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Fuji Guy Billy: “X-Pro2 is Over-Engineered. A Lot of Potential Not Harnessed yet! Firmware Improvements Coming”


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Billy of the Fuji Guys was interviewed by ArtoftheImage about the X-Pro2. There are a few of Billy’s statements I’d like to highlight.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire 27 minutes video, then here is the transcription I’ve made for you of the most important parts (you’re welcome ;) ).

  1. The X-Pro2 is overengineered
    Billy: “The processor allows us future expansion, when we need to do so. There is a lot of potential still in the X-Pro2 that has not been harnessed yet.”
    Interviewer: “In terms of how Fuji is constantly doing updates via firmware?”
    Billy: “That’s right. Whether it’s the controls or the AF-system”.
    Interviewer: “So you overengineered the X-Pro2, anticipating advancements you are going to offer in firmware down the road”.
    Billy: “That’s right, absolutely”
  2. AF speed
    Billy: “Faster contrast detection AF over previous models. Firmware has been fine tuned, but there is still room for growth based on combination of sensor and processor”
  3. Kaizen + EVF Refresh rate higher than 85fps? It’s possible!
    Interviewer: “That’s one of the neatest things about Fuji. You buy the camera, and it doesn’t end there. Like 2 years later you get a 50% better camera because you keep giving the consumer updates, whereas other camera manufacturers are like –ok, you bought your camera, we are done with that-”
    Billy: “Well, when you look at Fuji cameras, the design is timeless. The idea is to try to keep the camera as long as possible. Fuji obviously has to balance between how long you keep the camera to when you buy a new camera. Because, at the end of the day, when someone buys a Fuji camera, it really helps keep Fuji in business and gives us the ability to do things we want to do, which is to close the gap between this and a DSLR. We have done that with the Viewfinder [of the X-Pro2], offering extremely fast refresh rate. […] The human eye recognizes the difference in motion about 120 fps. We are actually at 85fps, so very very close. […] And the processing power is actually already there in this camera to eventually even reach 120fps!
    Interviewer: “So you might even tweak that?”
    Billy: “Absolutely! But as I said, it’s also a balance between performance and power. Make 80 shots and have incredible performance or make 200-300 shots and get decent enough performance.”
  4. Why no tilt screen?
    Billy: “When you develop a product, there is a path you have to go through. It’s also based on budgets. If you do this, you can’t do that. Or the cost of the product goes up. The idea is to keep the product at a certain price point and follow that.”
  5. 4K… why not? And will it come via Firmware Update?
    Billy: “The X-Pro2 is 4K capable. The processing power and sensor is there. The issue is heat. The required heat dissipation is not built into this camera. You can put 4K in, but after 30 seconds or something like that the camera is going to be super-hot and you can’t use it. […] Eventually I assume Fuji will get there [X-T2 anyone ;) ], but the X-Pro2 was designed with photography in mind.”
    Interviewer: “So we can’t expect 4K to come via Firmware update?”
    Billy: “Heat would be an issue. There would be battery issues, too. But you never know… I can’t say never.”

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