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Fuji manager Mr.Kawahara: “We have no plan to provide full frame body just now.”


The website 2how conducted an interview with Fuji manager Mr.Kawahara, that can been seen at youtube here. Here are some topics:

1) He is reluctant to create full frame X series because XF lens would NOT be compatible with full frame camera. “If we launch the full frame body we have to launch the full frame lens too. So it is not good for X-series user.” So there are no plans just now to provide a full frame body.

2) No plan “just now” of a X-PRO1 successor, so “we should improve the response of X-PRO1 by firmware upgrade”.

3) Because of the high customers demand, Fujifilm considers to use sensors with more than 16MP in future.

4) Keep the size of XC lens with larger aperture value is almost impossible, because the optic technology is limited and cannot be solved easily, unlike technological limit.

5) Fujfilm will continue to support and improve its cameras via firmware update: “We want you to use our camera longer and longer in your life.”

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