely and is much needed to bring some sales volume to make the system worth supporting.

  • A Fuji DSLR with the same sensor as the X-Pro1 is what I would love to see!

    The only reason I want a Fuji DSLR is for propper focus, as sometimes the X-Pro1 and X100 are a bit scary when shooting moments that happen only once. So it’s Fuji S6 Pro a Canon 5D mkiii or a D600. Maybe Photokina will have the answers next month???

  • sunny side


    How do you like your X-Pro 1? Will you sell it to get an X-Pro 2?

    • Rick

      My understanding is that Fuji left the pro level DSLR market for good… but would love to see a S6 with a full sized sensor!

  • Luigi

    I think it is impossible to improve the Xpro 1

  • Hamish

    I am more certain that they will be releasing a smaller version of the X-pro1 with the same sensor but without the optical viewfinder to take on the price point of the new Canon M

  • gfahey

    I agree with SeanG

    More likely to have a firmware update. Also, it would be a bad move to instill hesitancy about buying Fuji cameras if they updated them within a year or so. It would be tantamount to Fuji basically saying “we goofed” about the X-Pro 1. BTW, I have one and after some 7000 photos, I love it more! The issues I have with it can be addressed with firmware updates. Besides, the new lenses are on the way and a lot of us current owners are saving up for them! I know I am. The mid level zoom with IS is something I am looking forward to.

    But, this sounds like a joke to me. In fact, most of the “reviews” about the X-Pro 1 make big deals about small issues like the AF speed. IMO, this is grossly overhyped. I just shot a 4 day music festival with my X-Pro and managed to get some excellent mid-air jumps and usual stage shenanigans. Did I miss any? Sure but, I missed them with my D700 too!

    Know your camera and get out and shoot it! I for one feel no need to get the latest, greatest Fuji. I have it already. Having said that, I will buy the follow up to the X100.

  • shinnn

    this got to be a joke…i just ordered my x-pro1 a couple of weeks ago after playing with it for a while….

  • Kede

    Oh come on this can’t be true, All the X-pro1 buyers will be really upset.

    Yes there will be probably a X-Pro2 one day but not now.

    Fuji France promises surprises for the photokina, X200 probably, and maybe a new one in the X series.

    If they release a retro look Full frame I would be upset and I’m sure lots of you too.

  • Alex

    Well it’s not exactly rocket science. They’re going to probably release a higher-up model with a 24ish MP sensor, fast AF, maybe a tougher body, image stabilization, Wifi, GPS, etc. They’ll need some WOW factors to justify a price higher than the X Pro 1.

    The other camera will simply be the X200, which will be small and may or not have interchangeable lenses. It’s an interesting question: go with what worked for the X100? or try to make more money with an interchangeable lens version?

    Overall, really too bad for early X Pro 1 adopters…

  • Why will I write a comment when you delete it at every time ?

    • sunny side

      yes always delete critical comments. I don’t think admin owns the camera. just selling it with copy paste.

  • Thomas

    I hope your wrong, just purchased one and would be really pissed if a newer better version was released

    • Peter

      Why on earth would you buy a new camera right before Photokina?! Even if there isn’t a new model of the camera you want, new models from competitors will probably influence the price in your favor.

  • cptnspauldng

    get ready for a class action lawsuit, led by me, when this happens.

    • Thomas

      I’d be surprised if the price came down on this much if at all, especially in Australia where we get shafted on everything. I was thinking of holding out till photokina…but then it would be months before anything new came my way. Atleast this way I have the Xpro 1 now and I’m loving every minute of it…just wish Fuji would perfect it before moving on to bigger and better things….if indeed they are doing this?

  • Dye

    I dont think so.. Fuji ex1 will be released based on photorumors.com

  • Caderyn

    Photo rumors has more detail, no ovf and a flash. Looks very similar to x-pro 1. I daresay it will have a Bayer pattern sensor.

  • Boris

    If they release a X-Pro 2 anytime soon they better give current X-Pro 1 users a big fat trade-in discount…

  • EF

    I don’t think Fuji will release a X pro 2 this soon…
    earliest would be next spring…that would give a year or so between the X pro 1 & 2.
    Like one guy said…there will be a class action suit…from people like me,
    mine’s only five months old…!!

  • john

    I think this small sample of comments is pretty representative of all X Pro 1 owners. If they want to completely alienate their high end customer base then please by all means please release a X Pro 2 eight months after the initial launch.

    Not only would you make photographers like myself feel like an idiot you would basically kill the resale value of our hard earned investment right after we made it.

    I hope this rumor is false because if it’s not I want the “X-Pro 2” at a 90% trade in discount.

  • john

    Also I want to call out the moderator of this forum who seems to be reporting these rumors with glee rather then the stern inquisition it deserves. Just because a new Fuji product comes out doesn’t mean you can’t show some editorial chops and question such moves. It makes you seem like your not a photographer let a lone an X Pro shooter.

  • dbms

    I really wished AF / EVF update for X-Pro1, but it seems like it will never happen. ..

    One thing I really want to ask Fuji is


    No more beta version, please.

  • James

    Relax! Even if a new x-Pro2 is announced it will be a while before its available. Your X-Pro 1 will not suddendly become a rubbish camera! The wonderful image quality will remain today as it will tomorrow!

  • James

    Relax! Your XPro1 is not going to suddenly become a rubbish camera overnight. It will still create the same wonderful images tomorrow as it does today. Its a camera not a laptop, who cares if it doesn’t this gizmo or that add on, its a camera that takes fabulous images!

  • I was on the very cusp of selling my Canon gear to purchase this camera. I have been a bit hesitant because of the raw development situation more than the other quirks that the camera has to be honest. As a long time user of the Contax G2 before going digital I know quirks fully and can honestly say you can get to work around the quirks if you have to. As good as jpegs out of the camera may be, I don’t want to shoot lossy files for many reasons. Anyway, I hope Fuji have made all the necessary changes without a price hike in sight, as that will make the whole thing a deal breaker for me (I won’t want to buy the XP1 if an XP2 comes out, and if the XP2 is priced at overkill I will make do with what I already have and juggle around with my lenses to try and lessen the load). It would be a shame though, as I really want to get back to rangefinder style shooting; and of course Fuji can make this possible if they are not greedy. We shall see! Please click on my name to get to my website so you can see the kind of shooting I am doing with a DSLR. I really do need to lighten my load Mr Fuji and you have it in your power to make this possible for me.

  • Stas

    Yesterday bought a new x-pro 1… :/

  • Vekkio

    From what i read in those comments I think this passage is really delicate for fuji.. a Company can not stop the development of a product (especially if it have an huge potential like the XP1) because users bought it… BUT they have to play well this and they should release a product that does’t challenge the actual model but stay QUITE above, sufficient to make say the proud owner of a XP1 “ok that is another camera, i’m happy with mine”. I have to say however that would have been nice from Fuji to say since the beginning that XP1 would have been the mid-range model (like Olympus did with his OM-D)…

  • JPR

    omg no !

    the released a small little system and to there suprise

    ist a bomb

    so drop another a better one right know if you can !

    because i know fuji could make the camera so much better !

    but why to take that risk for a complete new system ?

    contax did that ….they are dead now.

    but if fuji release a x 2 in 4 weeks ! i would sell all my stuf and jump on the board.

    i know for sure that many will do that.

    many fuji x1 user will cry… dont know why …ITS THE PHOTOGRAPHER !!!

    but the will know that there new fuji x mount system got a bright future….

  • Birdy

    I learned yesterday there will not come an X-Pro 2 for sure no announcement on the Photokina.

    I will publish a book within one month time showing the performance of 19 Carl Zeiss, Contarex and Contax G as well as 9 Leican M mount lenses on the Fujifilm X-Pro 1.

    A DVD with 150 comparable photographs will come with the book too.

    Forget the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 please

  • Rick

    Please don’t lose sleep about early releases of updated models from Fuji. I have owned every Fuji DSL since the S2. Believe me when I say they have come in consistently last when it comes to coming up with the next new thing!

  • Alejandro del Piélagp

    OMG !!!! (OMG !!!). I hope a Fuji XPro2 with the same IQ in all ISOS (XPro1 is A-MAZ-ING), but maybe with 18 – 20 MP; AF faster; and of course a EVF more accurate (although it should be a relative improvement given the tecnology of today). And then I´ll break my wallet…
    Alejandro (www.alejandrodelpielago.com)

  • Woody

    I believe it makes sense for Fuji to use the new sensor which includes phase detect photo sites such as they now have on the XE2. One of the serious complaints about the XPro1 was the very slow autofocus. This new sensor will solve that major problem. Perhaps they will also update the refresh rate for the EVF to at least 60FPS so that image blurring will not take place so severely while manually focusing.

    These things are already available on the X100S (But no interchangeable lenses of course) or on the XE2 (but no hybrid finder of course). I suspect that the XPro!! will essentially be a XE2 with the hybrid window finder. I have owned the XPro1 since it first became available and absolutely love the IQ. I anxiously await the XProII.

  • Antonio Mirad Seijas

    Como propietario de una fuji x100 y una fuji xPRO1 con objetivos 18-35y 60 mm. comprada esta última a finales de septiembre 2013, con una inversión cercana a los 3000eu., me cabrea por no decir otra palabra más gorda, que mi XPRO1 vaya a quedar obsoleta, por el próximo lanzamiento de XPRO2, que de seguro no es un simple rumor, y no solo,eso es que además quedará depreciada, que sera lo peor, pensando en el día que me quiera desprender de ella, la tendré casi que regalar para poder venderla. Y digo todo esto porque últimamente observo que fuji, saca un modelo nuevo cada tres meses poco más, cosa que desde luego a mí no me gusta nada, puesto que no sabes a que atenerte, con esto no quiero decir que haya que estar siempre a la última eso es imposible, pero desde luego me da poca confianza hacer una inversión tan grande para nada.

    • Tony

      Insisto en mis dudas: ¿Q tal funciona la cámara, cuales son sus debilidades más relevantes? si decides casi relgalarla yo estoy dispuesto a darte una cifra justa con base en tu pretención. Gracias y suerte.

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