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Fuji Guys Switching To Fujifilm Guide (and Finally They Explain it!)


I have given up!

For years, when I went on youtube, I saw people not familiar with the Fuji system complaining that those retro dials are not good and they want to be able to control the settings with the front and rear command dial.

Whenever I noticed those videos, I diligently dropped my comment, suggesting them to read the manual, as they’d find out that they could indeed use their ultra-retro-Fuji just like a DSLR/Sony/etc.

In fact, I consider the Fujifilm interface the most flexible on the market: you like the dials, use them. You don’t like them? Set the camera and ignore the dials.

In my opinion, Fujifilm always missed to clearly explain this massive flexibility, and finally the Fuji Guys did it in their latest video “Making the Transition to Fujifilm“.

Now, if you are a Fujilover, you probably don’t need to watch the video below. But if you are new, then you basically get a rapid user-manual overview… just in video-format.

Well done, dear Fuji Guys. Finally you go over one of the huge misunderstandings I often see floating around: that retro dials are a constraint, whereas they are actually the most flexible tool in any camera: use them if you want, ignore them and go DSLR-alike if you don’t like them.

Now let’s hope our buddy Jared will watch that video too ;)

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